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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection

I'm sure you already know what I'm going to post this time..
It's not even a 2 month after the launch of Princess Etoinette Collection, Etude House once again launch a new collection named 'Sweet Recipe' featuring the two new female endorser which are Sulli and Krystal from f(x). Me, of course the no.1 Etude House fan was superrrr excited!lol

Although I already broke for the Princess Etoinette but I don't care if I broke again for the Sweet Recipe..I thought I'm just gonna ignore the collection and restrain myself but they're revealing one products per day and I cannot 'tahan' anymore T^T

The collection is super girlyyyy and sweeeet and I start to doubt myself..should I buy or not..and the last answer I think of today is..: I MUST BUY THIS!Okay, not all of them of course or else I could ended up very poor and have to sell all my Kpop collections..lolol xD

Let's start off with the lippies products..Basically I start to think that Etude House lipstick start to have kind of similar design to each other collection..although they alter some parts but I still think it was the same design..haha..

[ Name : Dear My Sweet Recipe Jelly Lips-talk] 

I must say that the lipstick looks glossy and moisturizing..hoho..the colors selection is pretty much the same as the previous lipstick but I was attracted to the JOR203 bright color. It's not really orange in color but more to red-orange?Kind of similar to pomegranate color(love love!)

[ Name : Sweet Recipe Candy Stick ]

I think it is similar to the Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss lippie because the texture aren't glossy and it has pretty the same colors selection too. The only difference between these two might be Aloha Two Two Kiss had gloss with them. I checked the price for this and I could say that it kinda reasonable in price :D

[ Name : Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color ]

Somehow I think the creamy texture looks very tasty like cream cake *_*
This one is really similar to the previous Etude House Collection..I'm not sure what the name of the collection but it was released when Park Shin Hye is still the endorser for Etude House. It's Angel Kiss Lip&Cheek, I got the Cutie Angel and the smell is heavenly and the pigmentation is awesome too. I'm sure that this could be similar since this is used for lip and cheek too. I want the RD301 and OR202..seems like a lovely colors!

[ Name : Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base ]
I posted on my fb page previously that I would like to buy this one!And yes, I actually only targeting this one because I really want a base before applying my make-up. I read the review from the Etude House Korean blogger and saw their before and after pics, it was amazing! I saw it cover up pores and blemishes well ( but don't expect to wear this alone without foundation )
I don't know which color should I choose..No.1 or No.3? I had redness on my cheek so think the green color could make the color disappear but I'm afraid I'll turn ghostly while No.3 is a very pretty color which I would normally choose to wear..what do you think?

[ Name : Sweet Recipe Choco Chip Cookie Pact ]
How could a powder could be the delicious and cute??kyahh.. the dotty design makes it really attractive!Should I buy it or not? Although I have 2 loose powder and 3 powder pact with me right now but I still want moreee powder..T^T..
ahh..I could smell chocolate cookies!keke

[ Name : Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter ]

Although I'm not really a fan of highlighter but this seems fun(?)
Normally highlighter from Etude House would focused on sweet pink/ sweet orange with glitter colors the most so I find this one is different.

[ Name : Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes ]
Yum..yum.!I loveee chocolate..I could eat this instead on wearing it on my
I didn't plan to get this since I had lots of brown shades eye shadows piling up in the's too much till I don't what to wear anymore..haha xD
p/s : I don't think the size is large( as I thought at first it was a choco bar size but you bet, they wouldn't be that

[ Name : Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes ]
Haha..of course you would recognize this! No changes except the shades with the previous Etude House cupcake eyes..The colors aren't really that appealing to me and I really suggest you to try out the color yourself at the Etude House stores before you buy this because the color may turns darker than picture..

[ Name : Sweet Recipe Chocolate Smudge Liner ]

 The design reminds me of valentine..kk~ Although I'm not sure if the liner will turn matte when applied coz it'll smudge like crazy on my eyes if the texture doesn't change..

[ Name : Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails ]
I would never thought that this is nail polishes..haha..I think baviphat released something similar like this but it was a lipstick/gloss if I'm not wrong..

[ Name : Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy Ball ]
I know the cotton puff looks very beautiful but paying such price for the cotton that you'll throw out is such a waste..but if you just wanna keep's okay coz it's

[ Name : Etude House Sliced Cake Puffs ]

Yeay for sponge cake!haha..quite a unique idea they got there!

[ Name : Sweet Recipe Chocolate Stick Eyeliner Brush ]
Very cute!! I wish this one is soft enough for eyes~!

[ Name : Sweet Recipe Chocolate Stick Eyeshadow Brush ]
I would love to get this..hope the bristles are okay~ <3

Which are you planning to buy? Some of them are in my wishlist..I have to wait more since not many websites put up this collection yet..~


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