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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

[GIVEAWAY *closed*] With LOVE feat Etude House Sweet Recipe

Well, you don't expect this post and so do I..
I wanna held a giveaway just for fun..nothing special..kkk~

Anyway, I think I'm gonna post more and more giveaways like this in the future :3

It's easy, just fill out the rafflecopter form.
Tweet and facebook shares are optional and I don't include them in the rafflecopter.
If you do tweet and shares this giveaway on anywhere, please link them together with your comment down below and I'll give your special points! :D

Open to all residents of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan.
Sorry everyone, I'll update this post once I receive the confirmation about the international shipping.

Only 4 DAYS!Enter now!

                                                               a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer : This giveaway is no way sponsored by any companies and I solely used my own money for the prizes~


devi anviana Putri said...

helloooo :) my name id Devi Anviana Putri
I'm from Indonesia
nice to meet you, mizu. i love ur all post. it's awesome :)
my email :

i love orange color, it's cute.
thanks for the giveaway :D

Mizu said...

thanks for joining! :D

devi anviana Putri said...

ur welcome, dear. :)
keep blogging for u. :*

Mizu said...

thank you so much!

putri supriandini said...

hey dear, found you -via GiG. thanks for the giveaway. lets be friend, you can find me here ( ).
kiss from Indonesia.

Mizu said...

Hai Putri!
Okay sure! thank you for joining :D

Yue Rain said...

thanks for the giveaway. WHy are they so cute????these really look so cute that i feel like eating them escpeically when i get hungry > <. would love the blue colour or pink.

gfc name:Erin Kong

email: or

Mizu said...

agree!they're really cute right? hehe :D
Thank you for joining :D

Jojo Seah said...

absolutely love your blog posts!
Gfc name: Joubajoubawa
I really like both the blue and orange!

JMei said...

Thanks for the giveaways !!


Color: Pink

Rica Marie Lañojan said...

GFC name: Angel Mari
Your choice of color: Pink :)

Mizu said...

Thank you tons!!
Okay noted that! Thank you~

Mizu said...

Thanks for joining dear :D

Mizu said...

Thank you thank you for joining :D

mitchellina metta said...

cuteness overload @_@ i want the pink one! ^^
GFC : mitchellina metta
email :
shared on
fb :

thanks for the giveaway! wish i will win it XD

Mizu said...

Thank you Mitchellina for joining!

Rossy said...

GFC : piedev

email :

color choice: yellow :D

thank you <3

XiaoVee said...

I want the #3 ^^

GFC: Xiao Vee



Nila said...

GFC: Nila Kussriani
i choose orange :)

Sarvin Sidhu said...

GFC : Sarvin Sidhu

they're so cuteeee! pink one pleaseeee x

Mizu said...

Thank you for joining!

Mizu said...

Okay noted!Thank you~

Mizu said...

Sure :D

Mizu said...

Okay dear, thanks for joining :D

Sarvin Sidhu said...

no problem! x

Yue Rain said...

welcome. ^^ great giveaway. Yeah they look so much like ice cream that i thought it is a ice cream giveaway..hahaha ><

Mizu said...


Mizu said... thought they were real ice cream too at first..XD

shasha88 said...

GFC: Shasha
Email: laurensianatasha (at) gmail (dot) com
Color: #2
Thank you~

Mizu said...

Thank you Shasha :D

Purple Itu Cinta said...

GFC: shu
color: blue! tapi pink pun cantik! hehe :)

Blair said...

How generous of you! These nail polishes are absolutely adorable!

LauraLeia said...

GFC: LauraLeia
Email: Laura1990my [at]

I would love the PINK one, because it looks so fun, sweet and girly! :D

Mizu said...

Agree~ :D
It could be hard to choose one..

Mizu said...

Thank you~haha..I felt like wanted to do a giveaway, there are many giveaways on list now coz I planned it for some time..please join! TQ :D

Mizu said...

Okay laura!thanks for joining~

Gee~ said...

Thanks for the Giveaway!! ^-^
Gfc: Gee~
Color: Blue!!! *---*

Mizu said...

Thank you for joining, Gee~ ^_^

▲feeqah ▲zhar said...

Thank you for the lovely giveaway :3
They're so cute!!!

GFC name : Afeeqah Azhar
e-mail :
Your choice of color : peach

Mizu said...

okay?tq for joining :D

anjarsari widyastuti said...

GFC Name: anjarsari widyastuti


Your choice of color: orange :)

shared on

Thankyou for giveaway :)

Ah Ling said...


Sherry Go said...

Gfc sherry, I choose yellow color. Email sherrygo at

Mizu said...

thanks for joining~

Mizu said...

thank u nicole~

Mizu said...

okay~tq for joining :D

Mizu said...

Thank you for joining :D

Nicole Yee said...

Thank you so very much for the giveaway Mizu :D

GFC Name: Nicole

Email Address: miley71(at)hotmail(dot)com

My choice of color is the pink one ;)

Tweeted on Twitter:

Shared on Facebook:

AbyTeo said...

thank you :DD

GFC name : Aby Teo
e-mail :
Your choice of color : Orange ~

-- tha -- said...

thank for holding this, Dear

GFC name : Arga Litha
e-mail :
Your choice of color : blue, its my fav :)

Mizu said...

you're welcome n thanks for joining :D

Jennifer Hew said...

Hi Mizu, Thanks for holding this contest!

GFC Name: FurFer

My choice of color would be Green!

Twitter share:
FB Share:

Christine K said...

Hey there, great giveaway *2 thumbs up*

GFC Name: Christine K
email: huiting86[@]
Choice of colour: definitely blue!!

Mizu said...

You're welcome Jennifer!
Thank you for joining :D

Mizu said...

Thank you Christine~

Labibah said...

GFC: Aza labibah
Color: Orange
Thank you

Mizu said...

Thank you for joining :D

Sherly Utami said...

Im Sherly S Utami from Indonesia
Nice to meet you... Thank you for your give away
GFC : Sherly Utami
Email :
Choice of colour : green

Thank you<

Sherly S U

Liza Chan said...

Thank's for your awesome giveaway Mizu.. :3

GFC name: Liza Chan


Choice of colour: Yellow

Share on FB:

Share on Twitter:

Mizu said...

Thank you Sherly~

Mizu said...

Thank you Pouletamelie :D
Glad you like it :D

Mizu said...

Thanks you for joining Liza chan :D

Nicole Yee said...

U're welcome Mizu :D

Mizu said...

yup!agree.. :D

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