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Thursday, February 21, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Powder & Heart Blusher in PK001 Pink Petal Kiss

Hi guys! Hopefully everything went fine today~ :D
The pictures somehow makes me admire them more~

This is my third post for the Princess Etoinette and hopefully the last post for this collection.
Taking pictures is so hard and tiring but I enjoy every single minute I spent to get a great angle :D

I received the whole collection for this Princess Etoinette about the end of the last year, means the review was delayed until today because I'm finding a good time to do the reviews :)

The whole collection itself make into the top Korean beauty products after it was released, probably the packaging or maybe the theme itself that attracts all the girls thirst for them and not excluded me of course ~

Some bloggers are even comparing this collection popularity with Les Merveillleuses de Laduree which makes me found a rose petal-like brush for the top search and that seriously makes me drool for
Compared to that brand, Etude House is way more cheaper and I don't think I could afford Laduree anytime soon..

Anyway, let's head on to the pictures and reviews!I took a lot of your photos for an eye-candy~

Aren't they kawaii? >_< love that Etude logo~~ :D

Perfect details :D

Let start off with ;

Etoinette Heart Blusher in PK001 Pink Petal Kiss~
i loooove the name! hehe :D

This is what it looks like when you open the Heart Blsuher~

Basically the 'hearts' is separated from the case too maintain the shape?Because it find the hearts are really soft!

Fluffy sponge with kawaii ribbon :D

Although the container seems large but the quantity of the blush isn't 
that much, so I guess all the money went to the 

The blush itself had little sparkles with them but for me, I don't think the glitters are much visible~
There are 3 colors of the hearts, shimmery white, medium pink and bright pink. The white shimmer is too add highlights on your cheeks. The pink colors are subtle and not really bright for few swipes but the color is buildable. I love when it is looks sweet rather than too pigmented on cheeks because it will looks unnatural.

I would say that the blush colors stays on my cheek for 7-8 hours despite my skin condition which is oily :D
Definitely love the lasting hours :D

I rarely used the fluffy sponge but it's not too bad to use it. I find some other might dislikes using the sponge but I myself think that it was okay since it gave the same application as I used my blush brush.

There is no hearts refill if you finish them coz Etude House don't sell them individually but I don't think I ever finish this since I only use a bit of blush or never. But if you do finish them up, I guess its not wrong to have them as a pretty decoration on your make-up table.It's worth it!hehe :D

I bought this for RM72.80 with discount :D
I think it is pretty expensive for a blusher but it's okay since I admire the packaging so it's no biggie.!tehee :D
There is another shade available that is orange color so you might have to google it..kk
See my picture at the end of the post for the idea how the blush color looks like :D
So next!

Etoinette Crystal Powder

did you see the sparkles?Sorry if it is not really visible in this picture :(

I fell in love with this lacy design sponge and the reason why I bought this powder is because this sponge too..

This powder is very similar to a compact that Avon released long time ago when I was a kid. My mom used to buy me a glitter powder compact from Avon but I don't remember the name nor I don't think Avon had such powder yet. The similar thing that I'm talking about is the glitter in the powder.When I first apply this on my face, I said, "woooh, I looks like a twilight vampires long distance relative"kkk
It's because the glitter is visible when you look up closed but it won't be visible from afar :D

The lasting power for this powder is really awesome since Etude House create new technology which are sebum absorption and moist coating powder.How cool is that? :D I can that it stays on my face for the whole day~

Compared using the powder brush, I prefer using the sponge provided! I felt like it spreads evenly on face and makes my make-up more glowy than using brush..I don't know why but every time I used the brush, my face always look whiter and I don't like that..

The shade available is only one and I think this suit all skin types since it is a loose powder :D

I got this for RM61.60 after discount :D
The actual price is actually similar with the heart blusher but I got 10% off for this~hehe :D

So here is my picture..apologies becoz I'm not perfect TT
I used photoshop to blur the background(only!) because it's too ugly on the back and I spent 4 hours to do that!lol
That was the first time I ever use photoshop and finally I did it..I won't ever use it again..hahaXD

I used both powder and blusher but I think the powder didn't show that well on pictures.
Pardon my dark circles and all the blemishes. I know my skin is not don't zoom

Thank you for reading this post.I'll be doing a fun giveaway real soon!
Please anticipate it :D


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Fiona said...

Malaysia is selling for RM169.90 and it's very limited. Only at 2 outlet.
How long is the shipping?

Good buy!

Mizu said...

aww..thank you but my skin isn't that good..i have blemishes and acne so basically what u see is all make-up...haha..
you must try them!good try i guess :D

Mizu said...

wow..that's was super expensive =.=
I choose the Eurasia and I received them by a week! :D

Blair said...

Uber cute but I can't justify spending RM60+ on Etude House. I know it's affordable compared to other brands, but this is Etude House we are talking about! It's supposed to be as cheap as chips LOL

Sorry, the cheapo in me is coming out ahaha

Mizu said...

haha..i know hun!that's why i said that all the money went to the packaging..haha..
(but EH doesn't sell them cheap at all >_<)

vivian said...

Great Blog!

Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

Yue Rain said...

too cute but i guess the blusher is not much. too expensive for just the packaging T_T

Mizu said...

yup..the quantity is very very little.I guess it is Limited Edition so that's why the prices are higher than any other Eh products

Natalie said...

nice review! did you buy them online?

Mizu said...

thank you, yes, I got them online :D

Miz_iz said...

hi there... i like your review.. i will know that thing before i buy it..sori to ask at which online shop...

Mizu said...

Hi Miz, I bought this from qoo10

asdfghjkl said...

can i know from which seller? thx

Mizu said...


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