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Thursday, February 28, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color in #RD301 #OR202

Hi guys!hehe :D
So my second parcel of Sweet Recipe arrived today and it is the Etude House Sweet recipe Cupcake All Over Color in #RD301 Raspberry Mousse Cake and #OR202 Peach Sugar Cake. How lovely is that name?(though it is super long one!lol)

This is the second product which I've been eyeing since the Sweet Recipe launch and yes, I bought two of them because it's cheap and has many functions :D

How cute!! >_<

So cute I'm gonna die.XD

Just to show you what the plastic packaging looks like~


Too red?It's just the color in the jar..~

The swatch on my lips :)



mix color 

Firstly I wanna say that I'm really disappointed at the promotional picture. As you can see, the promo pics shows that this is more Mousse-ly like but it is totally different in real. The texture is almost like a lip balm with had similarity with the SHINI Star, Bee etc..although it's not exactly the same. 

  The raspberry had a sheer pinky-red color tint whilst the peach one is more like pigmented side of peach color.Among these two, I find the peach color is the to hard to put on because it always sunk into my lip lines and makes me looks sick :( although both had the same texture and very moisturizing.

 I expected this multi-type product would had a sweet bakery smell like the Baby Choux Base but I find the smell is almost similar to Etude House lip balm. :( So it's nothing new although it smells fruity and sweet..

I could say that the color last pretty long for me and I usually used them on lips and cheek~
and maybe won't wear this on eyes because the color might crease pretty bad on my oily eyelid..

Out of the two, I pick raspberry as my favorite because I love the color and it makes my lips looks livelier.
So what do you think?Let me know on the comment down below :D


mitchellina metta said...

i thinks it's nice :D the packaging is too cute to resist too >__<
the peach one is cuter i think~ haha :D

Mizu said...

maybe the color won't suit me but i think it might looks better on other :D

Yue Rain said...

prefer the raspberry colour as the peach sugar color make your lip looks pale. the packaging look better inside the plastic box ><

Mizu said...

right..i try to fix the color on my lips but it won't budge coz it sunk to my lip lines :( so that's why the color doesn't looks too good..

agree..the packaging looks cuter inside the plastic but when it is outside, it is really similar to the cupcakes eyes packaging

Nicole Yee said...

This is so cute :3

Elisa said...

too bad about the texture =( the packaging is super cute though

Mrs. Gaeul said...

I like the raspberry one the best on you!
Etude House always wins for packaging~

DieanaFirdaus said...

Mizu ..berapa harganye?
cute la ~

Mizu said...

definitely! <3

Mizu said...

the peach one is a bit disappointed but i'm happy with the red one~ :D

Mizu said...

i love raspberry too~ yup agree with you~EH never fails their fans :D

Mizu said...

hmm..mase beli hari tu dlm RM25 tp dah naik RM29 x silap :D

Sandy Lam said...

You're right... the advertisement for this product looks like a completely different texture. I was hoping you would have bought the orange one because I wanted to see a review on it before buying it. T^T

The raspberry one looks gorgeous on you though! And mixed looks great as well.

Thank you for the review ^^


Mizu said...

I was hoping I bought the orange too but I had too many oranges and rarely used them =(
i love the raspberry and the mix color too! you're welcome and thanks for reading :D

sha said...

i wonder how does it look like on your cheek, would u mind post the pic of the cheek look? i want to buy coz its sound so promising and multi use...i wonder how does it feel on ur cheek? is sticky? is it powdery like they promised? thankkie :)

Mizu said...

thank you, i'll try to post the pic! I'll edit this post soon.
just to say that it is not sticky, the color shows well on cheek and you don't need a lot for that :)

Michelle Tang said...

The raspberry looks very beautiful on you. Those colors were the ones that I liked the most, thanks for reviewing. :)

Nicole Yee said...


Danitza Galvez said...

Hello Mizu! ( ^ω^)ノ Sorry for being so absent around here, but schook has taken so much of my time and I had not been in good health (u___u). But today I am very happy to read all the entries that I had missed!(^^)
Thank you so much for this review, Mizu! You confirmed my suspicions with this product that is totally different from the promotional photos. It's a shame that its texture is so different, but that does not mean it's a bad product and of course the packaging is super sweet and cute!!!♥♥♥
I think this product is not for me :< and I'm glad I waited to read reviews before buying, I think better still use my SHINI STAR lip balms as blushes too heheh.
Hope you are all right!! Hope we continue reading!!( ^∇^)ノ

Mizu said...

Thank you so much Michelle :D
You're welcome~

Mizu said...

aww...thank you Danitza :D I'm very happy to see you comment her frequently <3 You're sick?hope you get well soon and take care~

yes, the texture is a bit disappointed :( but at least the color was ok except for the peach one..i tried them several times but it did dries out my lips and so the picture came exactly the right thing..owh..SHINI star.. i don't try them out yet but basically that smell is similar to this one :D

thank you so much again hun~ <3

Shasa Su said...

Wow.It's kinda pretty color,,I wanna to try the peach color later. I have the chiffon strawberry (PK002) one and I really love the color also smell like strawberry LoL

Mizu said...

Yes, please do :D
Although the peach one looks sick on lips, surprisingly it looks really sweet on cheek :D

Unnie said...

how to order?

Mizu said...


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