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Friday, March 1, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base in #03 Peach

Hey guys!   
Sorry that I haven't got much time to write any new post these days because I was in a critical stress mood..
Because I stressed too much, so my skin were in bad condition coz the pimples broke out, terrible dark circles coz less
 But it improved a bit since I pat lots of the skincare and wore the nicest mask I had :)

On the last Monday, I received this cutie and tried it right away~
I think the delivery days is okay since I received it about 2 weeks after the order and the seller even gave me two sheets of collagen mask from Nature Republic. Since I had those mask already, I decided to give that away to my friends :D

As you might know, Sweet Recipe is the latest collection from Etude House featuring the new model which are Sulli and Krystal but I actually bought this because it looks tasty :D

I hesitate to choose between the green or peach color at first but I decided to take the peach color instead since I'm afraid the green color will turn me into something else so I better not taking any risk.

Okay, how sweet the box is?

Cute description!haha :D 

The jar is made from glass :D

Swatch a bit on my hand~

Half-blended cream :)

Full blended. Sorry for the lighting but I think you can see the difference.

I love the cute packaging and the base itself is placed a glass jar :D
Although it is not travel friendly because the glass jar might be heavy.

The first thing that I notice about this base is the smell!Of course, since I love nice smell, I'm surely looking forward to the smell. This smells like baby and peach!But when you spread it, I seems to notice that it has a sweet cookies smell too. Most of my friend didn't notice that sweet cookies smell so that maybe just me. I really love the smell. I felt like eating my own

The texture of the base is a bit gel-like. It's hard to blend especially with fingers.
The first time I put this on my face, I had trouble blending in the color with my face because it looks too white!Though I took minutes onto blending them, but the color still won't budge and so I remembered that i watched a Sweet Caster video by Etude House which the model used a sponge to blend the base. I took my  vibration sponge and poof, the color blends so well! So I really recommend you to use sponge to blend this base :D

For color, I'm a bit disappointed since there are only 3 shades available. Although this peach color supposed to match any yellow undertone skin but I find it still too white for my skin. So thanks to my foundation, I be able to fix the color to match my true skin tone(and of course I don't meant to wear the base alone)
One thing that I love about this base is it makes my skin so smooth and cover my dry patches. I have an oily skin but sometimes using skincare(for acne) which had drying properties can dry some places on my face and it will make my foundation flaky.So this base helps me out a ton because the gel-like texture doesn't dry up and gives some moisture I guess.

I could say that my make-up last longer by wearing this base. My current foundation can hold up about 3-4 hours but with the help of this base, it can last up to 6 hours on my face :D
I got this for a cheaper price, about RM29+ but the seller raise up the price later and now the list is gone. So I might not be able to share with you the link which I got this base from..gomen..I guess I'm lucky though..haha XD

I'm wearing the base make-up, there are still red spots seen.
The base has oxidized on my face so I think it looks better after it oxidizes.
*cough* pardon my face..<_<

Thank you for reading. Hope you find this post helpful :D


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