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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Bang Releases ALIVE Album and Bad Boy MV,Hit Twitter Top 1 Trending Spot!

After such a long wait,finally, Big Bang releases their anticipated comeback album,ALIVE!Along with that,BAD BOY MV also released at the same time the album was released.

With a successful BLUE MV released,which made into GOLD MEDAL from youtube which attract almost 10 million views by today!

Watch their official BAD BOY MV here!

P/S : I'm sure this video will hit the GOLD MEDAL again on youtube!Keep watching and refreshing!That's way the views count!

and they currently lead the WORLDWIDE Twitter Trending again! These boys sure are awesome! #BIGBANGALIVE

Please support them by purchasing their album on iTunes!

P/S : Waiting for my ALIVE album to arrive!!The albums were so COOL!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

[REVIEW] Missha MISA Golden Snowflake First Essence Booster

Hey guys!There aren't much reviews these few days so I think I may review some of my samples or products that I've bought for so long but didn't review it yet..

Some info on this product :
MISA Golden Snowflake First Essence Booster
Concentrated essence booster awakens energy from deep inside by improving harmony of skin. It moisturizes dehydrated skin by supplying nutritious Ginseng Water and improves radiance by pure gold with 80 kinds of oriental herbal extracts. 

A unique product made with wild ginseng, deer antlers and Reishi mushroom fermented and extracted based on gold, the MISA Golden Snowflake Series will boost the effectiveness of skincare and remove any toxins from your skin. Made with such noble ingredients, the MISA Golden Snowflake Series rejuvenates your skin and removes any impurities from your face. With MISA Geum Sul, you will feel the innovative anti-aging functions and skin purification. Contains 100% Ginseng Water instead of plain water, made with ginseng collected in Geumsan, Korea which is famous for the best quality of ginseng around the world. The Ginseng Water provides deep moisture into your skin.

IngredientsGinseng Water, Wild Ginseng Extract 5%, Deer Antlers, Reishi Mushroom, Pure Gold 5,000㎍/100ml
Contains Spiceberry Extract (Ardisia Crenata), patent ingredient for anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation
Colorants-free, Paraben-free, Triclosan-free, Mineral oil-free, GMO-free

Owh,if you can see,there are some tiny bits of golden flakes there..saw it??ermm..probably not..but there are some tiny tiny golden flakes in the sessence so I was pretty fascinated..hehe :DD

The texture is almost like water and this absorbs pretty quickly too!I thought it was gonna be sticky but it definitely not...

The color of the essence(if you can see it),it's a bit orange-y in color..and the smell is like herb smell..for me,the smell wasn't really bother me since I've smelled a lot of herbs when I was a kid..but for those who might never smell it,this could bothering you a bit..(Maybe smells a bit ahjumma-like?)

and for the golden flakes that I mentioned,it's not gonna make your face sparkly but that somehow is absorb along with the

After wearing it,the smells stays for about a minute and disappear...and it somehow makes my skin hydrates~

Overall,this doesn't break me out and makes my skin hydrates.Pretty good for a first try.

See more here Missha

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


After such a long wait,finally BIG BANG releases their first comeback MV just now~!Initially it will be broadcast through SBS after Strong Heart,unfortunately the show went too long and the fandoms discover the MV was uploaded on BIG BANG Official Youtube Channel!

Watch it here!

 and #BIGBANGBLUE is currently TOP 1 leading the trending topic!!

Such a great song!You now can download it on Itunes!

Buy their album to support them!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

[REVIEW]Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

This time I want to review my eye cream that I used about 2 weeks already.I used my first eye cream last year which I was 19 years old because I think I have to start to take care of my dark circles..etc..etc..

This is my third eye cream(and my first and second,I haven't review that yet T^T)..Anyway,this eye cream is recommended by the Guardian's SA when I went there..I thought I may just used the second eye cream brand(Bio Essence) but I can't find it nowhere becoz my mom wants to go somewhere else..T^T..So the SA recommend me Eucerin(looks good but the price was too expensive T^T) she gave me this...this eye cream is quite cheap compared to my second eye I can't no longer think and just grab this..

This eye cream is specialize for anti-wrinkle and it says,'Smoother,younger-looking skin.Minimises the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles'

The reason why I choose anti-wrinkle type is becoz I want to reduce the lines under my eyes..kkk..although I don't think that lines would disappear becoz it is some kind like genes?( I wanna be like Korean eyes which they don't really have lines under their eyes..(that becoz of genes larrr..hahha)

At first I think the texture is quite good..easy to applied and absorb faster I don't need to spend like few minutes dabbing the cream onto my under eyes..

Later then after 2 weeks of using,I can't see no difference...T^ my last eye least I can see my under eyes is hydrated and dark circles disappearing a bit after each applies..but this almost nothing..T____________T

At least if the anti-wrinkle system didn't work,I hope for the moisturizing or the dark circles system for at least work..

So,I was definitely disappointed in this eye cream becoz I thought Nivea brand was good enough..especially for their lotion and lip balm which I really love for the moisturizing benefit,,

So what do you say?Have you tried this or any eye cream?Need to recommend me some?

[REVIEW] Etude House Bee Happy! Missing U Sleeping Mask

As I promised,here is another review from me.Actually this is not a full size that I bought,I got 2 samples of this when I went to Etude House last time..I don't usually review samples but I really wanna share this.

Last 2 days,I pick this up and wore this sleeping mask since I didn't wear a mask for so long already(afraid of break outs ;;;)..But I make myself brave and wore this ..kk..

This is the sample looks like..cute!

The texture of the mask..a bit yellowish in color...

When i first open the sachet,I could smell a pretty fresh smell came from this mask..^_^
I tried this and surprisingly this doesn't break me out!!yeayyy!!!

I could feel that my skin was very smooth and hydrated.Last few days,my skin became dried and I tried to wear my toner multiple times but still didn't work..there are a lot of skin's peel and cracks all over my face..but this mask totally help me out!I could see that my face are no longer feels dry!

One thing that I may dislikes is I could feel a bit sticky from this mask when I apply this onto my face..;;.but that doesn't really bother me since I was asleep the sticky feeling didn't make it a big problem..kkk

Maybe I would buy this mask next time coz it is good!and the best thing ..this doesn't break me out!!That's a big point for me to buy this.!hehe..

Anyway,have you tried?

Friday, February 17, 2012


The title looks too over isn't it?It's like I'm going to start a war or something...lolol..
it's not really what I'm going to,I  read a lot of beauty blogger blog and saw they bought a lot of cosmetics..n that's why i'm jealous!I wish I'm working right now like them too!I want to buy as much make-up,fashion and girly stuff as much as I want and go shopping every weekend to my favorite shops to release stress from work..

I know if I'm already working,maybe it wasn't easy as saying but at least I can do whatever I want too without having a doubt about money that I supposed to use for study but spent a lot in cosmetics(but ehemm..I didn't used all my study expenses for make-up only,I also have my online business and this business help me a lot in maintaining my money in my account...kkk)

Plus..I didn't eat much too..I rather starve myself..( don't be mistaken,i can actually bought food a lot but i'm just too lazy..).Even my mom seeing me as a weird girl..and she always said that she never saw someone who was very lazy for just only to eat...kkk..Maybe this is habit of me starts when I was 13 years old..when I was admit to a boarding high school.Living away from parents plus it was kind of stressing school for me makes me tired after school and dining hall is no longer a place that I visit..I prefer more sleeps..Sleep is the best!*thumbs up*

This kind of habit keeps going till the end year of my high school there and I went back home..I used not to remember what 'hungry' was till my mom always force me to eat..oh my;;;; till I gained weight!!!Then I realized I became a food eater already and I used to dance everyday because I hate exercising! is the best though..

When I was admit to a university,it's like my old habit is on used not too eat because after class have to walk to the cafe..buying food and stuff..thinking that already makes me feel lazy enough..T^ future husband..I won't be wife for you like that in the future!I promised i'll change!!LOLOLOL

I only will become so diligent if a word that I really love came out...'SHOPPING'!!hahahahah...xD

My friend ever asked me,If your future husband hates shopping so much,what would you do?Then I answered her,...Then I'm going to tell him to go anywhere else in the shopping everything he wants..lolol..(Come to think again,he won't cheat at me,right?).Then my friend replied..Poor him..he will be forever alone...LOL..I won't force him is he refuse to go shopping with me..I know most guys wouldn't have much energy when it comes to shop.Only girls will only knows the feelings!!kkkk~

Oh..I actually have said way to far from the original stories...I think I should stop now..It's already morning and I just finished crying because of this drama---->The Moon That Embraces The Sun(EP13&14).Although there are no english subs yet,I think I would be able to understand the whole stories! it if you haven't!A very good drama!

and here is the video of my latest craze.I prefer this version a lot than original Lovey-Dovey song..sorry T-Ara but SPEED sure have won me!

SPEED : Lovey Dovey Plus(Eng subs added)
A co-ed sub unit!♥♥♥♥

Saturday, February 11, 2012

[REVIEW]Paris Hilton - Heiress perfume!

How many reviews already for tonight??It's four!!hahaha..I just love to split all reviews instead of writing such a long title..hohoho..

This time is about perfume!My first-ever buying a total expensive perfume!awwwww >_<

I actually did shows interest in perfume especially the branded one since long times ago but yeah..always short of money because of something else..sad T^T

but finally I manage to save my money(which I prefer not to eat..haha XD ,but that actually normal to me..I didn't eat much though if my lazy-sense is

Anyway,I got this perfume from an online store called The Beauty Addicts.I believe it's all genuine~hehe..

I listed my top perfumes that I read online about which people like the most and finally the seller recommend me the Paris Hilton one since she says most her younger friend love Paris Hilton perfume..(oh yeah..I wish to have a bit younger smell since I already 20 years old..oh noo >_<)

There are no box provided since the box are damaged during shipment from overseas to Malaysia..but they provide me with a cute pouch!hehe..

At first when I put a drop of this perfume on my hand..the smell was too strong and I almost regret of buying it because I don't like strong smell..T_______T

I slept with a spray of this perfume on my hand..haha..because I was a bit disappointed with the smell at first!!Unfortunately as time passed,the perfume dried on my hand and it gave the most wonderful smell ever!!Even though I was sleeping but the lovely smell wakes me up!!Seriously..I almost didn't believe it but yeah,that was happen!I woke up for about 3 times because of this perfume!!haha..

When I saw people buying perfume on the counter,I can saw they flap the testing paper to let it dry and that was I supposed to do when I put a drop of this on my hand!!haha..not just judge it right

I'm not good describing the smell but I took a paragraph from
 It opens passionately with passion fruit, orange, juicy peach, mimosas and champagne. The heart ticks with accords of star jasmine, Tiare lily, delightfully sweet ylang-ylang, honeysuckle and grenadine. The base is composed of violet leaf, Tahiti Tonka and light wood.

From some of the users review,I can say that they refer this much to bubblegum..hmmm..I think this smell more like candy to me..

But overall this smells good after it dried completely~~Just right for me...kkk..~~

I may try Chanel and Escada after this(but I didn't know when I can get much more money after this..hmmmm)

So what's your favorite?

[REVIEW]Etude House Wannabe Color Lips #3 In Chic Beige

Third review post!hohoho..I'm going to post as much I want tonight!!Massive short review!

So this time is the new Etude House Wannabe Collection which is the Wannabe Color Lips!

picture taken from Miss Sunshine blog..Credit to Etude House saw the whole range above..(owh..not really,the Limited Edition palette and lipgloss-perfume are missing from the pic)

The design was very girly isn't it?Annika Wester is the designer for the graphic this can get to know more from Etude House..i can't read Korean in the box description =_=;;

I personally choose the lipstick because I don't fan lipgloss much(plus the lipgloss is almost clear in color and the perfume attached to it didn't smell different from normal perfume either)..
I didn't take the compact powder because I just received my Luview compact powder..and the price is actually quite expensive(because it was duo which is combined with highlighter)and I have two Etude House highlighter already...heheh..

Facial mist...I already have one in hand(not from Etude House but Holika Holika and I only used it for 2 or 3 times already(quite a waste if I bought another one)..and i don't used nail color too..not my entire life for sure..

So the last one left is the lipstick..hoho..I LOOOOOVEE Lipstick so there are 3 colors in this range..

photo taken from

Here is the color on my lips..lovely isn't it? swatch picture because when I took the color of the turns to purple???T^T But I include my lip swatch instead.

The first two was extremely bright!!So I would looks older if I wore too bright in color..T^T..
So the third one is just exact in my taste which is peach-pinky-nude in color..not too bright and it looks a bit more natural!I love it!Since I bought this one,I always used this everywhere coz it suits any colors of clothing!I used it with Bee Happy lip balm for sure coz lipstick tends to be a bit dry so extra plumping is needed!

The smell is gorgeous!Etude House never failed me in terms of smell..lovely♥♥

My lips dried so fast and if I didn't put much lip balm then this lipstick will disappear quite fast..hmm..that was sad though..but you just need to put the lipstick least this can stand for about 2 hours in time...for a dry lips like me...

The package is 100% pink-black and it was really cute!!!hihihihi :DDD

But then,if you would like to try another items in this range,I suggest you to try it at Eh maybe me whom too specific plus kedekut(not really,the items are actually expesive,or else,I did grab all of this except the nail colors)

P/S : the price of one lipstick cost RM49.90( A bit expensive for me T^T)

So, happy shopping!!A whole new range to try out!

[REVIEW]Etude House Petit Darling Matte Eyeshadows

Hai,another review post for today featuring Etude House Petit Darling Eyeshadows in Matte..this product is not  in the new's quite long already since they released this..

I reviewed the glittery version before and this time it is is matte.No glitters..just plain colors..

taken from

This range contains four colors in total and I choose the Matte#3 in dark chocolate.
I bought this because just wanted to total up my buying list up to RM80+ to get the SHINee diary+mug..hehe

But the colors is quite adorable..vintage style!The cream is almost like skin colors and the pink is sold out I think(in that branch that I visit)..The black is just like another black..

When I first saw this,I was like,the dark choco colors suits to be my eyeliner!Since I didn't have any choco color eyeliner(plus,I rarely used liquid nor pencil eyeliner) so eye shadows are the best solution for me not to  take long time to wear eyeliner..haha..eyeshadow is quite safe since you won't see it much if you smudge...kkk

I tried the color on my hands and surprisingly,it is really matte and the texture is very good!This stays on my eyelid for a long time too without disappearing!Wow!

Sorry,the light was very bad and the swatch almost looks like does actually a very dark chocolate..but it turns very weird in pictures..

Lastly,this is one of a great EH products selling in cheaper price!So why don't you try it too~~?

[REVIEW]SHINee Etude House Bee Happy! Lip balm

Evening peeps!I'm going to do a short review about new Etude House Bee Happy! Lip Balm..

This is the second range of lip balm which Etude produced the Missing U lip balm featuring penguin as a way to save that cute animals!This time they came up with protecting the bees!
Missing U version...

New Bee Happy version~

So SHINee have been selected for this range,including sleeping mask,face wash,lip balm and etc.etc..

So I did only bought a lip balm for this range because I actually didn't plan my shopping at the first place..kk~~

There are 4 new flavors for this lip balm and I choose the black one since the smell was soo good!!!

Ooppss..sorry for the un-lovely looks on the lip balm..actually I left this in car for hours so the water from the lip balm dehydrated a bit..oh well..but it's won't stay like that forever because it turns back to normal when cold..~

I've tried this several times already and no doubt the smell was so good but it can't be lick since the taste is not like other EH products..haha..xD

This really makes my dried lips turns plump and looks healthy..but if you applied just a bit of it,then it wouldn't be last longer like you applied a bit more..

The smell is like fruity-rosey-milky smell...hehehe..i don't know how to describe it properly but this is the best smell out of 4..the SA also recommend me this one and this also sold out fast than others..

This lip balm have no colors so don't worry..
Ahh...this balm also stays on longer too~ ^_^

So yeah..go and grab it now..the price is kinda reasonable for new stuff that is RM29.90..

Happy buying!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Etude House Latest Haul!(feat. Etude House Wannabe Collection and Bee Happy!) and SHINEE Freebies!

Hello!!!Hello!!Hello!!I'm so excited about this post coz I've laid my hands to Etude House latest collection once again!Yehaaaaaaa~!~!!

I just back from my short holiday with my parents since my other siblings were busy with the college..kkk..~~
We went to Malacca~!Yeah,that historic and shopping heaven!lol

I didn't plan to drop by Etude yesterday at Mahkota Parade but then my father point this pinky fav shop to me and I just smile...teheeeee :)))))

Glad my mom willing to wait this time!So she let me shop by myself!In fact,no one in store!Haha..this my several times dropping by this branch and every time I'm there,there are no one in the coz people know that the 'things' wouldn't be right~

But I'm feeling good coz the whole shop is mine so I'm able to look through everything by myself!hehe :D

These are the pictures that you are waiting for!!

I only bought few things though,a Wannabe Collection Lipstick No.3 in Peachy Pink,a Bee Happy Lipbalm(Dark Choco Cover),a Dark Choco Eyeshadow(No shimmer) and a box of Cotton Puff.

Yeay!!I got the FULL LIMITED EDITION of SHINEE BEE HAPPY FREEBIES!(Contains a SHINEE folder,a SHINEE diary and a BEE HAPPY! Mug!!)

Look at my SHINEE Babiessssss~!!!!!!!

These are the stuff I bought and free samples I gott!!!!Yeayyy~!(Free samples are the BB Cream and Bee Happy! Sleeping Mask!)

I SUPER LOVE THE PAPER BAG!!!So prettyyyyyyyy!!!!awwwwww!
Total all stuff were about RM90+ and I never thought that I could got the full collection of the LIMITED freebies!!That's why I love shops without any other customers...lolololol..

At first I heard like the sales assistant said if I shop over RM80,they will let me choose either diary with folder or the mug with folder but when I received my bag,all of them were there!!!I was soo HAPPY!!kkkk!~!!

For the Bee Happy! Lipbalm,it was quite cheap compared to Wannabe lipstick becoz the lipbalm is RM29.90 and the lipstick is RM49.90..woa!

Thank god I have enough money coz this haul was never been planned!and I even have to add the cotton puff becoz of the Etude

I'll be reviewing all of them later but one thing,they smells so good!!aweeeeee!

Here were some of pictures I manage to capture from my short holiday..enjoy!I though Malacca was improved a lot!!There are so many things to see and shop!And the foreigners were like half of us!WOW!
This is called Taming Sari Tower.I was known that this tower was moved by natural power which is not using electricity..hmm..not confirmed about that coz I just read it somewhere there.That circle thing will be moved from down to the top in circling..that's mean you able to see the whole town from here!~But I didn't took a ride since we were short of time..

I think Malaysian would know what it is..It is historic ship that were used in the times when British were our government  sometimes in old days..haha..You can ride this for sure and for free too!!It was absolutely like the ship you saw in Pirate of Carribean..kkkk~~(Owh,there a small museum in the ship)

Oho..this is actually a hotel in front of River Cruise I was to ride last night.It exactly like the Italy style and the name was Casa del Rio...The hotel was so pretty!!!And it was exactly in front of the lake!!awwwwwww!! (Took a ride on the boat and it will bring you along the lake showing some old shops that still operating and the super long mural on the buildings!!!!It was really pretty!!!Unfortunately I wasn't able to take the photos of the murals becoz I was amazed by it..lololol)

Polaroid style picture..which do you prefer?The above one or this??!vote!(That was the boat btw)

Hehe..thank you for reading this long post!!I'm going to review the cosmetics soon!!!
Byebye..I'm so sleepy right now...zzzzzz