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Saturday, February 18, 2012

[REVIEW]Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

This time I want to review my eye cream that I used about 2 weeks already.I used my first eye cream last year which I was 19 years old because I think I have to start to take care of my dark circles..etc..etc..

This is my third eye cream(and my first and second,I haven't review that yet T^T)..Anyway,this eye cream is recommended by the Guardian's SA when I went there..I thought I may just used the second eye cream brand(Bio Essence) but I can't find it nowhere becoz my mom wants to go somewhere else..T^T..So the SA recommend me Eucerin(looks good but the price was too expensive T^T) she gave me this...this eye cream is quite cheap compared to my second eye I can't no longer think and just grab this..

This eye cream is specialize for anti-wrinkle and it says,'Smoother,younger-looking skin.Minimises the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles'

The reason why I choose anti-wrinkle type is becoz I want to reduce the lines under my eyes..kkk..although I don't think that lines would disappear becoz it is some kind like genes?( I wanna be like Korean eyes which they don't really have lines under their eyes..(that becoz of genes larrr..hahha)

At first I think the texture is quite good..easy to applied and absorb faster I don't need to spend like few minutes dabbing the cream onto my under eyes..

Later then after 2 weeks of using,I can't see no difference...T^ my last eye least I can see my under eyes is hydrated and dark circles disappearing a bit after each applies..but this almost nothing..T____________T

At least if the anti-wrinkle system didn't work,I hope for the moisturizing or the dark circles system for at least work..

So,I was definitely disappointed in this eye cream becoz I thought Nivea brand was good enough..especially for their lotion and lip balm which I really love for the moisturizing benefit,,

So what do you say?Have you tried this or any eye cream?Need to recommend me some?


Valentine said...

That's very disappointing to hear! Although, an eye cream that spreads easily and absorbs quickly is a good thing.

I'm on the look out for the perfect eye cream as well. I have fine lines already underneath my eyes and I have yet to find a cream that works perfectly!

The search continues!

Mizu said... disappointing!I need to find other great eye cream dark circles is increasing T^T are finding some??Make sure to tell me if you have one that works great!I would love to try that too~~~

Faye Curtiz said...

Your eyes are highly metabolic organs, and due to the fact that it does not contain oil or fat glands, these can become extremely susceptible. In such case, the correct cream for dark circles can be highly helpful.

Mizu said...

thank you for your recommendations..i'm searching for such post!but too bad it was too expensive..T^T

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