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Saturday, February 11, 2012

[REVIEW]Etude House Wannabe Color Lips #3 In Chic Beige

Third review post!hohoho..I'm going to post as much I want tonight!!Massive short review!

So this time is the new Etude House Wannabe Collection which is the Wannabe Color Lips!

picture taken from Miss Sunshine blog..Credit to Etude House saw the whole range above..(owh..not really,the Limited Edition palette and lipgloss-perfume are missing from the pic)

The design was very girly isn't it?Annika Wester is the designer for the graphic this can get to know more from Etude House..i can't read Korean in the box description =_=;;

I personally choose the lipstick because I don't fan lipgloss much(plus the lipgloss is almost clear in color and the perfume attached to it didn't smell different from normal perfume either)..
I didn't take the compact powder because I just received my Luview compact powder..and the price is actually quite expensive(because it was duo which is combined with highlighter)and I have two Etude House highlighter already...heheh..

Facial mist...I already have one in hand(not from Etude House but Holika Holika and I only used it for 2 or 3 times already(quite a waste if I bought another one)..and i don't used nail color too..not my entire life for sure..

So the last one left is the lipstick..hoho..I LOOOOOVEE Lipstick so there are 3 colors in this range..

photo taken from

Here is the color on my lips..lovely isn't it? swatch picture because when I took the color of the turns to purple???T^T But I include my lip swatch instead.

The first two was extremely bright!!So I would looks older if I wore too bright in color..T^T..
So the third one is just exact in my taste which is peach-pinky-nude in color..not too bright and it looks a bit more natural!I love it!Since I bought this one,I always used this everywhere coz it suits any colors of clothing!I used it with Bee Happy lip balm for sure coz lipstick tends to be a bit dry so extra plumping is needed!

The smell is gorgeous!Etude House never failed me in terms of smell..lovely♥♥

My lips dried so fast and if I didn't put much lip balm then this lipstick will disappear quite fast..hmm..that was sad though..but you just need to put the lipstick least this can stand for about 2 hours in time...for a dry lips like me...

The package is 100% pink-black and it was really cute!!!hihihihi :DDD

But then,if you would like to try another items in this range,I suggest you to try it at Eh maybe me whom too specific plus kedekut(not really,the items are actually expesive,or else,I did grab all of this except the nail colors)

P/S : the price of one lipstick cost RM49.90( A bit expensive for me T^T)

So, happy shopping!!A whole new range to try out!


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