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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Etude House Latest Haul!(feat. Etude House Wannabe Collection and Bee Happy!) and SHINEE Freebies!

Hello!!!Hello!!Hello!!I'm so excited about this post coz I've laid my hands to Etude House latest collection once again!Yehaaaaaaa~!~!!

I just back from my short holiday with my parents since my other siblings were busy with the college..kkk..~~
We went to Malacca~!Yeah,that historic and shopping heaven!lol

I didn't plan to drop by Etude yesterday at Mahkota Parade but then my father point this pinky fav shop to me and I just smile...teheeeee :)))))

Glad my mom willing to wait this time!So she let me shop by myself!In fact,no one in store!Haha..this my several times dropping by this branch and every time I'm there,there are no one in the coz people know that the 'things' wouldn't be right~

But I'm feeling good coz the whole shop is mine so I'm able to look through everything by myself!hehe :D

These are the pictures that you are waiting for!!

I only bought few things though,a Wannabe Collection Lipstick No.3 in Peachy Pink,a Bee Happy Lipbalm(Dark Choco Cover),a Dark Choco Eyeshadow(No shimmer) and a box of Cotton Puff.

Yeay!!I got the FULL LIMITED EDITION of SHINEE BEE HAPPY FREEBIES!(Contains a SHINEE folder,a SHINEE diary and a BEE HAPPY! Mug!!)

Look at my SHINEE Babiessssss~!!!!!!!

These are the stuff I bought and free samples I gott!!!!Yeayyy~!(Free samples are the BB Cream and Bee Happy! Sleeping Mask!)

I SUPER LOVE THE PAPER BAG!!!So prettyyyyyyyy!!!!awwwwww!
Total all stuff were about RM90+ and I never thought that I could got the full collection of the LIMITED freebies!!That's why I love shops without any other customers...lolololol..

At first I heard like the sales assistant said if I shop over RM80,they will let me choose either diary with folder or the mug with folder but when I received my bag,all of them were there!!!I was soo HAPPY!!kkkk!~!!

For the Bee Happy! Lipbalm,it was quite cheap compared to Wannabe lipstick becoz the lipbalm is RM29.90 and the lipstick is RM49.90..woa!

Thank god I have enough money coz this haul was never been planned!and I even have to add the cotton puff becoz of the Etude

I'll be reviewing all of them later but one thing,they smells so good!!aweeeeee!

Here were some of pictures I manage to capture from my short holiday..enjoy!I though Malacca was improved a lot!!There are so many things to see and shop!And the foreigners were like half of us!WOW!
This is called Taming Sari Tower.I was known that this tower was moved by natural power which is not using electricity..hmm..not confirmed about that coz I just read it somewhere there.That circle thing will be moved from down to the top in circling..that's mean you able to see the whole town from here!~But I didn't took a ride since we were short of time..

I think Malaysian would know what it is..It is historic ship that were used in the times when British were our government  sometimes in old days..haha..You can ride this for sure and for free too!!It was absolutely like the ship you saw in Pirate of Carribean..kkkk~~(Owh,there a small museum in the ship)

Oho..this is actually a hotel in front of River Cruise I was to ride last night.It exactly like the Italy style and the name was Casa del Rio...The hotel was so pretty!!!And it was exactly in front of the lake!!awwwwwww!! (Took a ride on the boat and it will bring you along the lake showing some old shops that still operating and the super long mural on the buildings!!!!It was really pretty!!!Unfortunately I wasn't able to take the photos of the murals becoz I was amazed by it..lololol)

Polaroid style picture..which do you prefer?The above one or this??!vote!(That was the boat btw)

Hehe..thank you for reading this long post!!I'm going to review the cosmetics soon!!!
Byebye..I'm so sleepy right now...zzzzzz


Anonymous said...

waaaa im sooo jelous with u ><~ got those items (SHINee items!) with such a reasonable price! i was so bz with my study previously (im study in kuantan n got no etude house there ><) n now only i got my holidays. u think they still got this offer? so glad have a home in klang valley XD

Mizu said...

hello acun-chan,
that time they have promo which over RM30 will get a SHINee file and over RM80 will get a diary or free mug.Because I bought a Happy Bee Lipbalm and total items was over RM80,I got the free mug and all the other items's okay,there will be new promo in the future which is SHINee note and Kiss note..I think it's not be too long from now..just wait~

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