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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

[REVIEW] Majolica Majorca Linehunter Eyeliner #BK999

I managed a bit of my time to post a new review. Recently, I wanted to try more Japanese cosmetics than the Korean ones so I made a few purchases on the Japanese cosmetics that I encountered while randomly google-ing. I always wanted to try MM eyeliner (the twist one) but never got chance to do so and I saw these Linehunter collection that were released quite early this year if I'm not mistaken and the seller on ebay got this up on sale so I bought this right away.. :D

I heard that this collection have made it to Malaysia but my recent visit to a few MM counter in Watsons, I didn't saw this yet. Probably the the MM counter in KL or big cities would have this collection. 

MM packaging never fails me, it is mystery yet looks so gorgeous, I'm a packaging sucker and I know it..haha

Mine is black in colour.

Those are manufacturing date and expired date I guess.

This liner pen is super slim! A lot slimmer than my pen, lol

I just love love the design~

Actually I don't realize this before this review but the eyeliner brush have two sides with this, which is the slimmer and wider part. Slimmer part is for thin eyelining and the wider part is for thicker eyeline. I just realize than I used the slim part a lot more than the wider part because the thickness is just right for my eyes. 
If compared to other eyeliner that I had tried, eg; Dolly Wink, Skinfood, 3CE, the brush for this eyeliner is much more thinner than them. The wide part is comparable but the slim part is definitely thin.

Not the prettiest swatch I ever done ;(

Not the best eyeliner I ever done too.. Just to show here that the eyeliner able to draw the thinnest line on eyes.

I know you'll ask this question so I just tell you that I bought this from ebay. The seller name is kelly3316. Priced at RM39.40 exclude postage. Do note that the postage is not that high either (RM9.14) and it only took 1 and half week to arrive to me and I consider that is very fast coz I usually got my package from Japan or Hong Kong about three weeks.

The first time I tested the eyeliner on my hand, I thought the colour is not very black however later then when I try it again my eyes, it looks like very black in colour. The brush able to draw two types of eyeline, very thin to the thickest because of the unique brush that was designed to have two parts.

The brush is soft and so easy to use. Not a twist type this time from MM.
Because the brush have two parts, it ease me up with drawing the inner corner with the thinnest eyeline and also the thin cat eyes eyeline. No glitter and weird smell from this eyeliner.

The liquid dries pretty fast and I don't have to wait until it dries. However the negative side of this eyeliner is that it is not waterproof. I've read the other blogger review and they said that it is waterproof but how it is not the same as mine? I rubbed it right away after it dries and it smudges and under water it disappears. But although it smudges when I rubbed it, I'm pretty surprised that it don't smudges on my eyes after a whole day. Just it disappears on some part because it is not waterproof.

Overall, aside from the eyeline is not waterproof, I like everything about it. It's so easy to hold and use because it is small and it's perfect to bring anywhere with.

Thank you for reading :)
See you next time for another review coming up!

[REVIEW] De Beauty Reborn Nutri Bifidus

Happy Independence Day Malaysia for the 57th!
I wish Malaysia would be forever in peace :)

Today, I'll be reviewing this beauty supplement from De Beauty. Hishop sent me a few sachets to try for this latest beauty supplement from Japan, Nutri Bifidus!
Product Information :
Name : Reborn Nutri Bifidus
Brand : De Beauty
Origin : Japan
Quantity : 13gm x 14 sachets per box.
Price : RM165
Buy online : HERE
Look how curvy the box is! 

What did De Beauty Reborn Nutri Bifidus do?
  • Within 3 minutes eliminate 20g fat
  • 1 day blocks 500 calories
  • Enhancing Intestinal bacteria
  • It contracts and eliminates bulky issues of “belly, thighs, arms, hip and waist line”. It also eliminates fat, dropsy, bloated stomach, fat particles, acne, toxic, fecal impaction, indigestion as well as regulating intestinal functions.
Try to take REBORN BIFIDUS to enhance and regulate intestinal bacteria.
10 minutes after meal, it starts to form some wriggling dimensional shape to restrain the body fat.
8 hours after meal, all the body fat is constrained inside the wriggling dimensional balls and to be excreted together with feces.
50% of Visceral fat can be instantly reduced
The clinical research in Japan showed the following effects:
1. Constipation, diarrhea, fat-elimination, fecal impaction
  • After consuming for 1-2 weeks, the amount of feces will increase but without any diarrhea response.
  • After consuming for 8 weeks, the process of intestinal peristalsis will be fully regulated, the effects of constipation and diarrhea will be diminished and it helps to eliminate excessive fat to be excreted from the body.
2. Belly, lower-body fat, eliminate dropsy
  • After consuming for 8 weeks continuously, there will be tighten effects in thighs, hip, arms and waist line area.
  • “Reduces the size of belly” is even more obvious, the success rate is as high as 98.2%.
3. Eliminates acne, fat particles, rough skin and enhances the radiant of the skin
  • After consuming for 4 weeks, skin pores shrink obviously and balancing the oil secretion of the face.
  • After consuming for 8 weeks continuously, the acne will be reduced tremendously and restore the natural radiant of the skin.
4. Detoxification, eliminates bloated stomach, indigestion, small intestinal absorption capacity and regulating intestinal functions
  • After consuming for 4 weeks, it helps eliminating bloated stomach and indigestion problems.
  • After consuming for 8 weeks, fecal impaction is reduced tremendously and it also eliminates dropsy.
  • “Fecal impaction” will be eliminated naturally and “Toxic” will be absorbed and excreted.
  • “The effectiveness of intestinal functions with the Approval No. 4207477” which is approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan”

I was sent 7 sachets in total to try out by HiShop. 7 sachets means that it is for a week supplement. However, I don't take this everyday as it might cause me trouble in class, lol (It's not nice for a girl to go to toilet that frequently..haha). I do take this on weekend + public holidays so I can go to toilet as much as I can at home XD

My first impression is of course the look, smell and the taste of this supplement. I'm okay with green colour, a very green at that but I'm still not use to the smell nor the taste until the last sachets. It smells really sweet, that's no problem but it also smells grassy ( I don't know how to explain this) and that's equal to the taste. I usually finish up the whole drink is one chug without So I usually don't put much water into the glass, about half of the glass coz it doesn't matter how much water you put in it. I took the easy way to drink it in one chug.

For the first time taking this, I do feel the urge to go to toilet frequently but this would decrease a little as my stomach get used to the supplement. I love how I feel really light every time I secrete all the fats I have in my body. My cravings is slightly decrease as well as I don't feel like munching something when I feel bored.

My skin also looks glowy after I woke up from sleep and my pores were slightly shrink too. I wish I can take it continuously to get rid of this oil as much as I want and reduces the stubborn belly!

Do take note that you'll feel the urge to go to toilet after 8 hours. I don't really think that it would follow the exact time as the descriptions says but it really does! I was surprised coz I calculated the time. It is so convenient to me as I can plan on what time I should drink this so that it won't disturb my sleep.

Overall, I don't see major changes as this supplement should be taken 8 weeks continuously to see bigger result. I might as well purchased this myself later (semester break!lol)

Thank you so much to HiShop for sending me this supplement.
To buy, visit ;

Use my coupon for discount!!

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Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Lock'N Summer Proof 10 Cushion Lock'n Liner

Hey guys~! Woaaahh..I never thought I made it to do a review today *cries*
Well I did one the previous day but it is not counted as that was a sponsored post. I can be myself here eg: talking rubbish while in sponsored post, I can't talk about the non-related things..haha

Anyway, I really can't promise when is the next post will be but I will try to do one on this weekend...and not forgetting to the two girls who won my giveaway! Sorry, I'm in a rush so the box packaging is not pretty(it's actually very ugly) but I promised the products that you guys got are safe and new!hehe

 So, for this post, I'll be reviewing this cushion liner by Etude House. I actually had this since June but there are too much to finish and I wasn't able to review this early. I got this from Beautynetkorea and you probably have heard that some of these cushion liners were dry as some other bloggers I've read. Mine also can be considered as dry coz I had to squeeze it till last drop for my 2 and half liners that I able to wear including in the picture in this review.

Beautynetkorea however received this complaint and give refund offer to those who purchase within June and July for this cushion liner and advise to discard this rejected item. I believe that this isn't their fault, probably the production mistake but aside from the problem, I do think that this cushion liner were pretty easy to dry even with cover in hot temperature or exposed for too long.

I got the purple one as I already told everyone in my facebook page!haha..the colour were sold out for the first stock in Testerkorea so you can guess why I didn't purchase this with Testerkorea instead.

Ignore the overexposed light. I only want to focus to the cushion XD

Without liner liquid and with liner liquid. The mini brush is an absorbing type and the liner got harden in less than a minute on the brush.

I won't talk much about this coz after all, this is a defect item which is half dry when it arrives to me.

My very first application of this liner, I pretty like it coz it is wasn't dry but one thing that I really dislike is the brush is an absorbing type which absorbs too much of the liquid and apply so little on eye because it dries so fast on the brush! I tried using Stylenanda eyeliner brush and Missha liner brush but both doesn't work at all to apply this liner so I had to stick with the mini brush given. Sometimes, the mini brush can hurt after it harden with the liner liquid.

The colour is gorgeous, no complaint at all. It is exactly like what I imagine but I was surprised to see there's glitter with it. It doesn't bother me as much coz as you see in the picture above, even it is with glitter, it doesn't reflect nor seen in the picture.

I could say that the liner is pretty waterproof to me coz it won't budge but it'll budge slightly for oily eyelid and rubbing. I actually rub the corner of my eyes coz I don't realize that I'm wearing an eyeliner the inner corner kind of disappears a bit with flakes. By the way, it doesn't smudge but it flakes when rubbed.

Aside from that, since after it  is dry, the liner stays well on the lid and doesn't do any colour transfer. That was the biggest yes for me..

Lastly, thank you for reading, I don't have much to say except if you want to ask any questions regarding this item, do let me know in the comment down below or e-mail me. :)

See you next time!

Monday, August 11, 2014

[REVIEW] TruDtox Botanical Tea Blend

Hi! Today I'll be reviewing this detox tea sponsored by HiShop. It is the BESTSELLING PRODUCT WATSONS 2008. No senna, no dependency. This is my second time trying detox tea/supplements after Clenz. I do not take this daily because I have classes on daily basis so it wouldn't be great if I have to go to toilet that often..haha

I got total 17 sachets.

This is what the tea bag looks like. You can re-use this for 2-3 times.

After soaked for 30 minuted with hot water (I usually use hot water but preferably if you can use warm water instead)

This review would be based on three different person which I've tested with my own family members. The three of them shows different results are drinking the tea. All of the testers consumed the tea at night.

First person, normal weight, casually do exercise and male. The first day he drank the tea, he said that he does not have any stomach ache for the following day nor he had to go to toilet. The second day, with one gap, he drank the second cup of tea, he said that he only go to toilet once on the day. 

Second, a bit overweight, not exercising at all and female. The first day she drink the tea, she had to go to the toilet about 3-4 times on the next day. The second day, without gap, she drank the tea at night and right away got stomach ache after 1 hour, somewhat released green faeces(sorry, I really have to mention this). The third day drinking the tea, she got stomach ache the next day with 1-2 times going to toilet.

Third, normal weight, not exercising and female. The first day she drank the tea, she had to go to the toilet for about 1-2 times the next day. 

The tea tastes like Chi kit teck aun pills like the first person tells me. I never eat the pills so I'm not really sure. I don't like the smell but it really smells like herb, a pretty strong one. I usually don't put much water for the tea coz I want it black and it is so much easier to finish a cup XD

I regularly took this on Hari Raya ( rendang, ketupat, lemang and all). Those were pretty heavy foods and usually will cause me breaking out pimples. Well, with this, I don't breaking out at all and I feel so much lighter even I eat so much of the day.

It is advisable to soak the tea for about 20 - 30 minutes but sometimes I oversoak it and the results were pretty the same but I suggest you to follow the instructions better.

Overall, it is normal if you have stomach ache on the next day as it is detoxing all of your body's toxic. This is much gentler than Clenz coz it doesn't cause diarrhea nor it hurts.

You may purchase this here ;
10% sales NOW!
Enter my coupon : AMIRAHD

Thank you for reading :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

[REVIEW] Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack

Just as I posted on my fb page, I'll be back to blogging after Raya, I'm not really sure if this is a long term or short term because the holiday is almost over, which means I have to go back to my college and study..>0<
I thought the first week of the new semester won't be that pack but I was wrong, I already got a new assignment at the first day of class..T~T But, I'll try to do my work faster so that I can spend more on my blog :D

This Milky Pack is sponsored by Supermodels Secret, which is one of the popular product I used to see!. You could say that this is one of my wishlist too :)

It came in a HUGE squeeze-able tube.

Convenient to use.

I actually wanted to do some sort of photo testimony by showing two hands but no one wanna help me taking pictures TT ..According to the pack, I have to wash my hands after applying the cream. I'm not really sure why because I preferred the un-wash better than washing my hands because my skin looks so much whiter and brighter but I guess there must be the reason why. 

After washing, probably the residue of the cream cleared that my skin tone improves in more natural way. 
Both washed and not washed improves my skin tone which differs a little bit.

The cream smells so much like a lotion which smells really nice. However the fragrance doesn't last long if you wash your hands multiple times but in terms of improving skin tone, I guess it last pretty long for me though I wash my hands a few times.

The cream is pretty moisturising for me and I love it!

I would use this lotion on days where I think I've gone dark by the summer and to match my face cream and my hands tone. It is definitely a GREAT help! The cream can be used at the most parts of your body or wherever you feels like to wanted to brighten up the specific area. Continue use of this could actually brighten up your skin for real :D

Thank you so much for reading! I'll be posting more reviews soon~

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