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Saturday, June 8, 2013

New blog layout! And the story..

 I'm sure some of you already saw this, it's my new blog layout! How was it?Cute or not?lol

I planned to get this new blog layout since earlier this year coz I keep changing my templates using the free one until I got warn for stealing the copyright style. 0.0 .. It was the scariest thing since I started blogging.

But it's okay now since the owner misunderstood me coz I actually got them from the free templates that people put on internet. Though I'm a bit hurt when I got attacked but she apologized :)  I know that I never been good in this thing at and all, just not a thing that I could do and stealing design style would be impossible coz how do I steal when I don't know a single thing?

Stealing copyrights is reaaaaally a big issue and I reaaaally hope that I won't be stealing anyone's copyright especially pictures...(but posting promo pictures is okay right?or do I need to credit Etude House?lol)

So that's the story on how I seek for professionals to design my blog layout. It was really hard to find the designers that could suit my taste. Most bloggers do their own layout design(ahh, I'm so envy coz you people are so good in this) and most of the designs that I could found is websites that are truly masculine..means that it is so boring without a hint of

I actually quote a personal designer at first but when she sent me draft, it was 100% off than I imagined. The style and design are copied..I know coz I've seen the style in other websites before that..(and it can be another case of copyright!) so I cancel off about having her to design my blog..I saw her portfolio and it was pretty and why mine turns otherwise?It was really a half-ass done.

I started to feel like ..nahh..just used the free template again lah..and coincidentally I found this website while typing something. I'm not sure what it was but Heartlicious Design pop out. I clicked the website and wow, the homepage is already beautiful! I check out their portfolio and I said yes, this is the style that I'm looking for!Many of the designs were very cute and pretty :D 

So, I quickly quoted them and excitedly waiting them to reply but after two weeks, I still haven't received anything so I thought, maybe this website is already one reply me and I lose hope. Right after, I received an e-mail from them and I said finally! (I'm nearly used the money I kept for the blog design to buy cosmetics!lol) They asked nothing about the design or maybe I actually wrote the details too much until no questions ask..I paid and they put me in the May schedule. It means that Jan(the month that I ordered) until May, is a lot of time!

I think positive and I said that I can put together the new blog layout in May while my birthday giveaway ended! "That would be great" I said. The giveaway ended and I can put up the new blog layout while announcing the winner. Unfortunately, not everything I planned work out. I received nothing on the first week of May saying that my blog design will start so I think they might be busy so I waited for second week and still not received anything..I start to freak out..Even if they want to start the design by the schedule, at least they could let me know coz I'm notified that they actually progressing something after 4 months!

I can't help but to feel scared that they might actually ran off with my so I initiate an e-mail. Two days after my e-mail, I received their reply that the designer in charge for my blog design already finish the draft. She showed me the draft and I was too excited because it WAS REALLY PRETTY! Somehow, all the feelings I felt before were gone..haha XD

So I looked up the draft for A LOT of times but I can't find anything wrong with it but I actually felt like something is missing..something just doesn't feel right and I ask them again to change a few things in the draft.
 Since they took another two weeks to reply me again and I just realized that they're only available on weekends so it finally hit the month on June now.

I showed the draft to my sister and she said, "it's too simple and the color is very dull".."can you change to another color that show a bit of youth?" she continued. That was the time when I realized that everything she said were true. The theme color is a bit too dull in color and the design looks too simple.

I felt very bad to ask them to change the whole design so I asked the designer to change the blog color to the one that I gave her as reference. I also asked her to change the post title bar but since I actually not sure how it turns out, she doing it perfect with her own style and so it came to the post title and blog theme you saw now. I wanted a bit of lilac and the post title is lilac..hehe :)

She said that the pink and lilac were too aggressive so she made another draft with lilac as the main color and pink as the menu bar color. I thought it looks cool(the lilac one) so I initially choose that one but thank god the designer did not do anything yet as I changed my mind again after that and stick with the pink that I wanted. Seriously I'm so ngada-ngada(whim) and I know

And finally after a week(now) she replied me and the live sample were shown. Means that I can see the full layout and I agreed coz it already looks pretty and just like as I wanted (although I initially wanted the header to be bigger). The installation code were done by the designer and I completely have no idea of what she have done but my html looks really different than before. p/s : I actually played with html few times just to add blockquote, cursor and it just that..and it was by the help of the free tutorial I found on internet...kk

Some tiny editing were done as per my request as she install the code on my blog..coz I don't want it to look imperfect while I actually paid for this.There were some more things to be added soon and I'm still waiting the other designer that I hire for that.I myself not sure how it turns out so I'm patiently waiting.

I spent a lot for this, so let me quote all of them ;
Blog design : RM130
Add watermark : RM10
Total : RM140 #

Social buttons, photo frame, reviews titles,blockquote and cursor : (+/-) RM80
the designer for this will be kept hidden for now. I will reveal her later :D

Total all : RM140 + RM80 = RM220.

It was a lot right? This could supply me a few more new Etude House latest collections..lmao XD
Anyway, let me know what you think in the comment down below :)
In memory (LOLS)


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