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Saturday, June 22, 2013

[REVIEW] Farmasi Cosmetics Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm(BB) SPF15

I received this BB cream from the HiShop April Surprise Pack from HiShop. I guess it's the right time to review this and I can't afford to delay any longer..hehe

I previously said that this is a Malaysian brand and I would like to apologize for the wrong information. This is from Turkey and not Malaysia and I edited the previous post too.

They sent me the medium to dark shade which is suppose to be my shade. I think it was a bit darker than my skintone but that's okay, it would be adjusted after a while.

I intentionally did not line up the center to separate the both 'on' and 'off'
Can you see the difference? It just blend to my skin color very well :)

(same lighting)

Rashes pop up on my skin after I eat prawns..haha..sorry, but I just love seafood..
So I think it would be a good chance to test out the coverage here.

The coverage is sheer to medium. It does not cover the redness fully even the minor ones. But I can always dab on extra bb cream on the spots to makes it less visible. The BB cream is the type which absorb into the skin so it won't look cakey.

The texture is light but not runny. It is very moist because of the macademia oil which function to retain moisture. I'm very sceptical with this too much oil ingredients at first but I do some research and it is actually not a bad one. I had an oily skin so that's why everything related to oil is just...hehe

For the lasting hours, it does last about 3-4 hours on my super oily face. It's quite good I would say :)
The finish is moist but not oily. It feels really light :D

For the packaging, I think I had a little problem with it. The squeeze tube is exactly the same with the Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB cream but they don't have the pump with it. So if I would place this in my bag, it would get bad as the cream squirted out and it got messy around the opening.

This do have smell, it is exactly the same as this powder that my mom used when I was a kid..haha..I asked my mom if she still used that and she said no..hehe..I don't know if you ever saw this and it is actually a Siamese products and people used to called it 'bedak air'. I think my grandma still use this..

Overall, the BB cream is quite good. It's a nice try if you're looking something light for this hot summer and blends well into the skin. Available in two types, light and medium to dark.
Priced at RM39.90 at get it from here. Just to let you know that ship worldwide!

Thank you for reading :)
p/s : i'll be posting a new review tomorrow :~!


AinEddihar said...

Assalamualaikum . . . before this i used 'bedak air' xD

Mizu said... grandma still use it..

AinEddihar said...

sis . I nak tanya . about BB farmasi . 50ml kan ? jangka masa untuk BB tu habis berapa lama ? :/

Mizu said...

lama jugak lah sbb sekai pakai xpayah letak byk sgt sbb die dah cukup dah letak ckit still ade lagi bb cream ni

AinEddihar said...

jimat ongkosnya xD

Mizu said...

haha...yup :D

AinEddihar said...


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