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Sunday, June 23, 2013

[REVIEW] theSkintopic Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Body Wash & Body Lotion

Last week I received a call from a Chinese caller, he said "!!^@%&@@#(in chinese)" and I was like "Sorry, you got wrong number" then he switch into Malay and said, "this is Mizu..MizuCHIN right?"

Through the initial, I already know what's there for me and I just agreed coz the uncle asked me to retrieved a parcel at his kopitiam. At his place, the uncle said, "I thought you were Chinese la coz the name on the box  is Mizuchin.."..So I replied, "Uncle, not Mizuchin la, it's MizuCHAN"..haha..XD

I'm quite thrilled to received  the parcel though I actually can guess what's in there...and my guess is right! Two awesome product from theSkintopic! They asked me to review their products and retrieved it at Pavilion but it's too far away from here, so they kindly send me this kiwisomeness products to me! Thank you!

So please let me introduce you to this brand (taken from theSkintopic website);
theSkintopic is a privately-owned company with New Zealand-made beauty and lifestyle products. We focus on retailing selected New Zealand natural skincare, bath and body products and fragrance diffusers. No harmful ingredients, parabens, artificial colours or preservatives are included in any of the products and products are not tested on animals. With approximately 110 SKUs (units) across 3 brands, product categories include:
• Botanical skincare • Bath • Body • Home fragrance • Gift sets

I inserted the download link for the full pamphlets scans at the end of this post :)

The first product they sent me is the 
This is a deeply hydrating body lotion containing a blend of Kiwifruit oil and Sweet Almond oil. 
Kiwifruit contain high levels of Vitamin E to optimise skin moisture, and antioxidants for protection from the harsh environment. This indulgent body treatment moisturises, and softens dry and thirsty skin leaving a lingering fragrance of delicious Kiwifruit. 

Size: 250ml/8.45oz

Came in a pump with secure lock! :)

No Paraben, No Mineral Oil and Not Tested on Animals :)

The texture of the lotion is very light and it absorbs easily. It smells really good like the original kiwi! Sweet and calming I would say. Although the lotion absorbs really fast, it leaves my skin moisturize without leaving any sticky feeling or greasy-ness. Just perfect for my non-stop sweating hands because the lotion won't turn soapy even if you wash it :)

I could say that the moisture and the smell last pretty long for me. Even if I wear this for the whole day and after washing hands, I still can notice the lingering smell on my hands and also because there is Almond oil in the ingredient that helps to retain moisture for a long time :)

Other than that, do you know that Kiwifruit contains high levels of Vitamin E to optimise skin moisture and antioxidants for protection from the harsh environment. Who would not want putting antioxidants everyday on skin?haha..and this is just right because of the haze attacking our country. Just yesterday, the haze arrived to my place and I don't even expect that. I seriously feel dizzy when I went out and worried about my skin too. So I stayed at home 'slapping' this lotion all over my
Just pray that the burning forest at Indonesia will soon over coz I can't imagine to live in this haze for a long time ;(

Priced at RM78.00, you can get this from their outlet! ( All the outlets available can be seen at the end of this post )

The second product they sent me is the
A refreshing bath and shower gel containing the beneficial properties and sweet fragrance of Kiwifruit. 
Kiwifruit contains a natural enzyme which acts as a gentle exfoliant to remove dry skin cells leaving your skin soft, smooth and refreshed. 

Size: 250ml/8.45oz

Do you see the tiny seeds from kiwifruits?omg..they really used real kiwi for their products. The seeds can also acts as natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells other than the enzyme that consist in the kiwifruit :)

Based on the ingredients, there is no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. This is my first time trying a body wash that is free from SLS. Although Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate also fall into the foaming agent, however, it is a lesser effect that the SLS. So that's why there are hardly any foam appears when I rubbed the soap with water as you can see in the above picture.

The liquid is a bit thick and almost gel-like so I don't have to use much of it to cover my whole body. Usually with normal body wash, I would pump out a lot!haha..

This body wash doesn't make my skin feel tights after wash and it gives a luscious moisture to my skin. Usually my hand palm would feel the driest with other body wash but not with this. Other than that, the smell is almost similar to the body lotion but with a bit of stronger leafy smell. You know that I'm bad at describing smell so what I can say is both of them smells really good!

Priced at RM78.00 and you can get it from the outlets as in the photo below :)

Would you like to know the full price list for Wild Ferns collection? Download it here with the list of stores :)
Scanned by yours truly :D

Visit theSkintopic Malaysia website
Like theSkintopic Malaysia facebook

Let me indulge myself with these awesome theSkintopic body oils *_*
Just to say that was a real leaves/plants there.

Thank you for reading :)


C H I Q E S S said...

Kiwi is my favorite fruit! That body wash looks DELICIOUS omg :D

Mizu said...

really?? really would get tempted to taste it..coz it looks so real..haha

Jean Marie said...

This body products makes my skin feel so moist and soft.

Skin Treatment in Ayurveda

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