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Thursday, June 20, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Lash Perm All Shockcara

I can't help but falling in love with every mascara that I saw..haha
and that's of course include with my bias Etude House, I never disliked any of their mascara because all of them works great on least the one that I've ever tried..haha

So I saw Etude House Korea facebook page is posting about this new mascara and they even blogged the whole thing about it in their official blog although I can't understand any single Korean words there..haha
It's enough with just pictures :)

I bought this from ebay because only this seller put up this mascara in the list to sell..hehe and finally it's here with me. I don't think this mascara is in the same group with "Bling in the sea" collection.

I did found the translation of these pictures but the Kongrish looks too funny..kk so I decided to just put up the original pic.

What the mascara can do according to the description (source :;
Enriched Volume Expression ; whirlwind-shaped brush contains smooth type of mascara to add enriched volume to eyelashes evenly.
Long Lasting C-curl ; whirlwind-shaped brush helps in expressing C-curl easily.
Amazing Long Lasting Expression ; zigzag shaped of high elastic pink whirlwind brush will help in expressing long-lash easily.
No Powdery Dust, No Smudging ; All Proof Wrapping System is applied for strong waterproof at sebum, sweats and water.

Isn't that cute? *_*


fuhh..that was a long one. I usually take the ingredient photo but the box reflected the light so I can't capture it well. :(

Anyway, these are the pictures of what the mascara look like on my lashes :)

The mascara does a good job at volumizing my lashes however somehow I think my lashes looks shorter?
There are little clumps on the strands but it is not visible in real.

I did not use any eyelash curler because the mascara said that it will give a curl but looking from the pictures, there's nothing too obvious about that. Since my lashes are a bit curlier so it just stays like that but it's good that it doesn't weigh down the lashes and this isn't heavy as it looks.

I had problem with my upper lashes and bottom lashes stick together when I blink because of the mascara I used but this mascara doesn't cause any of that. Even if I blink for a few times, the lashes won't stick..I know it sound weird but I always had this problem in every mascara..haha

The formula is almost the same with this mascara. Because the brush would stick to your lash and you had to do zigzag motion to smooth out the application. I'm not really good at explaining this but if you ever try the IMJU mascara, it was the same experience.

For the brush, it is flexible but the original design is not curvy but straight. So it would bend according to your eye shape. I like the slim brush design as it would be great to apply to the furthermost lashes, at the inner corner or the outer corner. However, the pointy thing is pretty sharp so make sure you won't poke your eyes with it..(that's why it is called shockcara, lol)

Other than that, the mascara is a little drying ( because of the powder technology, maybe?) but it is not as dry as Maybelline though. If you have tried Covergirl or IMJU mascara, both of them are not drying at all. I don't know what is the difference but maybe it is because IMJU and Covergirl doesn't coat on much and both of them are more to lengthening than volumizing. However, despite being a little dry, there is no fallouts from the dry parts.

 Wiped my eye with cotton pad soaked with pipe water.

Using cotton pad soaked with eye makeup remover to wipe off my eye.

I actually wanted to show the waterproof test on the above picture because I try to apply the mascara on the back of my hand but it won't budge. The formula is unlike the other mascara that I've tried because the brush doesn't pick up much of the liquid so that's why it won't cause clump on the lashes.

So I use another means which is wiping off the mascara itself from my eye. The mascara claim to be waterproof but on the first picture, there are still some of the liquid came off from my lashes. So be careful if you cry..hehe and the bottom picture, of course, the mascara would came off easily.

By the way, the mascara doesn't smudge when I wipe it off but it crumple into tiny balls for cleaner wiping.
It's very convenient for me coz I don't have to rub my eyes..:)

Overall, I like this mascara, although there are little minus points but at least it doesn't make my makeup messier by the end of the day. If you would like to get rid off the tiny clumps, make sure you don't coat too much. I admit that I actually overcoat it..haha

I'm wearing the mascara in above picture :)

Any questions?Let me know :D


gita felinda said...

Nice Review and photo. I like the mascara gig

winda said...

Aahh Etude packaging always looks pretty and cute :)
Love your review Mizu...

Yue Rain said...

i like to overcoat mascara as they look really fantastic when the lashes are really long and thick. =P how much did you buy for?

ohsowai said...

The packaging is so pretty! I cannot get enough of pinks. Thanks for the review. :)

Bethany said...

You don't happen to have any face pics while wearing this, do you? Just wondered what it looked like from a distance.

Fräulein Schnee said...

The packaging looks cute with the little details...I never tried a mascara from Etude House though...

Mizu said...

thank you Gita :)

Mizu said...

Thank you Winda, I hope it helps you before buying :)

Mizu said...

about RM30 something..I don't remember..haha..

I see, sometime we just intentionally overcoat to have a full volume lashes :)

Mizu said...

I know right, it was really cute :D
You're welcome :)

Mizu said...

Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to include the full picture but will update it soon to show what it looks like from afar :)

Mizu said...

Etude never fails for cute packaging :)
You should have tried one! Esp the 3-Step volumecara :D
I love that the most!

Fräulein Schnee said...

If you recommend it I will give it a try. I'll put it on one of my shopping wishlists.

Mizu said...

I'm sure you would love it :D It does a great job at volumizing and lengthening and it's not dry too :D

Bethany said...

Thank you. ^^

Mizu said...

Updated as you requested. Sorry for taking too long..:)

hiru said...

what lipstick/lipgloss are you wearing at the end of last picture?
it looks pretty on you :)

Mizu said...

Hi Hiru,

thank you, it's Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in RD301 as seen here :D

Bethany said...

Sorry, never got this notification. Thank you. <3

Mizu said...

It'a okay, no prob :)

jojo said...

i really like your eye makeup look here! i've looked around the blog but can't find many eyeshadow looks. do you not really focus on that aspect? btw love your reviews of the aritaum cushion tints - the hardest part for me is to choose what color to buy because i want so many!!

Mizu said...

hi jojo,

thank you so much. actually i'm not very good in applying eyeshadows or doing a tuto but i'll try to do more soon :D

owh, glad you like the tints! many of my readers also said that they bought the tint because saw my posts..haha..take your time choosing!almost all the colors are beautiful and they just released more colors too! :D

♠ aMz88 PunkyBunny ♠ said...

Great Review :D i added u to my blog roll and followed via Bloglovin' :P See ya again soon :)

~ amz88 Punky Bunny Blog, xoxo

Mizu said...

Thank you dearies :D

Mindy said...

Greata review! I was planning to get this mascara because it was one of the better ones, at least that's what I heard >.< I think I won't get this mascara, it looks like it would clump and doesn't have a curling effect at all! It's nice that it at least doesn't smudge put peels off like latex but most maybelline mascaras do that too :( Thanks for this review though >.< ♥

Mindy ♥

Mizu said...

I'm starting to like this mascara later then after this review. I'm on my second purchase coz it doesn't clump like my first used. It's too bad that it doesn't have curling effect ;( You might like Etude House lash perm 3 step mascara coz it performs so much better than this :D

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