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Thursday, June 13, 2013

[REVIEW] New 2013 Candy Doll Lipstick in Pink Grapefruit

Previously I posted the full collection of the new Candy Doll products by Tsubasa Masuwaka as you can see here. I'm falling in love with one of the lipstick color that is Pink Grapefruit which is a bit peachy orange pink in color based on the promo pictures.

So I asked Princess Monogatari shop if they're selling this and they did! I was very happy since no other online Japanese cosmetics shops are accepting this order yet at the time. It cost me RM64 including postage(postage is RM8). It's quite pricey for a lipstick.

I ordered this on March 6 and this arrived to me on June 7, that's about 3 months because there are few problems which the seller received the wrong color from Japan and she had to re-order it again.

 I think the new Candy Doll design is looking too mature? Probably because Tsubasa also is near to her thirty..?

 The design looks like something my mom would use..haha

 1x is one time swatch and 4x is four swatches.
Still, the color doesn't looks much different in different swatches.

I don't use any lip concealer and this is just the lipstick swatch. I'm surprised that it is almost sheer in color whilst the promo pictures look like it would give something opaque. I guess Tsubasa is using lip concealer before applying the lipstick and lipgloss too. (That's cheating!lol)

The color is a bit different than the promo picture because the real swatch would give something like more nude peach pink than peachy orange pink. It's not too sheer but it would give an ugly looking lip if my lip is chapped if I applied for a few times. So I really recommend you to scrub your lips before applying this lipstick.

Another thing that I noticed is the lipstick settle into my lip lines. The streaks are visible enough to make it looks uneven even though the formula is quite moisturising and doesn't feel heavy on lips. However, the long lasting of the lipstick is quite bad. It would disappear in an hour of applying and it removes easily with water. So if I need to reapply this again if I do drink or eat.

You can opted of wearing lip concealer underneath to show up the color better. I don't wear any concealer because my lips is quite dry and chapped so that would just makes it looks worse. Other than that, this lipstick doesn't have any smell like most of Tsubasa's product.

Overall, this lipstick is just not for me, the color is pretty although it was different than the promo pic but the texture just doesn't captured me. I can find better lipstick with this price :)

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