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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

[REVIEW] Etude House Color in Liquid Lips #BE102

Hi~! It's been so long since I reviewed any Korean Cosmetics and I'm so sorry, this semester is the most hectic and stressful for me and sometimes I don't even have the time to went online, I mean playing..haha

Anyway, since today is kinda free(not really, I have a few assignments to submit on Monday) but whatever, I still in the mood for blogging. I have these pictures for so long and just got the time to edit and post them today so here you go.

Brand : Etude House
Production : Made in Korea
Net weight : 0.12 oz. / 3.5g
Price : RM32+ 
Purchased from : F21plus on ebay (Beautynetkorea)

The ingredients lists.

The applicator! Like the soap bubbles tools.

Since someone said that I should have put up my face modelling for the product so I did..tadaaa = ="

I purchased the BE102 because previously I said that I was so in love with the pinkish beige colors but too bad that this isn't beige. It is more to nude pinky pink. One thing that I dislike about this color is that it makes my skin tone looks dark..orz

The texture is, hmm should I say greasy? It's not glossy for sure and not really moisturising. Well, it's not that bad greasy, only for a moment after application. It will also easily disappear when drink or eat.

I would recommend putting gloss on top or lip balm underneath or putting the Clio Lipnicure Top Coat on top because it will dry later on and will make the lip dry especially mine but I would say that this wasn't so bad as the Etude House color lipsfit.

There is a slight floral scent to it but it is only a slight of it. Not noticeable when putting on the lips. I can't describe it much since this went on missing, I don't even remember where did I put it..haha

Overall, this product have a range of colorful colors and I wanted to try the purple one next time..haha, or shouldn't I? XD

I rate this : Ok la!haha

Thank you for reading :)


[REVIEW] Mirabella Skincare Set

HiShop sent me this skincare set to try from Mirabella Skincare. I've delayed this post for so long so I apologized. Anyway, let's go to the review.

Brand : Mirabella Skincare
Origin : Malaysia
Price : RM90(WM), RM98.00(EM)

"Selling beauty and skincare product with 100% natural ingredient which suit all skin types.Not only beautifies but capable of treating dry skin, acne etc" - taken from Mirabella Skincare Facebook

It's a cute box I would say :)

The liquid is in pink colour.

Honestly, the first time I saw this set, I was like "oh, it's quite pretty" so I read up all the information on the box but one thing that I notice is that they didn't write up the proper steps of the skincare. I've seen my mom and sister's local skincare before and the company always uses "UV cream", "Night Cream", "Day Cream" etc for the name of their product and nothing else. This applies the same with this skincare because they only wrote "UV cream" and "Beauty Cream". As for the first timer like me, this is totally confusing as I don't which to use on the day or night or should I use the three of them every time I cleanse up my face? That was some of the questions I thought. Though they maybe doesn't list up the steps, but I somehow get the hint inside the box whereby they're listing about cleanse, protection and repair& treatment(refer pic below)

 I'm not much care for the ingredients but looking at this skincare ingredients, despite claiming that it is suitable for all skin types, the ingredients used were quite unsuitable to those who have a sensitive skin. For example, the parabens(all) and mineral oil. Mineral oil wasn't dangerous but it might be unsuitable for those who sweats easily in a warm environment could cause white bumps or milia, which is one of my skin criteria (ref). I did have one bump of milia under my eye and I fall into that category and I really don't want that to happen.

My face trying the UV cream, on the right, my skin looks brighter.

I should say that the cream really make my face looks so white so after on try, I lessen up the amount of cream that I used and it doesn't looks so white as you can see in the pic.

My overall experience with this were okay. Thankfully it doesn't cause me any new milia on the face and I specially liked the UV cream because it gives my skin an instant brightness though I could say that it can be a little bit oily on my skin after a few hours.

The night cream is quite hard to apply because it was too dry and cause tugging so if you want to use this, I suggest to mix it with any moisturising essence to loosen up the thick texture.

The cleanser is also one of my favourite, it smells really good and easy to foam up. A little goes a long way :D

Thank you for reading ;)

Purchase this skin care HERE!

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

[REVIEW] Ephyra Skin Bar Results : Before & After

 In the previous post I've introduced you to this Ephyra Skin Bar which I've got two bars to try for 4 weeks. To be honest, I don't use it regularly on the last week of trying because the bar ran out, probably because I used it too often that it ran out so fast ;(

It has been years since I last show you my bare face?haha
And this review also started and ended with me in the super stress state, lack of sleep, irregular eating and tired. This matters a lot to the skin because you may also seen a few "new" mates in the after picture. But still, the after picture is quite impressive though I went through the state.

Super zoom picture by yours truly. It super embarrassing to show you my bare face in this kind of state. I promised to myself  after this that no matter how busy I am, I'll take my skin better.
and I'm truly sorry because I forgot to take full face photos of me in the 'before' state. However, in my opinion, you wouldn't see as much as this zoom picture would do compared to the full face picture to see the results because I used to people telling me that my skin looks fine, even doctors, though I said its not T_T

Easy-peasy steps to use, wet your hand and lather up the soap and applied the suds on anywhere you like!

My forehead and t-zone looks terrible isn't it? I don't even know why it is that I'm growing up, the pimples/acne used to pop out in this area...haha

Anyway, did you see how much it has improved?! Well there's some new redness but that's because of my PMS. I get that every month but it'll disappear later.

My cheek! See that the redness has turn down and it became darker scars. Probably with some other products to lighten up scars can help. 

Also, did you notice that my skin has become BRIGHTER? Since Malaysia is hot all over the year especially recently, super hot temperature, it is really hard to maintain a lighter skin so I'm quite happy that this soap bar helps me lots!

I really recommend this soap for you to try! I'm definitely gonna purchase this myself after this~

I rate this;

You can get this soap here ;

INSTAGRAM : @ephyraskin

Thank you for reading :)