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Saturday, April 11, 2015

[REVIEW] Ephyra Skin Bar Results : Before & After

 In the previous post I've introduced you to this Ephyra Skin Bar which I've got two bars to try for 4 weeks. To be honest, I don't use it regularly on the last week of trying because the bar ran out, probably because I used it too often that it ran out so fast ;(

It has been years since I last show you my bare face?haha
And this review also started and ended with me in the super stress state, lack of sleep, irregular eating and tired. This matters a lot to the skin because you may also seen a few "new" mates in the after picture. But still, the after picture is quite impressive though I went through the state.

Super zoom picture by yours truly. It super embarrassing to show you my bare face in this kind of state. I promised to myself  after this that no matter how busy I am, I'll take my skin better.
and I'm truly sorry because I forgot to take full face photos of me in the 'before' state. However, in my opinion, you wouldn't see as much as this zoom picture would do compared to the full face picture to see the results because I used to people telling me that my skin looks fine, even doctors, though I said its not T_T

Easy-peasy steps to use, wet your hand and lather up the soap and applied the suds on anywhere you like!

My forehead and t-zone looks terrible isn't it? I don't even know why it is that I'm growing up, the pimples/acne used to pop out in this area...haha

Anyway, did you see how much it has improved?! Well there's some new redness but that's because of my PMS. I get that every month but it'll disappear later.

My cheek! See that the redness has turn down and it became darker scars. Probably with some other products to lighten up scars can help. 

Also, did you notice that my skin has become BRIGHTER? Since Malaysia is hot all over the year especially recently, super hot temperature, it is really hard to maintain a lighter skin so I'm quite happy that this soap bar helps me lots!

I really recommend this soap for you to try! I'm definitely gonna purchase this myself after this~

I rate this;

You can get this soap here ;

INSTAGRAM : @ephyraskin

Thank you for reading :)


Claudia said...

Haven't heard about this product before, but it looks very interesting!! Thank you for the review~

Mizu said...

It's a Malaysian product and they just recently released it.
Do try it out if you can :)

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