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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

[REVIEW] Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Makeup Fixer

Hello guys, 
Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been busy packing all my things for a new semester of class.

Anyway, this is the Holika Holika Make-up Fixer from my haul previously.
I've been wanting a make-up fixer since I found my favorite primer. The first brand I targeted is M.A.C
and of course, my money doesn't seems to be happy with the brand so I search for another cheaper alternative. 

I saw a make-up fixer from Too Cool for School but there are no complete reviews about that product and the price is a bit higher than any other Korean brands too. So I don't wanna take risks..kk
and finally I found these cute-packaging-of-makeup-primer that I decided to get it and it seems to target people who had an oily skin like me :)

Isn't that cute ? :D

Alcohol is second main ingredient! 0.0

I got a serious problem with this spray because it doesn't work no matter how many time I tried. I had to change the bottle to the own spray bottle that I bought :(

The liquid is clear but if you spray too much, it might leaves a white cast. But it is not a problem because you can always dab the spot to blend it.

 Seriously no editing, except cropping and make it into a

That's my face after 5 hours. That's awesome right because my makeup doesn't seem to budge at all. The oily part probably on my nose but I dabbed it with a tissue and still my make-up seems fine.

Well, I do wear a primer underneath and spray this make-up spray as the last step. My primer usually can hold on until 4 hours and this spray helps to make them stay longer :D

I read some reviews about this makeup fixer previously, but a lot of them seems to say that this doesn't work on them. I don't know why but this really works on me.I do tested it out twice already. My country is hot and humid and I had a very oily skin(Just to note that)

Other than that, the liquid does have a smell which I think is very pleasant and calming. It does not on the strong side so don't worry. It dries really fast too :)

The price is reasonable, about RM30 I think and the packaging is super cute too!
That was the first point that I saw before I grab

Oh anyway, the part of the shine maybe came from my highlighter and the light of my room. That wasn't the shine from my oily skin :)

If you have any questions, let me know :D
Thank you for reading

p/s : I do gain

Thursday, June 27, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in RD301

I'm a lazy ass this week to do a blog post..haha..
and since I can't think of anything to do right now so I'm thinking to review this tint :)
Well of course there are tons of reviews already for this but I still wanna make my

I've tried the other two colors(light pink and bright pink) for this new cherry tint and I love it so much! I'm not sure why I choose this color because I actually wanted to restock the light pink color..haha

First of all, I wanna say that I'm not really sure why the lip swatch turns out to be pink red rather than real red coz it looks fine on my computer but the color turn otherwise when I upload it here.

Basically both of them are in the same lighting and the real color is actually really red..bolder red. I would say that the red color is really beautiful. Somehow I think this is the 'red' that I'm looking for though I'm not sure when will I wear the full red lip..haha

I previously said that I love this tint so much because it is so much better in texture, formula, color and taste compared to the older Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint. This tint is very moisturising and long lasting. The creamy tint but not thick is easy enough to spread on lips and create a beautiful sheen.

The color pigmentation is very good and this tint doesn't have this taste like most of Etude's tint. Well, I don't basically hate the taste in other tint but with no taste, that would be better.

Packaging is wise, easy to hold and to carry anywhere because it is just too cute. A bottle lasts quite long for me because the every swipes already gives me a nice color.

Overall, I don't have anything that I disliked from this tint and I really recommend to everyone who is looking for a cheaper and nice tint :D

Thank you for reading :D
* Note : Most of pictures in this blog are enlargeable so feel free to click it for a better view :D

Sunday, June 23, 2013

[REVIEW] theSkintopic Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Body Wash & Body Lotion

Last week I received a call from a Chinese caller, he said "!!^@%&@@#(in chinese)" and I was like "Sorry, you got wrong number" then he switch into Malay and said, "this is Mizu..MizuCHIN right?"

Through the initial, I already know what's there for me and I just agreed coz the uncle asked me to retrieved a parcel at his kopitiam. At his place, the uncle said, "I thought you were Chinese la coz the name on the box  is Mizuchin.."..So I replied, "Uncle, not Mizuchin la, it's MizuCHAN"..haha..XD

I'm quite thrilled to received  the parcel though I actually can guess what's in there...and my guess is right! Two awesome product from theSkintopic! They asked me to review their products and retrieved it at Pavilion but it's too far away from here, so they kindly send me this kiwisomeness products to me! Thank you!

So please let me introduce you to this brand (taken from theSkintopic website);
theSkintopic is a privately-owned company with New Zealand-made beauty and lifestyle products. We focus on retailing selected New Zealand natural skincare, bath and body products and fragrance diffusers. No harmful ingredients, parabens, artificial colours or preservatives are included in any of the products and products are not tested on animals. With approximately 110 SKUs (units) across 3 brands, product categories include:
• Botanical skincare • Bath • Body • Home fragrance • Gift sets

I inserted the download link for the full pamphlets scans at the end of this post :)

The first product they sent me is the 
This is a deeply hydrating body lotion containing a blend of Kiwifruit oil and Sweet Almond oil. 
Kiwifruit contain high levels of Vitamin E to optimise skin moisture, and antioxidants for protection from the harsh environment. This indulgent body treatment moisturises, and softens dry and thirsty skin leaving a lingering fragrance of delicious Kiwifruit. 

Size: 250ml/8.45oz

Came in a pump with secure lock! :)

No Paraben, No Mineral Oil and Not Tested on Animals :)

The texture of the lotion is very light and it absorbs easily. It smells really good like the original kiwi! Sweet and calming I would say. Although the lotion absorbs really fast, it leaves my skin moisturize without leaving any sticky feeling or greasy-ness. Just perfect for my non-stop sweating hands because the lotion won't turn soapy even if you wash it :)

I could say that the moisture and the smell last pretty long for me. Even if I wear this for the whole day and after washing hands, I still can notice the lingering smell on my hands and also because there is Almond oil in the ingredient that helps to retain moisture for a long time :)

Other than that, do you know that Kiwifruit contains high levels of Vitamin E to optimise skin moisture and antioxidants for protection from the harsh environment. Who would not want putting antioxidants everyday on skin?haha..and this is just right because of the haze attacking our country. Just yesterday, the haze arrived to my place and I don't even expect that. I seriously feel dizzy when I went out and worried about my skin too. So I stayed at home 'slapping' this lotion all over my
Just pray that the burning forest at Indonesia will soon over coz I can't imagine to live in this haze for a long time ;(

Priced at RM78.00, you can get this from their outlet! ( All the outlets available can be seen at the end of this post )

The second product they sent me is the
A refreshing bath and shower gel containing the beneficial properties and sweet fragrance of Kiwifruit. 
Kiwifruit contains a natural enzyme which acts as a gentle exfoliant to remove dry skin cells leaving your skin soft, smooth and refreshed. 

Size: 250ml/8.45oz

Do you see the tiny seeds from kiwifruits?omg..they really used real kiwi for their products. The seeds can also acts as natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells other than the enzyme that consist in the kiwifruit :)

Based on the ingredients, there is no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. This is my first time trying a body wash that is free from SLS. Although Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate also fall into the foaming agent, however, it is a lesser effect that the SLS. So that's why there are hardly any foam appears when I rubbed the soap with water as you can see in the above picture.

The liquid is a bit thick and almost gel-like so I don't have to use much of it to cover my whole body. Usually with normal body wash, I would pump out a lot!haha..

This body wash doesn't make my skin feel tights after wash and it gives a luscious moisture to my skin. Usually my hand palm would feel the driest with other body wash but not with this. Other than that, the smell is almost similar to the body lotion but with a bit of stronger leafy smell. You know that I'm bad at describing smell so what I can say is both of them smells really good!

Priced at RM78.00 and you can get it from the outlets as in the photo below :)

Would you like to know the full price list for Wild Ferns collection? Download it here with the list of stores :)
Scanned by yours truly :D

Visit theSkintopic Malaysia website
Like theSkintopic Malaysia facebook

Let me indulge myself with these awesome theSkintopic body oils *_*
Just to say that was a real leaves/plants there.

Thank you for reading :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

[REVIEW] Farmasi Cosmetics Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm(BB) SPF15

I received this BB cream from the HiShop April Surprise Pack from HiShop. I guess it's the right time to review this and I can't afford to delay any longer..hehe

I previously said that this is a Malaysian brand and I would like to apologize for the wrong information. This is from Turkey and not Malaysia and I edited the previous post too.

They sent me the medium to dark shade which is suppose to be my shade. I think it was a bit darker than my skintone but that's okay, it would be adjusted after a while.

I intentionally did not line up the center to separate the both 'on' and 'off'
Can you see the difference? It just blend to my skin color very well :)

(same lighting)

Rashes pop up on my skin after I eat prawns..haha..sorry, but I just love seafood..
So I think it would be a good chance to test out the coverage here.

The coverage is sheer to medium. It does not cover the redness fully even the minor ones. But I can always dab on extra bb cream on the spots to makes it less visible. The BB cream is the type which absorb into the skin so it won't look cakey.

The texture is light but not runny. It is very moist because of the macademia oil which function to retain moisture. I'm very sceptical with this too much oil ingredients at first but I do some research and it is actually not a bad one. I had an oily skin so that's why everything related to oil is just...hehe

For the lasting hours, it does last about 3-4 hours on my super oily face. It's quite good I would say :)
The finish is moist but not oily. It feels really light :D

For the packaging, I think I had a little problem with it. The squeeze tube is exactly the same with the Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB cream but they don't have the pump with it. So if I would place this in my bag, it would get bad as the cream squirted out and it got messy around the opening.

This do have smell, it is exactly the same as this powder that my mom used when I was a kid..haha..I asked my mom if she still used that and she said no..hehe..I don't know if you ever saw this and it is actually a Siamese products and people used to called it 'bedak air'. I think my grandma still use this..

Overall, the BB cream is quite good. It's a nice try if you're looking something light for this hot summer and blends well into the skin. Available in two types, light and medium to dark.
Priced at RM39.90 at get it from here. Just to let you know that ship worldwide!

Thank you for reading :)
p/s : i'll be posting a new review tomorrow :~!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Lash Perm All Shockcara

I can't help but falling in love with every mascara that I saw..haha
and that's of course include with my bias Etude House, I never disliked any of their mascara because all of them works great on least the one that I've ever tried..haha

So I saw Etude House Korea facebook page is posting about this new mascara and they even blogged the whole thing about it in their official blog although I can't understand any single Korean words there..haha
It's enough with just pictures :)

I bought this from ebay because only this seller put up this mascara in the list to sell..hehe and finally it's here with me. I don't think this mascara is in the same group with "Bling in the sea" collection.

I did found the translation of these pictures but the Kongrish looks too funny..kk so I decided to just put up the original pic.

What the mascara can do according to the description (source :;
Enriched Volume Expression ; whirlwind-shaped brush contains smooth type of mascara to add enriched volume to eyelashes evenly.
Long Lasting C-curl ; whirlwind-shaped brush helps in expressing C-curl easily.
Amazing Long Lasting Expression ; zigzag shaped of high elastic pink whirlwind brush will help in expressing long-lash easily.
No Powdery Dust, No Smudging ; All Proof Wrapping System is applied for strong waterproof at sebum, sweats and water.

Isn't that cute? *_*


fuhh..that was a long one. I usually take the ingredient photo but the box reflected the light so I can't capture it well. :(

Anyway, these are the pictures of what the mascara look like on my lashes :)

The mascara does a good job at volumizing my lashes however somehow I think my lashes looks shorter?
There are little clumps on the strands but it is not visible in real.

I did not use any eyelash curler because the mascara said that it will give a curl but looking from the pictures, there's nothing too obvious about that. Since my lashes are a bit curlier so it just stays like that but it's good that it doesn't weigh down the lashes and this isn't heavy as it looks.

I had problem with my upper lashes and bottom lashes stick together when I blink because of the mascara I used but this mascara doesn't cause any of that. Even if I blink for a few times, the lashes won't stick..I know it sound weird but I always had this problem in every mascara..haha

The formula is almost the same with this mascara. Because the brush would stick to your lash and you had to do zigzag motion to smooth out the application. I'm not really good at explaining this but if you ever try the IMJU mascara, it was the same experience.

For the brush, it is flexible but the original design is not curvy but straight. So it would bend according to your eye shape. I like the slim brush design as it would be great to apply to the furthermost lashes, at the inner corner or the outer corner. However, the pointy thing is pretty sharp so make sure you won't poke your eyes with it..(that's why it is called shockcara, lol)

Other than that, the mascara is a little drying ( because of the powder technology, maybe?) but it is not as dry as Maybelline though. If you have tried Covergirl or IMJU mascara, both of them are not drying at all. I don't know what is the difference but maybe it is because IMJU and Covergirl doesn't coat on much and both of them are more to lengthening than volumizing. However, despite being a little dry, there is no fallouts from the dry parts.

 Wiped my eye with cotton pad soaked with pipe water.

Using cotton pad soaked with eye makeup remover to wipe off my eye.

I actually wanted to show the waterproof test on the above picture because I try to apply the mascara on the back of my hand but it won't budge. The formula is unlike the other mascara that I've tried because the brush doesn't pick up much of the liquid so that's why it won't cause clump on the lashes.

So I use another means which is wiping off the mascara itself from my eye. The mascara claim to be waterproof but on the first picture, there are still some of the liquid came off from my lashes. So be careful if you cry..hehe and the bottom picture, of course, the mascara would came off easily.

By the way, the mascara doesn't smudge when I wipe it off but it crumple into tiny balls for cleaner wiping.
It's very convenient for me coz I don't have to rub my eyes..:)

Overall, I like this mascara, although there are little minus points but at least it doesn't make my makeup messier by the end of the day. If you would like to get rid off the tiny clumps, make sure you don't coat too much. I admit that I actually overcoat it..haha

I'm wearing the mascara in above picture :)

Any questions?Let me know :D