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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

[REVIEW] ISFREN Rx Magic Eye Solution ( For Dark Circles & Wrinkles )

I'm checking out all the drafts I have and found out this pretty old draft that I haven't finished o.o
Seriously, this was like ages ago..even before I got a new camera. I apologized to Korea Cosmetic because they sponsored me to review this product.

 I still used this eye cream and just started to used it again because I always forgot to put on eye cream every day TT I still need to cut off my laziness of putting all these skin care steps..that's why you always saw my bad dark circles and wrinkles and that's because I always sleep so late..usually around 3am to 4am..
(I know sleeping late can cause bad skin..but I can't help it >.<)

So for an introduction ;

Description ; for dark circle & wrinkle care, all in one eye treatment care.

Specification ;  A dark circle eradicating & anti-wrinkle eye treatment. "If you have serious dark circles you ones that make you look older,tired,and exhausted. Here's HALOXYL which is an unique ingredient specifically developed for serious dark circles from Sederma in France. "Special eye treatment with peptide,collagen,ceramide,adenosine provides a high moisturizing and lifting, anti- wrinkle effect for soft and smooth eye area. Non Fragrance. Non Artificial coloring, Clinically Proven, Dermatologist Tested, 20gr/0.71fl.oz 

Benefits ; Dark Circles & eye bag & anti-wrinkle, whitening functional certification, no fragrance, no color. Relieves the dull dark circles under the eyes and swelling around the eyes formulated with the key ingredient HALOXYL of France's SEDERMA, Firm lifting of peptide , intensive moisturizing of Hyaluronic Acid, Trehalose, Ceramide etc. 

Extra Infos ;

- Dark circle improving clinical trial (Ellide Skin Science Institute de) 
- International Patent WO05102266 A1 HALOXYL 
- Joint development with French SEDERMA

[taken on december(left) and january(right)]
I even looks younger in photos!lol..(and maybe the reason was my wrinkles from lack of sleep are lesser that time compared to now..)

I love the texture of the eye cream because it is really light, absorbs really fast and non-greasy. It doesn't irritates my eyes and always keep my under eyes moisturized. I never thought that I would love this eye cream so much that I even abandoned my Holika Holika Bulgarian Eye Cream for
Even when I woke up from my sleep, my under eyes still feel very moisturized :)

My dark circles are lessen and even my wrinkles..:D
*sigh* saying wrinkles so many times makes me looks like

Other than that, I love the fact that this eye cream have no fragrance and no artificial coloring.
Since I had a sensitive skin too, I never had any complications with the use of this eye cream.

I don't know how much this cost but usually eye cream cost a lot and this even included with anti-wrinkles properties plus I'm not even sure how can you get this. Maybe asking Korea Cosmetic website should help!

Overall, I like this so much, it just perfect but to access it is a bit hard..:(
and Korea Cosmetics page is inactive since February. I'm not sure why because Minnie don't even reply me since last year.

Update (14/6/2013) I just found one that they had changed the packaging for the eye cream and you can buy it here. They sell it for a quite cheap price :)


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