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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint #Neon Orange #Neon Magenta #Neon Pink

Hey guys!I don't have classes at the moment so I think I'll do another review!

Well I think about 2 weeks ago,I bought a lot of Korea Cosmetics/Skincare and most of them arrived to me last week!It was pretty fast!hehe :D

The haul post will be later since I missed some photos of the items but I'll review the Dear Darling Neon Tint first!

As you might know,I'm a lip tint sucker and I love lip tints because the lasting powder they had~!

This Dear Darling Neon Tint is the new Etude House products and I spotted this items on Etude House website couple of weeks ago and didn't hesitate to buy all these three colors right away.

There are previous Dear Darling Tint produced by Etude House so don't confuse this with the previous one which they had color like #Berry Red  #Real Red and #Orange Red.

Description :
Milky Smooth texture in cherry tinted to accentuate lips with a naturally blushed and moist look.

Concept :
Fruit Extract + Neon Tint

Contents :

Color Option :
# Neon Pink    #Neon Magenta   #Neon Orange

Three lovely colors collection!
The Neon Magenta wasn't purple in color..
I don't know why but the camera shows purple..sorry,my bad..

Look at the slanted applicator~~

From left :
Neon Magenta.....Neon Orange.....Neon Pink

Left Picture :
From Bottom ; Neon Pink...Neon Magenta....Neon Orange

Right Picture :
From Left ; Neon Pink....Neon Magenta....Neon Orange

I swatch on my hand and let it dry.Then I wipe the excess and the picture above is the tint color.

I also used Biore Cleansing Oil to remove the tints on my hand and the result shown that Neon Magenta is the first tint disappear followed by Neon Orange and Neon Pink still have tints left after washed with the cleansing oil~yeayy~

 From Left :
Neon Pink.....Neon Magenta.....Neon Orange

The actual color look more pigmented than shown in picture.
Neon Pink : Sakura-pink color.
Neon Magenta : Lilac-pink color.
Neon Orange : Citrus-orange color.

The color may differs based on the lip color of the person..

My thoughts ;

The lip tints have candy-like smell.The smell is will disappear not long after you apply on your lip.

Not runny and the texture was't creamy like Etude House Fresh Cherry tint.It was in the middle of that and I'm quite like it because it gives cooling sensation and plus point,it doesn't leak~

Because the name of the tints is Neon,so I can't expect it to be natural in color.All of them is quite pigmented with just one swipe!Even Tony Moly tints,I have to apply few times to get the vampire like

However,the three of differs in each way;
Neon Pink : So far,this is my favorite color of all!It's has the longest staying power and the undertone tint is very pigmented and the color suits me very well~ ❤ (。◕‿◕。)
Neon Magenta : This color is the least staying power because this may disappear really fast if you drink or eat and this also the least pigmented among the three but the color is nice =)
Neon Orange : Just the right color I'm looking for all this time which is citrus-like color!Last time,the fresh cherry tint had the red undertone but this one is the real orange undertone~yeay~~and the color is very pigmented and stays long too~ ❤ 

I tried licking this lip tints after I apply this onto my lips and it have a acid-candy
I don't like it of course so my advice,don't lick i until it dry.The taste different..because after it dries,the taste wasn't strong like before.

Staying Power,4/5
Stays on very long!yeayyy~~
Neon Pink and Neon Orange are the longest while Neon Magenta may disappear if you drink and eat.

Very reasonable!
I got the Neon Pink and Neon Orange for RM29 and Neon Magenta for RM31.It differs in price because I bought from different seller.

At the moment,I don't think this lip tints arrive in Malaysia just yet..maybe have to wait for at least 2 month for this to arrive.But if it does,you can grab it now!( I don't check the stock with EH Msia yet)

Re-purchase ;
Of course!I hope they'll released more colors on the future!

Send your questions to or just leave the comments in this post!I would like to hear from you~Thanks~

Saturday, June 23, 2012

[REVIEW]Sunplay Super Block SPF130 PA+++

It's Saturday again!!banzaii!hahaxD
However,I didn't plan to go out or shop...maybe this weekend I'll spend me time watching One Piece or study for all subjects I took this semester..(coz I skip class last week...lolol).But I mean not all,just a bit of glance..kkk

Anyway,today I'll reviewing a sunblock that I bought from Watson haul last time.
Honestly,this is my second sunblock I ever had this entire 20 years of life...kk

I always thought that sunblock is messy,greasy and melt in hot summer...that's why I dislike them.
Just recently I thought I need the sunblock because my hands especially will get burn..(my face did not affect much coz I wear BB cream or compact powder that have SPF)

 I actually thought it was bigger 0.0

 The bottle openings.

  See how watery it is??

The after leaks >_<

Here is more about this sunblock ;
New Solarex-3 technology is developed by The Mentholatum Co. to provide a unique UV defense system.

  • Provides superior photo stable protection against UVA&UVB
  • RonaCare Ectoin & Antileukine 6,two anti-aging ingredients helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic Acid effectively hydrates and locks-in moisture on skin.
  • Low irritation
  • No Colorants
  • Highest SPF130PA+++ for broad spectrum UVA&UVB protection
  • Japan "Watery Liquid" formulation is ultra light, non greasy and smooth on skin.
  • Super water & sweat proof, ideal for long hours water and outdoor activities.
  • Non-comodogenic (does not clog pores)
  • Made in China
My thoughts ;

Water & Sweat Proof , 5/5
Absolutely yes!Love it~~It absolutely waterproof and sweat proof in sunny day~
Plus,it doesn't melt!!yeayy~

Moisturizing , 0.5/5
It does not moisturize any parts of my hands but it dries out my skin 0.0
omg..I have to wear lotion right after I wear this sunblock

Anti-Wrinkle Properties ;
Well,I can't give any marks for this since I don't have much wrinkles on my hands.

Absorbing Properties ; 5/5
It absorb pretty fast!Just perfect when I'm in hurry!

Non-greasy ; 5/5
Yup,not greasy at all!I almost didn't feel anything after I put this on my skin.Very light~

Results ; 4/5
My skin is protected from the sun and it doesn't burn fast!yeayyy~~~

What I don't like about this sunblock ;
  • The liquid leaks from the bottle after used.So I have to wipe it.
  • It dries out my skin like o.o .So I have to wear lotion right after using this.
  • Very small in size =(

Re-purchase : Of course...this is the highest SPF I ever seen...=)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shopping Yeoja~❤

Initially I want to do a different post but the post maybe a bit sensitive and too long to blog about so I'm taking time to write about that..or maybe I wouldn't post it at all.It's all started when I watched a video few days ago and what the person says is just so true and it relates to me.I never do heart to heart post but I'll try to do one =)

Anyway,this post only a diary post..About where my I spend my money to recently..kk..coz i'm a shopping yeoja(girl).I think everything looks tempting which I can't resist myself from not to still,I still try to control myself..

some plastics i able to save before thrown into the trash can.

Skin Food eye masks ~❤
I rarely go to Skin Food these days because I start to feel that Skin Food is way to expensive and they rarely do sales ;(

 Watsons galore..haha..
Biore Cleansing Oil,my fourth bottle!love it!
I wanted a powder brush but didn't found any or others are just too expensive to I took the stippling brush..It is so soft!like~

 I wanted a new handbag for so long and without thinking much,I bought is cheaper! RM29 only~
Thinking to find a pretty purse.Anyone can suggest?

A plain long sleeve blue blouse and a spaghetti~

I bought this in Setia City Mall..sadly,the sale is over that time ;(
I used this and don't like this because it is too sticky and stings my eyes ;(

Finally bought an oil blotting paper..and sunscreen!
See the SPF for the sunscreen??SPF 130 PA++!It was the highest SPF I ever seen!Used it one and love it!

Thank you for reading..any sunscreen brand that you like?

[REVIEW] Etude House Open Your Eyes Mask Sheet

Just so you know(maybe?),I bought a lot of mask recently and I don't even know why I bought that much either..

I'm not a mask lover since I only admire them,not one of the person who loves to use
and I would say,I hate those toner,lotion,cream...etc..etc
I'm trying to adapt to them because I'm 20 years old and having a acne-prone skin T^T

That's why you hardly saw I review about skincare,although I use some at the moment,but I didn't bother to review it..don't ask why coz I don't know myself

but (again...) I tried to review most of skincare I have now...hehe :D

Because of I rarely showed my face for reviews,you wouldn't see how the results would be but I'll try my best, okay?

Ok,onto the review!

I post the picture for this eye mask in my last haul post.The first time I saw this in the store,I said I'll definitely get this to try!
Because last year I think,I went to Skin Food and I bought kind of similar eye mask with this Etude ver!
I wanna see if the results is as good as the Skin Food and for sure I'll come back

The packaging itself is already cute...haha..

try to read it if you can see it and understand

 a large sheet 0.0

See the pattern?

I wore this overnight and the results isn't much impress me.Maybe I could say that this only hydrates the eyes part but faded so fast.I would love it if it gives me a bit long lasting hydration.

Texture :
A bit like jelly..haha..but it will not slip off from your hand like the Darling Snail Mask.

Size & Design :
One of the similarities between this mask and the skin food eye mask is the covered your eyes not only under the eyes but also the on top of eyelid.So that's why you have to lie on or you wouldn't be able to open your eyes..kk~
One more thing,the sheet of the eye mask also have the anti-slide design that similar to the Darling Snail Mask.

Results :
Not very satisfying.I wish they put more hydration properties.

Purchase again :
Would not in the meantime.

How about you?Any particular eye mask you love?Please share~

Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh...thank you,hater~

I was away for two days and when I came back and moderating the comment section,I saw this under one of my post..

Using my blog name to write such a bad comment.Aren't you actually coward enough?Why don't you just use your name,your own photo instead? probably ashamed of

and pointing out that my English is sucks..I admit it.In fact I always wrote that my English is bad in some of my posts...and I'm currently LEARNING.People makes mistakes,dummy..
Plus, your comment , "i can't understand it omg" wasn't a correct sentence either.So,make sure you are perfect before finding others prob..

I check her/his ID,and it turns out to be...

It's a Filipino and I remembered one of my fellow blogger blog about the same thing and it turns to be true!The IP address was different but the person lives in the same place and

I also check on another website and they gave me full info about this name,address,phone number and what type of service he/she used.Just be thankful,I didn't post that here..
p/s : even if he/she used the cafe internet or whatsoever.

and I click the Blacklist Check and it turns out to be this person had so many blacklist check..lmao..

I think this person is desperate,full of jealousy and hatred.. and I really pity this person for life...hahaxD

See SPARKLEAPPLE post about the same person,HERE.

I'm a straight person so of course i'll just blocked your email and IP address,and you aren't welcome to come again using your collection of email.Just,please stop..

No people would welcome such an evil person like you..and please change.

p/s : Thank you Nylon =) You are so nice =)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Etude House Global Gift!~❤ #sunbb #dear my blooming


I'm such in a good mood today because my Etude House gift arrived!yeayyy!
This is my second package I got from Etude House and they're so generous for giving more than listed!
It supposed to be an Etude House Sun BB Cream and an Etude House Sun BB Pact,
but they also give a cute Dear My Blooming Cheek in PK001 and Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam >_< ❣

and before any of you says that, how can you won for second times? 0.0

This gift supposed to be my cousin's gift because she enter the event too.
But after a few days,the gift arrived to my house and I called her asking why she send the gift to my home and she says,"unni,that gift is for you..happy belated birthday~"

and I was like *OMG* *tears*
"Really?"I said back to her and she said yes.
Furthermore,she said that she wasn't a cosmetic lover and her mom prevent her from using any because she is too young.So she said she better give this to me becoz she haven't give anything for my birthday yet(my birthday in May) and she can't keep this either since cosmetic only last for 3 years *touched*

After that I ask her again about how did she find out that I love cosmetics so much?And she said that she saw a lot of my collection of cosmetics at my home..hahaxD

Thank you again sweetie..this is the best present ever!(hope you read

and also thanks to Etude House for the gifts! ❤

 So this is my second Sun BB Cream!❤

I've been wanting this Sun BB Pact since I saw the collection.There are also another loose powder in this collection but it has lower SPF.I've been eyeing this but the seller that I used to buy with and most of other websites didn't even update this item yet..xD

 With mirror!

 The super soft sponge!weeexD

 Although this is not a new item from Etude House,but I actually never tried this..kkk..

 omg...just few days ago,I saw this in Etude House homepage and read some reviews.I said to myself that I'll get this soon and tadaaa..Etude House sent this to me..*omg*
How did you guys know?? o.o kkk
a bit clearer picture..i'm using an app for other pictures so I think to show a bit of the true color,I decide to take a photo of this using the normal phone camera.Of course the color looks even better in real life ❤

Oh,I also saw another winners gift and one of them got a Dear My Blooming Gift Set. wow ❤

Anyway,thanks for reading.Anticipate the reviews coming on~

Friday, June 15, 2012

[REVIEW]Etude House Darling Snail Sheet Mask

I've been eyeing snail products for quite a while now but I can't afford to buy them since it was really expensive! *sigh*

So I saw this mask is having 30% off sale last time and the price isn't too high so I manage to get one of this.

The pack is quite huge so I wonder what did they put inside it.

Actually I have few more pictures of the mask sheet but my camera was taken by my dad before I manage to save it to my computer..T^T

I wanted to show you the mask sheet especially the design which I refer it as anti-slide design..

But anyway,I just describe it here so I hope you'll understand. 

As I open the pack,I saw a lot of protective plastic and I took it out and there are almost 4 protective plastic before you can see the original cotton sheet 0.0
Don't ask me why they put so many protective plastic,coz I don't even have any idea..

The mask itself have been separated in two pieces,the first part covered half till the nose and the second part is from cheek to chin,that's why it fit my face so well =)

Be careful because the protective plastic is so slimy and I keep praying for the mask not to drop before I remove the protective plastic..especially when there is 4 protective plastic and you just imagine how afraid I was...hahaxD

There is no color for the liquid from what I saw.
Furthermore,you have to put your fingers in the pack to get the remaining liquid because if you just pour on your hand,it won't go out because of the thick slimy

My verdicts :

Smell ;
Possibly a very slight smell for this mask and I don't know if it is smells good or not..

Size ;
Fit my face!love love love...teheeee
(It's rare to find the best fitted mask..)

Texture ;
Very thick
It doesn't feel gross to me..haha..since the color is almost translucent.
But the thing that I have problem with is because the texture is slimy,I just feel like the mask will slip off my fingers any seconds before I manage to remove all the protective plastic...
Don't be alarmed just yet since it won't slip off your face.The mask sheet is made of cotton sheet and have some kind of design which I refer as the anti-slide.Yes,it won't slip off your face once you put it on..magic?I don't even know..hahaxD

Results ;
I have a very terrible skin these days and I don't see the healing properties of this mask done to my face but I notice the redness is lessen as I put off the mask.

If you have any questions,feel free to email me to or just leave your comments in this post!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

[REVIEW]Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint #3 Peach

Actually this was last spring haul but I haven't review it yet..Although there are tons of reviews out there already but I still want to make my

I targeted a pink and orange lip tints last spring and failed..

First,I bought the wrong color of Tony Moly Lip Tint.I choose the #cherry pink shade of I thought it would be pink!Then it turns out it was the red one and #apple red is the pink one..T^T..
Korean name products are just so confusing..and now I have two Tony Moly tint in red coz I had one before fault who didn't read the name of the tint that I had first...sheessshhh...

Second,I expect this Etude House Fresh Cherry #3 Peach to be in peachy-orange-tangerine in color but the color turns to be pinky-red undertone =( 
I mean like it is orange but with pinky-red undertone..

I got these pictures super blur than ever..sigh..when I can get a new camera?T^T

I swatch on my hands,just to show's a creamy type..very different from the Tony Moly tint which is very liquidity~

Spread it on my hands..see the color?maybe you didn't..T^T
Anyway,it is sheer so you had to apply few layers to get a bit of color just like me..
Sheer lippie is not for me..=( but this will get pigmented when you apply a bit of layers =)

Of course people who loves natural color would love this..I love natural colors but my lips just don't suit..TT

My thoughts ;
Color : 3/5
Very sheer for the first applications.If you had a natural pink lips,the color would show up just ok.
But if you had a bit darkpink lips like me,the color won't show up much in the first application.

Long lasting : 3/5
Not lasts very long if you apply one swatch but it does when you apply a bit more but don't apply too much or your lips turns to red 0.0

Texture : 4/5
Creamy.I like how creamy it is makes the tint is easy to applies especially if I only want to focus on the center of the lips.

I forgot where I put the picture of the color on my lips..mian..byebye

Monday, June 11, 2012

Etude House Story Books and 100 Followers~♥

Hello guys!
Good news for me,I achieved 100 followers today!!banzaiii! *throws confetti*
I still never thought that blogging is my daily hobbies, a part of my life that I can't live without..
A blog with no ambition and now I put a lot of hopes to be one of the best blogger..=)

Although I know that was too big of a dream,but I'll try my best and put effort into every posting ^_^

Thanks to all,now I had 100 followers and I was very thankful..(I hope this won't decrease by
Thank you...thank you and thank you again..*hug you guys* (。◕‿◕。)

For showing my gratitude,I would love to held a giveaway!Yup, a giveaway!I wanted to do one for so long and I never get a chance..Although I organize one before,but the prizes are not really interesting..If it is me,I would hesitate to join xD but *tears* some of you put a lot of effort in the giveaway! *hugs you again*

As I conducted a poll in the right sidebar for almost few months,Korea Cosmetics won the poll!That would be easier since I'm good at those..hehe XD

The prizes would be my favorite items..and I hope you like it too.More info about the giveaway will be posted later in different post.Please anticipate it!

Now,here is the story books of Etude House which I got from my last..last haul..hehe..I really forgot to post this..and here!(Some of it have been posted  by Etude House Global too and they translate it!Go check their fb!)

Part 1
 The first book pictures is from pink play house book~~

 You can watch this girls make-up tutorial on etudeblog@youtube


Make-up products used for 4 looks!

The pink words are actually the English translation but camera isn't that good to capture it T^T

Part 2

I think the beautizens draw their own looks!It's pretty~~


 Moistfull.!This doesn't suit my oily skin unfortunately..T^T
Anyway,good news,they released a new improve one that is Moisfull Flower~~~

 I wouldn't wear this too..coz of its shine....T^T

ok..sorry for the blurred

Anyway,I would love to scan the books,however that time my scanner is I had to manually captured them..

Thank you~