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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Etude House Global Gift!~❤ #sunbb #dear my blooming


I'm such in a good mood today because my Etude House gift arrived!yeayyy!
This is my second package I got from Etude House and they're so generous for giving more than listed!
It supposed to be an Etude House Sun BB Cream and an Etude House Sun BB Pact,
but they also give a cute Dear My Blooming Cheek in PK001 and Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam >_< ❣

and before any of you says that, how can you won for second times? 0.0

This gift supposed to be my cousin's gift because she enter the event too.
But after a few days,the gift arrived to my house and I called her asking why she send the gift to my home and she says,"unni,that gift is for you..happy belated birthday~"

and I was like *OMG* *tears*
"Really?"I said back to her and she said yes.
Furthermore,she said that she wasn't a cosmetic lover and her mom prevent her from using any because she is too young.So she said she better give this to me becoz she haven't give anything for my birthday yet(my birthday in May) and she can't keep this either since cosmetic only last for 3 years *touched*

After that I ask her again about how did she find out that I love cosmetics so much?And she said that she saw a lot of my collection of cosmetics at my home..hahaxD

Thank you again sweetie..this is the best present ever!(hope you read

and also thanks to Etude House for the gifts! ❤

 So this is my second Sun BB Cream!❤

I've been wanting this Sun BB Pact since I saw the collection.There are also another loose powder in this collection but it has lower SPF.I've been eyeing this but the seller that I used to buy with and most of other websites didn't even update this item yet..xD

 With mirror!

 The super soft sponge!weeexD

 Although this is not a new item from Etude House,but I actually never tried this..kkk..

 omg...just few days ago,I saw this in Etude House homepage and read some reviews.I said to myself that I'll get this soon and tadaaa..Etude House sent this to me..*omg*
How did you guys know?? o.o kkk
a bit clearer picture..i'm using an app for other pictures so I think to show a bit of the true color,I decide to take a photo of this using the normal phone camera.Of course the color looks even better in real life ❤

Oh,I also saw another winners gift and one of them got a Dear My Blooming Gift Set. wow ❤

Anyway,thanks for reading.Anticipate the reviews coming on~


Anonymous said...

How lucky and how sweet of your cousin! Have fun playing with your new Etude House goodies and happy belated birthday!

Marcella Jeannette said...

Hi... u r so double lucky!! heheh.
I want to know how long u'r waiting for that sweet gift? because on Dec 2013, I was a lucky winner on EH Global sweet event, but until now (March 2014) the gift has not arrived

Mizu said...

I didn't remember becoz this is so long's nice but I think if its that long, then your parcel must be missing somewhere..why don't you try asking etude

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