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Friday, June 15, 2012

[REVIEW]Etude House Darling Snail Sheet Mask

I've been eyeing snail products for quite a while now but I can't afford to buy them since it was really expensive! *sigh*

So I saw this mask is having 30% off sale last time and the price isn't too high so I manage to get one of this.

The pack is quite huge so I wonder what did they put inside it.

Actually I have few more pictures of the mask sheet but my camera was taken by my dad before I manage to save it to my computer..T^T

I wanted to show you the mask sheet especially the design which I refer it as anti-slide design..

But anyway,I just describe it here so I hope you'll understand. 

As I open the pack,I saw a lot of protective plastic and I took it out and there are almost 4 protective plastic before you can see the original cotton sheet 0.0
Don't ask me why they put so many protective plastic,coz I don't even have any idea..

The mask itself have been separated in two pieces,the first part covered half till the nose and the second part is from cheek to chin,that's why it fit my face so well =)

Be careful because the protective plastic is so slimy and I keep praying for the mask not to drop before I remove the protective plastic..especially when there is 4 protective plastic and you just imagine how afraid I was...hahaxD

There is no color for the liquid from what I saw.
Furthermore,you have to put your fingers in the pack to get the remaining liquid because if you just pour on your hand,it won't go out because of the thick slimy

My verdicts :

Smell ;
Possibly a very slight smell for this mask and I don't know if it is smells good or not..

Size ;
Fit my face!love love love...teheeee
(It's rare to find the best fitted mask..)

Texture ;
Very thick
It doesn't feel gross to me..haha..since the color is almost translucent.
But the thing that I have problem with is because the texture is slimy,I just feel like the mask will slip off my fingers any seconds before I manage to remove all the protective plastic...
Don't be alarmed just yet since it won't slip off your face.The mask sheet is made of cotton sheet and have some kind of design which I refer as the anti-slide.Yes,it won't slip off your face once you put it on..magic?I don't even know..hahaxD

Results ;
I have a very terrible skin these days and I don't see the healing properties of this mask done to my face but I notice the redness is lessen as I put off the mask.

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