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Monday, January 7, 2013

[REVIEW] Baviphat Apple Soft Lip Balm

Lip balm could be my best friends ever since I had a very dry lips. Thankfully it's not chapped because I used lip balms frequently.

My last visit to Fahrenheit88 in Bukit Bintang  is where the Korean festival held and there are a lot of booths available included with the Korean beauty booth. Since Stardust88 sells a lot of Korean and Japan beauty product so they open a booth selling products especially from Clio Professional and Baviphat. I bought few items from this booth as in my previous post.

Stumbling upon the baviphat racks, I saw those cutesy stuff from this brand since Baviphat used vegetables and fruits as their main ingredient so the packaging are related to it. Among all the products, this cute apple lip balm attracts me not only for the cute packaging, but also the heavenly smell.

Consumed a bit of the lip balm :D

The size of this lip balm is really small about a baby hand. It's very light and suit to bring with anywhere. It doesn't had any applicator included and I just have to use my fingers to apply it on my lip but I don't really care since I'm the only one who's use this.

Price can considered as cheap and they even had 30% off when I bought this. The lip balm itself has a red tint with it which is very sheer when put on. As I said, the smell is heavenly but I can't tell what's the smell really close I think (?) but the smell really lingers around you until the balm dries..
It moisturize pretty well but have to re-apply after an hour or so..

The only downward about this lip balm is it could be a bit sticky but it doesn't last long. Until it dries, you'll feel the stickiness but it's not that bad. It's still bearable for me...

So have you tried it?or any products from Baviphat?


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