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Friday, January 4, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House New Fresh Cherry Tint 2012 #PK001 #PK002

Hello guys!
How was your new year?
I spent my whole time in my room..watching some

There are so many drafts in the post section and I don't know when it will be done..
Anyway, I'm gonna review this tiny tint for today as Etude House re-new their fresh cherry tint to this one.

At first this tint did not really caught my attention. I thought Etude House only change the packaging, not the actual product but they do. This tint is really different from the previous tint, you can see my review here for the old tint.

Available in 4 colors.

I got the PK002 sample and that sample last me for 2 weeks.

Texture :
The texture of this tint is really creamy.More creamy than the old tint. I like it because I don't have to use a lot of tint in one time compared using the water-type tint.

Color : 
The color shows very well despite the one time application. I like both PK001 and PK002 because although the color almost similar but PK002 is more bright in color which eventually turns red on my lip and PK001 is in very subtle pink which I used mostly before I go to class. However, the color may differ on person's lip color. My lip color sometimes can be too red and can be too pale too..

Moisture :
I notice that this lip tint is quite moisturizing compared to other EH tint because the creamy type.
It doesn't dried out my lips fast but you might want to add extra lip balm on your lip if yours are too dry.

Brush :
The brush is different with the Neon Tint which it is not too slanted but slightly. 
Even out application the creamy tint very well.

Size : 
About the same size with the previous one but the design could be a bit curvy.

Price :
The price is quite higher this time compared to the older one but maybe because it is new so that's why the price could be a bit high but still, it's affordable enough.

Availability :
Available locally and online but to those who do not live in Asia might have trouble getting this locally or even online shopping. However, ship their products internationally so no worries :D

Any questions? or just leave a comment :D

Thank you for reading~


Blair said...

Happy New Year sweetie! What anime did you watch?

I've seen these tints but they don't catch my attention as much as the lipsticks haha

Mizu said...

haha..some shoujo anime :D do you enjoy them too?

The title is 'Kamisama Hajimemashita a.k.a Kamisama Kiss.
Since I watch a lot of action anime, my friend ask me to enjoy shoujo sometimes..haha XD

ahh..i know..i thought i just wanted to try them but ended up liking it .thank you for dropping by~

thecurlydoll said...

What a beautiful color. I always wanted to try something from Etude House, but it so much amazing stuff I never know what to get. Ooh I just want it all lol ♡

Mizu said...

yes, it is :D if you don't have pigmented lips like me, the color sure are more beautiful :D
yea..agree..too many stuff to choose from Etude House..even I do sometimes.anyway,thanks for dropping by hun~

Danitza Galvez said...

Thank you for the review Mizu!! ( ノ^ω^)ノ♥
What would you recommend me? this cherry tint in PK001 or the neon pink tint in Neon Pink?
What is the difference between these two? Thank you very much and have a nice day!;3

Mizu said...

Hello Danitza ^_^,
I would recommend you this fresh cherry tint on PK001 instead the Neon tint becoz the neon tint got weird taste and it's not as moisturizing as this fresh cherry tint =D.
Thank you~have a nice day~

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