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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

REVIEW AND SWATCHES : Miss Tangerine World!(Etude House Tangerine Shower Lips & Etude House Miss Berry Berry Palette)

Annyunghaseyo!(Greetings in Korea)
Today I''l review the rest of my wishlist items..but there are a lot to go..fuuu~
Miss Tangerine is a Spring collection and it was already summer..(I think?)
I'm already late T_T
Anyway,since my country doesn't have the other season than summer and it actually doesn't matter to me..hehehe..
Okay,let's move on to m reviews about this product..buuuuuuuuuutttt,...I have some more pictures to show you what it looks like on me buuuuuuuutt,my camera is awful right now,and I was to shy too..
I'll update when I ready...hehe
This is Miss Tangerine!Dara from 2NE1..

How happy she is~!..hehe

The collection of Tangerine line!

This is Miss Tangerine Shower Lips in pink.I think orange doesn't suit me(Afraid to take the risk)
This was the box..lovely isn't it?

The was longer than expected!and it was so sweet too!

Look,the pink color..

and the pink swatch on my hand.This is one time is soft pink in color..
Owh..yesterday I put on this lipstick about 2-3 time on my lips and I was shocked that the color turns out like this
Tsubasa Masuwaka Candy Doll Lip color!!
yes,it really was like this and I was so shocked too!

Ok,let's zoom in to the lips..the color was the same and Etude House shower lips
is glossy like the picture!
This is a steal!
This Etude House Lipstick is only about RM35 and Candy Doll lipstick + Lip gloss(to look like Tsubasa) is about RM160..Oh my...0.o

Pros :
1 - Comes in varies shades.
2 - Glossy and moisturize.
3 - Cute packaging
4 - Great colors n collection.
5 - Affordable price.

Cons : 
1 -You have to twist the base like few times to just only the lipstick.

Ok,the second one for today is Lucidarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes in Miss Tangerine line(Miss Berry Berry)

The nice design on box.

The packaging,this is really look the same with Etude House Over The Rain Blusher that I review last time..but what different is the color on the package.This one is pink and black for the blusher.

The inner looking..Opss..I've used the brush the palette already,.hehe

The closer look..lovely colors...

Firstly,I would say that sorry for this swatches..i really sorry because of my camera,the picture is actually dark in color so I have to lighten it using picasa and the colors turn out not so lovely..
Maybe I would do another swatches..

While I was camwhore,the colors remember me to this..

This is the new line for summer from Etude House and of course this is my next target!Yeay!

Pros :
1 - Shimmery!
2 - Comes in two shades palettes(Miss Tangerine and Miss Berry Berry)
3 - Pigmented colors.
4  - Very easy to apply.
5 - Two brush provided to prevent the mix up colors like the dark brown and orange-pink.
6 - I got this palette in a very special price!I didn't think it got sales at the time I'm buying this but after take a look at the receipt,the original price RM59+ was charge to RM29+.I'm lucky!

Cons :
1 - Maybe people who don't like glitter fall off.I wasn't care about fall over coz most of my make-ups do have shimmer with it..hehe..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

REVIEW AND SWATCHES : Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer

Hello again!Wow..I feel not complete in a day if I didn't do reviews..keke..
Anyway,I'll review one of my last Etude House that is Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer!

The design is soooo cute!

Here is the description..luckily they wrote this in English~!

Take a look at the tube..hehe..peach in color..~

Actually I did wear this on my lips but today my lips is super when I took the pic,it look gross..geeshh..I don't have lip scrub in the meantime so I think I should have at least lips tends to be dry everyday and I use the Vaseline but it is too oily..I only wear it at night..
but then I decided to swatch it on my hand..

Look,its nude!Very lovely nude I would say!It is soft and glossy~!
As the name is lip concealer,you shouldn't wear this without lip gloss or lip moisturizer coz this can dry I really recommend you to use this with lip gloss...but I'm not a fan of lip gloss coz it will make my thick lips even thicker..owh..looks I prefer moisturize lipstick!

Try it!The price is reasonable and quite satisfying too!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

REVIEW : Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand&Heel Cream & Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling

Hello..this is my third review for today...

These two items is actually not in my list too but I happy to bought them..
First is Hand and Heel cream..I bought this instead the Hand cream(the yellow packaging..)
Coz this can be wear of hand and heel..I got this in the special price coz I bought more than RM80..

The design is quite attractive!The package is kinda made from thick aluminium foil coz it won't come back to its shape when dented unless you fix it yourself.

How to use the cream..I guess everybody

My review :
This cream wasn't on my expectation coz I'm more happy with the results!I though it would be oily like other hand cream but this is not..!Its not oily at all!I was shocked too coz its absorb so fast!You won't feel anything on your palm coz this is so light!And plus the amazing scent!It will leaves your skin smooth!Try this!

Another one is Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling..based on its name,I know this would be a skin peel like a scrub but a bit more gentle way..

The design is like a dreamy know the Korean word says Magic Bubble Peeling too..I know how to read in Korean but I can't understand what is the

The is like whip cream nozzle right?

Well,the strong smell but after you wash,you can smell like a nice soap smell..

Maybe I put quite a lot here..hehe..too excited..

After the foam is spread and dried a bit and it will be like this..actually I swatch the Lucidarling palette on my can see previous picture..there is a shimmery swatch there..and I thought this wouldn't be able to make it disappear but after few time soft rubbing..the dirt gone!


ehem..sorry for the different color in the image coz this crazy camera always do what it the is looks like this but the color is brighter..not this blueish..haha..bad camera..

My skin really soft and whiter!Based on the description is says that this will remove dirt and oil and also I think this works for me!

REVIEW & SWATCHES : Etude House Petit Darling Eyes(Cream - Shimmer White)

Hai,after thinking few times,I think I want to separate my reviews on products coz I think it will be mixed up if I just review all products I got in a post..

Okay,let's go to my reviews abut this product..This eyeshadow is one in my list and honestly,it satisfied me!I saw a lot of tutorials using white shimmer at the eyebrow bone too makes the eyes looks more vibrant..
This how the eyeshadow looks like..the package is pretty and cute~!

I should swatch this only one time but I was to excited and this was 3 swatches..The color is pigmented enough..I recommend this~!

I spread the color and look!It is shimmery!I have wear this and this last longer too!I'm quite impressed with th results!

What I like :
1 - Pigmented colors..You can see the color only for one swatch onlu..
2 - Quite shimmery..I love shimmery but not too much..this is reasonable..
3 - Have a lot of color range..
4 - The price is okay..but still a bit for me..but its okay lah..

Who might not like :
1 - It's shimmery..
2 - Fall outs..yeah.there are quite few fall over..but this doesn't matter to me as my make-ups quite shimmery..hihi.

Rate : 4/5

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Etude House Wish List Hauls~!

Hai,it's been a very long time since I review the products I used..I've been busy organizing my online shops..yes..I got three different online first is Kpop Merchandise Shop,My Fashion Shop and the latest on is My Cosmetics Shop..It is hard to keep updating this three shops and I work really hard..hehe..anyway,today is like not too busy with customer so I head on to reviews!

Last Saturday I went to Berjaya Times Square as promised by my dad..hehe..the first shop I went is of course Etude House!I've been wanting to go to this shop for 2 months after they got sales..(yeah coz I used to online shopping)..I got my RM50 voucher too and thats means I spent about RM150!omo..and it didn't get over my spent target too!yeay!coz I target about RM100 of my own money and RM50 for the voucher...haha..

This are the stuff that I bought..huhu..actually didn't plan to buy the Color Me Nude Lipstick and the Hand and Heel Lotion coz my list(Henna Fix Proof 10 and Blending brush was not available)..I ask the SA about the mascara and she seems blur..oh can SA didn't know?It was the new stuff lar not the old stuff..i just bought that at the same place last few months and maybe got sold out..but she(the SA) didn't know anything about the stuff..0.o..I think the staff should be trained first about all Etude House stuff lor..coz this shows that they don't even care to know about the products they sell..and how can they will be Sales Assistant coz the customer know more..aish..

and the last time was the Chinese SA that accompanied me..she's okay although she not know about the products I'm talking about..but there is a Malay stuff there...very rude lar..she help the chinese SA with the receipt and not smiling at all..very cocky..She don't even looking at me when talking to me about the price and all..grrr...I really want to report this..

After bought the stuff..I check lar all the stuff again after I left the stores..haha..why not coz I'm too excited..but I realized that my Lucidarling palette was different in color..I want the Miss Berry Berry and I mistakenly took the Miss Tangerine I went back to the shop for change and again,the same chinese SA approach me and she tell the cashier..and the cashier is the previous Malay staff..I remembered her name lor but I can' tell will looks like I'm bashing people but she doing the same thing again..her arrogant face and rude thing really pissed me off la..but I didn't say anything and just smile..aigoo..I hope that I didn't meet her in the next time I go hauling there..

P/S : to etude house malaysia...if you don't want to lose customer,teach your SA...i'm not bashing coz I still can stand her but how about the sensitive customer?will they?

but I LOVE ETUDE HOUSE...all your products range is good..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Twins 2 Years Birthday Celebration~!

Hello peeps~!Wow..Its been a long time since I make a new post..actually I have several products to review but I really don't have time to upload and make sorry..but today,I'm not going to review the products but instead a recent birthday celebration of my twin cousins..they are 2 years old last 15th May..
The twins family decided to celebrate their birthday at the new open McD stores in Kuala they booked a room for that..the events should start at 2 p.m but unfortunately,McD staff did not prepare anything!The whole family was like WTH?The aircond thingy is leaking there and there are no balloons and all...The staff actually was quite surprised as they don't know>>Don't know???<<The story start when the other manager that has been told about it and take a leave that day without even telling the other manager about the event..He/She must be 'kaw-kaw' or fired after this coz making such a mess..Then the other manager was asking us to wait as they want to decorate the room with balloons..then we have to wait outside..hungry and sleepy..LOL...I don't like waiting..but finally they decorate just a bit and we start the celebration like 'cikai-cikai' as the room is actually quite small for two big families..

A Secret Recipes cake with Upin & Ipin picture..last year,they want to make the Ben 10 picture but the cake maker was wrong when they put Mickey Mouse I think...

The cake!!Happy Birthday twin!!Iqram as brother and Ilham as younger brother..^_^

With mommy and daddy...time to blow the cake!

Everybody sings!

Where's the pic for blowing up?I guess I missed it...But anyway they slice the cake from Secret Recipe~

Iqram,let mommy give you cake..The abang was preparing to open up mouth but the adik was refusing!haha..

Special for mothers day by mommies for mommies!

My grandmother in pink while the other one was the twin grandmother..

My uncle and aunties with the twins!

Yeay,adik is looking at the camera!It was hard to capture one though..

It's me!!!hahaha..finally..I was too shy to put my picture..

My sister..we are so different right??Everybody says that we didn't look as sisters..

My father..he want me to take his pic with the Big Mac burger..

Adik was pouting..!I didn't know where is he learned that!(Adik pics was more than abang coz abang doesn't want to slow down...he's too active!)

Yeay,actually adik was refusing to put on the bday cap but this was a successful capture!

and finally its me again!!!Peace to you all!

There was a lot of pics of my family but I don't think they wanted to be put here but its okay...hahaxD..Maybe next time,..

Wanted to know what I'm wearing?

1 - Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream(I didn't like it much but since its expensive,I have to finish it off T_T)
2  - Etude House Miss Tangerine Cheek Ball Blusher.

1 - e.l.f Limited Edition Eyeshadows
2 - Etude House Drawing Eyebrow

1 - Avon Simplypretty concealer stick
2 -  Banila Co lipstick Spring Collection 2011

I just put the make up in small quantity to look natural~!weheeee...till here..~!Bubbyeee~!