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Saturday, May 28, 2011

REVIEW AND SWATCHES : Miss Tangerine World!(Etude House Tangerine Shower Lips & Etude House Miss Berry Berry Palette)

Annyunghaseyo!(Greetings in Korea)
Today I''l review the rest of my wishlist items..but there are a lot to go..fuuu~
Miss Tangerine is a Spring collection and it was already summer..(I think?)
I'm already late T_T
Anyway,since my country doesn't have the other season than summer and it actually doesn't matter to me..hehehe..
Okay,let's move on to m reviews about this product..buuuuuuuuuutttt,...I have some more pictures to show you what it looks like on me buuuuuuuutt,my camera is awful right now,and I was to shy too..
I'll update when I ready...hehe
This is Miss Tangerine!Dara from 2NE1..

How happy she is~!..hehe

The collection of Tangerine line!

This is Miss Tangerine Shower Lips in pink.I think orange doesn't suit me(Afraid to take the risk)
This was the box..lovely isn't it?

The was longer than expected!and it was so sweet too!

Look,the pink color..

and the pink swatch on my hand.This is one time is soft pink in color..
Owh..yesterday I put on this lipstick about 2-3 time on my lips and I was shocked that the color turns out like this
Tsubasa Masuwaka Candy Doll Lip color!!
yes,it really was like this and I was so shocked too!

Ok,let's zoom in to the lips..the color was the same and Etude House shower lips
is glossy like the picture!
This is a steal!
This Etude House Lipstick is only about RM35 and Candy Doll lipstick + Lip gloss(to look like Tsubasa) is about RM160..Oh my...0.o

Pros :
1 - Comes in varies shades.
2 - Glossy and moisturize.
3 - Cute packaging
4 - Great colors n collection.
5 - Affordable price.

Cons : 
1 -You have to twist the base like few times to just only the lipstick.

Ok,the second one for today is Lucidarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes in Miss Tangerine line(Miss Berry Berry)

The nice design on box.

The packaging,this is really look the same with Etude House Over The Rain Blusher that I review last time..but what different is the color on the package.This one is pink and black for the blusher.

The inner looking..Opss..I've used the brush the palette already,.hehe

The closer look..lovely colors...

Firstly,I would say that sorry for this swatches..i really sorry because of my camera,the picture is actually dark in color so I have to lighten it using picasa and the colors turn out not so lovely..
Maybe I would do another swatches..

While I was camwhore,the colors remember me to this..

This is the new line for summer from Etude House and of course this is my next target!Yeay!

Pros :
1 - Shimmery!
2 - Comes in two shades palettes(Miss Tangerine and Miss Berry Berry)
3 - Pigmented colors.
4  - Very easy to apply.
5 - Two brush provided to prevent the mix up colors like the dark brown and orange-pink.
6 - I got this palette in a very special price!I didn't think it got sales at the time I'm buying this but after take a look at the receipt,the original price RM59+ was charge to RM29+.I'm lucky!

Cons :
1 - Maybe people who don't like glitter fall off.I wasn't care about fall over coz most of my make-ups do have shimmer with it..hehe..


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