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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

REVIEW : Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand&Heel Cream & Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling

Hello..this is my third review for today...

These two items is actually not in my list too but I happy to bought them..
First is Hand and Heel cream..I bought this instead the Hand cream(the yellow packaging..)
Coz this can be wear of hand and heel..I got this in the special price coz I bought more than RM80..

The design is quite attractive!The package is kinda made from thick aluminium foil coz it won't come back to its shape when dented unless you fix it yourself.

How to use the cream..I guess everybody

My review :
This cream wasn't on my expectation coz I'm more happy with the results!I though it would be oily like other hand cream but this is not..!Its not oily at all!I was shocked too coz its absorb so fast!You won't feel anything on your palm coz this is so light!And plus the amazing scent!It will leaves your skin smooth!Try this!

Another one is Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling..based on its name,I know this would be a skin peel like a scrub but a bit more gentle way..

The design is like a dreamy know the Korean word says Magic Bubble Peeling too..I know how to read in Korean but I can't understand what is the

The is like whip cream nozzle right?

Well,the strong smell but after you wash,you can smell like a nice soap smell..

Maybe I put quite a lot here..hehe..too excited..

After the foam is spread and dried a bit and it will be like this..actually I swatch the Lucidarling palette on my can see previous picture..there is a shimmery swatch there..and I thought this wouldn't be able to make it disappear but after few time soft rubbing..the dirt gone!


ehem..sorry for the different color in the image coz this crazy camera always do what it the is looks like this but the color is brighter..not this blueish..haha..bad camera..

My skin really soft and whiter!Based on the description is says that this will remove dirt and oil and also I think this works for me!


Marion said...

I'd like to try that magic peeling! :O Wow.

Mizu said...

Marion it is so soft!Try it!

Hercy said...

WOW It really looks like it brightened your skin! :O I've never seen that item at the Etude House her! *noting the product name* I love Etude House as well and I'm following you now kitty! :3

Mizu said...

@Hercy does!
You should ask the SA!I think this would be available in Etude House except it is out of stock.

and thanks for following!I'm sure to follow yourback!

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