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Sunday, May 8, 2011

REVIEW : Let's Highlight!(Etude House Over The Rain Blusher #01 and Etude House Golden Ratio Face Glam #02)

Haiii...its time for another review!I don't think I can stand myself from doing another review but yeah..this tempting me!This is another haul from ebay...yeah..I love ebay...haha..Anyway,I wanna talk about highlighters today.For those who likes to makes their face shining or glamor look,you really has to have highlighters!Usually highlighters is put on the T-Zone.Know what T-Zone is??T-Zone is the part between the eyebrow and under your forehead.Highlighters is put like T-shape to give shining effect to your whole face.I really do love shining looks coz I've seen so much Korean artists these days is using this thing too!Anyway,let's get move on to my reviews!

The first one is Etude House Face Glam #02 which the pink shades.I was falling in love with this one since I google it!haha...anyway,I think maybe this is for ahjumma(older people) based on the cartoon face than feature on the box...oh lol...I just guess it..didn't know whether its true or not..

Ok,this whats the bottle looks like!It was a big fat bottle(lol)..and I was satisfied with the size!It was bigger than I expected!As you can see,it have the milky pink color right?And that's what the color is!
Let's take a look to more deeper in the bottle...

I open the cap and yeah,you will see the liquid type is creamy enough..

I put on a drop to test on my hand....

and I blend it...

tadaaaaa...its shimmery right????I TOTALLY LOVE IT!

This is the looks from the top.That's means this bottle have double shimmering! 

It is the same in color..just this one wasn't the liquid type..

Look,its shining!!!(Maybe you can see it too much since the awkward lights there).

Pros : 
1 - Come in 2 shades(Pink and Gold).For those who didn't like pink on their face,you can have gold.
2 - Very creamy,So you only have to use a little.Great saving!
3 - Nice scent
4 - Give awesome finish!
5 - Great packaging coz its hygiene.

Cons : 
No I ever think about..^_^

The second one I have is LuciDarling Over the Rain Blusher #01(Hawai)
This one arrived at my rental house with super cute packaging.I forgot where I put the picture with all the ribbon and all..sorry but they really tie this with cutie pink ribbon like I win something..haha..

Cute packaging right??That's why people easily fall in love with Etude House..

See the color was like the rainbow design there with light yellow,light pink,light blue and light green in color.I'm not swatching this coz you wouldn't be able to see the color.Its just the highlight so you only can see the shimmery type-like with no basically,this one is used to highlight not the blusher coz its have no color.You can put this one on the top of your other blusher with color coz it will add the shimmery at your face.I always do that.
How to use : Swirl the round shape along the colors and blush it on the top of your other blusher and you're done.

Pros : 
1 -Very cute packaging.Something I can't deny from Etude House make-up range.
2 -  They give nice brush along.
3 -  Good shimmery type.

Cons : 
1 - Do not have color at all although I swatch it few times on face.

So if u like shimmer..I recommend you to use this...

That's all for now...This post should be post on last Friday but i'm not done at editing so I only can post today..Have a nice day and shop at Etude now coz they have mega sale for MAY!

Love Mia xoxo


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