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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

My Etude House Wish List Hauls~!

Hai,it's been a very long time since I review the products I used..I've been busy organizing my online shops..yes..I got three different online first is Kpop Merchandise Shop,My Fashion Shop and the latest on is My Cosmetics Shop..It is hard to keep updating this three shops and I work really hard..hehe..anyway,today is like not too busy with customer so I head on to reviews!

Last Saturday I went to Berjaya Times Square as promised by my dad..hehe..the first shop I went is of course Etude House!I've been wanting to go to this shop for 2 months after they got sales..(yeah coz I used to online shopping)..I got my RM50 voucher too and thats means I spent about RM150!omo..and it didn't get over my spent target too!yeay!coz I target about RM100 of my own money and RM50 for the voucher...haha..

This are the stuff that I bought..huhu..actually didn't plan to buy the Color Me Nude Lipstick and the Hand and Heel Lotion coz my list(Henna Fix Proof 10 and Blending brush was not available)..I ask the SA about the mascara and she seems blur..oh can SA didn't know?It was the new stuff lar not the old stuff..i just bought that at the same place last few months and maybe got sold out..but she(the SA) didn't know anything about the stuff..0.o..I think the staff should be trained first about all Etude House stuff lor..coz this shows that they don't even care to know about the products they sell..and how can they will be Sales Assistant coz the customer know more..aish..

and the last time was the Chinese SA that accompanied me..she's okay although she not know about the products I'm talking about..but there is a Malay stuff there...very rude lar..she help the chinese SA with the receipt and not smiling at all..very cocky..She don't even looking at me when talking to me about the price and all..grrr...I really want to report this..

After bought the stuff..I check lar all the stuff again after I left the stores..haha..why not coz I'm too excited..but I realized that my Lucidarling palette was different in color..I want the Miss Berry Berry and I mistakenly took the Miss Tangerine I went back to the shop for change and again,the same chinese SA approach me and she tell the cashier..and the cashier is the previous Malay staff..I remembered her name lor but I can' tell will looks like I'm bashing people but she doing the same thing again..her arrogant face and rude thing really pissed me off la..but I didn't say anything and just smile..aigoo..I hope that I didn't meet her in the next time I go hauling there..

P/S : to etude house malaysia...if you don't want to lose customer,teach your SA...i'm not bashing coz I still can stand her but how about the sensitive customer?will they?

but I LOVE ETUDE HOUSE...all your products range is good..


Midorii said...

Dear, akak ingat , akak sorang je ada experience mcm ni kat E.H , Time Sq. Akak rasa kita berdua ni terkena dengan S.A yang sama. Bila tanya ttg produk semua tak tahu. Tanya perbezaan produk.. boleh dia jawab oh yang ini pink n this one green. Aigoo, budak tadika pon tau beza color.

Memang patut report la, coz kalau terus camni. Memang akan menjatuhkan E.h tu sendiri.

Nasib baik S.Aw kat E.H fav akak tu tak wat perangai camni. Kalau tidak memang akak repot je.

Mizu said...

kak Midori..oh ye ke?tu la..last time pegy E.H x nampak pulak SA tu..xtau x perasan kot..mmg sombong gler la SA tuh..pergh..hilang mood nak bershopping tgk die..n SA yg ikut2 tu..die bole x tau ape brg yg kte nak tu?pelik nye?camne jadi SA ni?

nak report kat fb E.H la..kedai bkn calang2 kedai kan?so mestila customer nak dilayan baik..n mestilah SA kene educated kan..

haha..perbezaan produk green n pink?laaa..ape ounye jawapan la..xkan la customer nak tny beza color...ape la..

tu la..ingat ari tu nak gi nye store sbb tgk akak cam ok je ngan SA kat ctu tp dah tukar kene gi tmpt biase lak..

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