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Saturday, April 14, 2018

[REVIEW] Purito, Centella Asiatica Line and Fermented Complex Essence

Hey guys!

So today I'll be reviewing these awesome products from a Kbeauty brand called "Purito"
I saw the brand on Instagram and would never be thought that they'll contact me to gift me all these three products that I personally chose from their website. 

In all honesty, they would like me to review these without any bias towards the products and giving my feedback since the brand is fairly new.

If you haven't known about Purito yet, they are a brand who practiced safe and honest ingredients in their products and the ingredients used is not all that useless fillers but give benefit to your skin.

I have tried all these products together in slightly more than a month and now I can share with everyone of what I think of them.

Let's start with their "Centella Green Level All in One Mild Pad"


Centella is such a trendy ingredient these days and I have a lot of trust with it because I see the results myself and it works wonders because Centella or Cica functioned as wounds healing, improve blood circulation, helps to prevent scarring and prevent future blemishes. So when I saw products that do contact this magic ingredient, I couldn't help but be obsessed with it. By the way, these ingredients above are analyzed by the cosDNA and you can see that all of it are green level! Other ingredients that should be noted is that it also contains BHA which works deeper in the skin.

It has two sides, (the rough side, the one you see in the picture) and (the smooth side)

So what this pad do is;
- to wipe away any residue after cleansing
- for exfoliation
- remove sebum

The rougher side, the one that bumps is suitable for exfoliation of dead skin and the smoother side is for hydrating or makeup modification if you made a mistake :)

I usually use these as to remove any residue after my double cleanse and it did! I can see some yellow dirt on the pad after use. Other uses would be exfoliation especially to remove dead skin from my lips and to hydrate my skin after cleansing. I find that it calms my skin, keeping it smooth on the surface and did prevent me from breaking out! However, I do find that the pad itself is a little too rough(?) I can see that it is made from pure cotton however it did feel like there is a lot of friction on face especially when I'm a bit rough so be careful and be kind to your skin :D Other than that, there is a scent to this and I believe it did come naturally from the ingredients.

These are the words written inside the box! How cute is that? They also wrote some other uses for the pad like exfoliating the dead skin on your heels. :)

The next product is "Fermented Complex 94 Boosting Essence

I believe that this product is listed under their bestseller and honestly I can see why!
Aside from its amazing ingredients which are the Fermented Complex 94%, it also supplies the skin with a lot of hydration with a few drops! I was so surprised when I tested it out on my hand because I only put a little amount and it already feels so hydrating!

The texture is almost like water however I do find that it also has a little weight to it which is why they call this as an essence instead of toner. I love that Lactobacillus is one of the highest ingredients because it works better in terms of skin penetration and it also functions as smoothing the wrinkles [Adenosine] and a safe ingredient in whitening the skin. Added with Niacinamide which also function as skin whitening, it boosted the whitening properties.

Came in this colorless liquid and after a month of use, I can see that it provides full hydration to my skin and brighten my whole complexion. I usually used this by dabbing it onto my skin for extra hydration. On some days that I felt like I needed more hydration than usual, I could go on with this with three steps and it feels amazing! I definitely recommend this to be used daily as it is not tacky, scentless and perfect for either on day or night.

The last product that I tried is "Centella Green Level Recovery Cream"

This is the newest product of Purito and I bet you guys already know why did I chose this cream :D Yes, you are correct, it is because of Centella Asiatica! XD

Since I already chose the pads and essence, why not I end this skincare routine with a cream and when I saw this, I thought this would be a great completion to this routine of all Purito products.

You guys probably knew that I was an acne sufferer and although it wasn't as bad as it used to now (thanks to the incredible kbeauty skincare routine) I do find that the acne still came back from time to time depending on my body hormonal changes so I was constantly looking for product that can keep those under control.


Instead of water, the cream contains Centella Asiatica Extract as the first ingredient!Yeay!
And as you guys already saw from the three products, all of their ingredients are a green level which means it is safe for the skin even for sensitive ones!

Purito says on their website that the cream is made in small quantities because it doesn't have preservatives and it is advised to be stored in the fridge. However I didn't do any of those since I don't have a fridge access at my college ;( Still, the cream doesn't go bad or anything and it performs as it should but I do think that it won't last long this way until it goes bad. But then, the cream amount is too little for me so by this post is published, I already finished the whole tube :D

The cream has the similar scent to the pad and I believe it came naturally from the ingredients. The cream is lightweight and provides full moisture to my skin, plus, it is not tacky at all. On the first stage of using this, I actually used it all over my face and I would not recommend you guys to do that because it will run out fast like mine XD So I recommend this cream to be used only on affected trouble areas like redness, newborn pimple or even any areas that you feel it needed this cream.

Nowadays, my affected areas are always on the side of my face where I lied down the most when I'm sleeping. That can't help because my skin is sensitive to friction and sometimes it also hurts because of those moisture-sucking cleanser that I tried so I try applying this cream and the hurting gone overnight! I also applied on parts where my skin is "angry" or inflamed/redness and it works wonders!

 Sorry for the different color on both picture because one is captured early morning and the other were captured on golden hour. However you can see one of the example that I managed to take with my camera is this red pimples on my forehead that calms down after using the cream for three days.

On the end note, I am satisfied with all three products that I tried from Purito because aside knowing that it is safe, it suits my sensitive acne skin and it also works! I would recommend you guys to check out this brand! They are also available on ebay if you're keen on purchase :D and by the way, you guys can read more informations of all these products on their website and it is in English! The ingredients benefits that I may not able to explain properly might have been written in the website instead. It's worth a read!

Website : /
Instagram : @purito_official

Thank you for reading :)


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