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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Winner of MOOTTA X Mizuchan Giveaway

Hey guys! I think it has been some time since I did a blog post?
The Mentos one doesn't count because it was done in such a hurry..haha

Anyway, I have so much stuffs to share but I didn't plan anything yet so let me settle everything first//hehe//

So, my MOOTTA x Mizuchan Giveaway has ended for so long..I think it was about a month?
I don't have internet connection for about two weeks so I can't update much. I did send an e-mail to the original winner but she did'n't reply me for so long so I had to choose a new winner.

So congratulations to Tanya Ilieva for winning an anklet and 2 piece of Innisfree masks!
I already received your reply and please anticipate your prizes at your doorway real soon.

Note : The winner was chosen by I checked every single entries that are in and the winner followed my every rules.

To those who didn't win, you can always join my future giveaways. I will plan more awesome giveaways in the future!

Lastly, thank you to our main sponsor, MOOTTA for kindly sponsoring my blog for this giveaway. They're so kind enough to contact me about the collaboration.

Anyway, do you guys know that MOOTTA also do giveaways in their blog ?Go check them out!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

[REVIEW] Mentos Roll & "Cintai Malaysia Contest"

Hi! I hope you still remember me...haha..It feels like it's been a while since I did a blog post eventhough there are many new things I wanna share with you. I'm really sorry for being so busy but I will do more posts when my final exam is done :D

Yesterday I announced the winner for my Mizuchan x Mootta giveaway here. Congratulations to the winner and those who did not win, don't be sad.I'll do more giveaway in the future :)

Today I'll be reviewing these chewy candies and that is Mentos and also about the "Peraduan Cintai Malaysia Mentos 2013"

Introduction to Mentos:
A cult candy brand created for the young generation, Mentos is known throughout the world as the Freshest Mint. Available in more than 100 countries, it started almost a century ago as an irresistibly fresh candy with an innovative "chewy" concept - crunchy and fresh on the outside but chewy on the inside. Mentos' innovative and unconventional brand positioning in terms of product concepts, packaging and flavours with freshness unlimited has made it one of the most recognized candy in the world.

Mentos candy is also having a "Cintai Malaysia Contest" in conjunction with Tourism Malaysia's 2014 Visit Malaysia promotion. The contest is held from 15 October 2013 to 15 January 2014 and participants stand a chance to win RM130,000 worth of prizes!

I'm so thankful to be chosen to review their candy roll and they've sent me a total of 24 rolls altogether! OMG, that's really a lot! Since I'm a fan of their candies, (coz I used to buy the mint one to chew in class) I'm really happy received so many flavours including the limited edition and those flavours that I never seen before :)

how cute is that bike?haha

The red one available in "Grape Mix" flavour and is so hard to get one!

8 flavours were given to me in total :)

One of the new and limited edition candy "Secret"
I've bought this before and the candies will be white in colour because the flavour is secret.
Eventually every candy taste different from each other.

 "Mint" flavour is my favourite in class coz I'm afraid to doze off so I chew this to get rid of my sleepiness. This is the lowest minty sensation of Mentos and I usually choose this before the other mint is too strong and I can't stand strong mint >_<

This is "Air Action" (I hope I'm right) and is the strongest mint of Mentos candies. Contain Eucalyptus and Menthol to double up the minty-ness. My friend is the first one to try this and her reaction was like "woooaahh..this is strong!" haha..

"Mintensity" is the collection of three types of mints candies. They are Ice Mint, Spearmint and Mint.
The Ice Mint is the strongest, Spearmint is medium and Min is the lowest one.

"Raimbow" is the most colourful mentos range from flavours like grape, strawberry, orange, watermelon, pineapple,cranberries and apple.

"Fruit Flavour" consist of three fruits and that are strawberry, orange and lemon(if I'm not wrong)

"Sour Mix"is my most favourite. I used to love sour snacks and this roll contain 4 types of sour fruit flavours range from strawberry, lime, grape and pineapple.

"Mix Grape" is a grape flavoured candies and consists three types of colours. There is another red in colour which is really rare in a roll. I've took the picture with the red candy but it was deleted by mistake and there you see no red because it was already

There is a new fruity flavours coloured in pink which is not given to me but my friend showed it to me and taste so yummy like bubblegum. I believe that was limited edition so if you saw them, do grab one coz I love it so much!

And for the contest, on every roll of Mentos candies you bought, please take a look on the inlay wrapper as shown below to join the contest! The question is so easy and you just have to SMS to join or 
go to and click on the "Peraduan Cintai Malaysia Mentos 2013" to join. Open to all Malaysian :)

How to join:

Here is the example through SMS :D

Visit Mentos Malaysia Facebook to join the contest through facebook app :D

Good luck!