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Friday, May 9, 2014

[REVIEW] SecretKey Prestige Ampoule

Hi guys!
Miss my rant? - I bet you don't..haha XD

Since I don't have anything to do although I'm in my exam month, but since I just finished my Mandarin paper this morning, I felt I want to do a new post. Plus, the next paper will be on next week's Friday ( how long is that?)

Talking about the previous post, have you read it? Sorry if it kinds of freak you out. I was freaking out when I saw the pictures all is fine now, no worries. That happens on February when I took the treatment :D

You know how much I was like a skincare freak since the end of last year? I'm kind of strive for a better skin instead of hiding it under my make up. But as much as I want a clear skin, there's a limit to that. I can't erase enough my past acne scars - the hole-like one. 

Anyway, onto the review. This serum was bought in January or February - I don't remember because it was too long and I have finished it for sometime. 

Can't get enough with the gold pattern :D

See how runny it is?

My skincare feels empty without serum or ampoule because I much preferred them more than cream because most creams are too thick or too moisturising for my skin. That'll eventually breaks me out no matter how good or expensive the cream is.

So I saw this serum was selling cheap on so I bought it alongside the cream. To think that previously I thought these won't work unless I used the cream as well. It proved that I'm wrong because the cream don't work for me at all. That will be reviewed later.

Since the cream doesn't work for me, I just used this ampoule alone and omg, it really works on controlling my redness from my active pimples. Sometimes, not all active pimples are bumpy, they're just red for no reason. I have no picture to prove but I really do love the effects of this ampoule on me.

It is not sticky, it's very light and absorbs really fast. Just like a lot of snail essence, the texture is a bit gooey but not that much, it is almost unnoticeable. It is just to show that the ampoule is really from snail mucus extract.

This ampoule is dual functional product. It claims that it will give whitening and wrinkle improvement. Honestly said, from all my experience will snail products - none of them really gives a noticeable result in wrinkle improvements including this one. Not sure if my skin doesn't have much wrinkles to begin with, only the one under my eyes are severe because of sleep. The eye part is kinda tough. Not many products could improve dark circles or wrinkles under eyes.

Another function is whitening and this product really nailed it! I could see my skin is so much brighter the next morning because I notice that even my lighter bb or foundation doesn't look much different with my skin. It means that the colour blends well with me - so that's why I never said that I will throw away the cream that is lighter than my skin.

There're no breakouts or problems while I'm still using this. I'm completely satisfied with this ampoule. I would love to repurchase but my skincare collection is just too much and I just found a new HG recently which is better than this serum. I would love to re-purchase once more if I'm kind of broke out coz this is pretty affordable for a good results :)

Thank you for reading.


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