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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ebay hauls : The Face Shop Black Head Nose Clay Mask(Peel-Off),Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask and Missha Signature Real BB Cream

From left,Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask,Missha Signature BB Cream and The Face Shop Black Head Nose Clay Mask.

I bought all these items when they are on sale at ebay~So cheap than local price!

I bought this on RubyRuby76 as well as Missha Signature Real BB Cream.
and WHAT THE MOST DISAPPOINTING ME IS THEY ON CHEAT ME!This Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask is USED!Not new as they stated in their page!Arghh..I'm so mad!!I just realizing this today as the foil drop from the bottle cap!That's why when I opened the bottle,all the mask was in awfully looking.I thought it because maybe the postman got turn it all over to make the mask looks awful..but after I saw the foil drop from the bottle cap and that time I realize that the bottle is already opened!!!I fell very mad coz I have leave good feedback to them!I wanna show to other buyer that i've been cheated!!!waaaaaaaaaa!
Its looks like this,

and don't you think the mask is too little??it supposed to be till top of the bottle actually..and yeah.looks how the mask looks around the bottle?i thought it was the postman fault but is their fault!If the foil is unopened,then the mask won't looks like that!

This is from the same buyer,RubyRuby76. I don't know if they are cheating about this too or not but it looks like not.I think this is new,don't know how to check this but yeah..I maybe won't buy here again..So sad and I would forgive them if they give free gift to me as compensation.I don't want the money back but give me something else that I requested.That way,Ill clean their name back.

Anyway,I've tried both of it and for the moisture mask,it if sweet!haha..not only the smell but the taste.I  didn't eat it okay buy that time the mask fall to lips and I wasn't realize it till I lick my lips coz my lip tends to sweet!Original Rose Smell!Like it!It is a wash-off type and don't be like me.While using the mask,I fall asleep and the next morning,the mask was all over my shirt.Because it is sweet,then it tends to be sticky..haha..

For the Missha Signature Real BB Cream,I choose the yellow colour,It does have light beige,yellow beige and pink beige.The pink wasn't available so I choose the yellow one since my skin is not too light but with yellow undertone.I would say the smell is great~!and it stay long too!~But didn't cover my whole break outs.Maybe my breakouts this time is bad,so that's why it doesn't.Maybe?
Anyway,will see the future results if it suits my skin or not.

This is The Face Shop Black Head Nose Clay Mask.As you know,this is the peel off type.I use this once and it hurts so much till I'm crying!!!haha..maybe I put it from my left cheek to right cheek,that's why it hurts so much I think..haha..but the result of peeling,maybe I don't have black heads,only white heads,,so the results is only my facial hair was peel off,that's why it hurts..haha..anyway,gonna try this another 2 weeks..haha...coz it hurts much!You can see another review about this and it really works!~

Till then,thanks for reading!~
P/S : i got three samples..hehe..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gift from Indonesia~!

Hello guys...I just drop by to post something..hehe..coz this products is from Indonesia which I won it in Sarah Azheha'a Blog.I can't really remember which her blog is..sorry..
Anyway,after few months delay from shipping(I don't care bout that much coz she is giving this for free anyway..hehe :D)the products just arrived to my rental house just box is pretty big too..she give me two vitamin E which handmade cream from her auntie's spa and a cute Bali keychain!I'm sure most of you have heard of Bali before..hehe..anyway,here is a snap of it~

erk..sorry for that creepy background...haha..its my google hompage pic..hahaxD.
The Vitamin E btw..

and the keychain or specifically we here called it 'Selipar Jepun'..keke..
anyway,thnx Azheha..i'm sure to try it~!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Adventures In Makeup : Giveaway: Purple Reign

So here's what I came up with:
1-NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Club Mix
1-Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow Palette (that I made):
MUFE Eyeshadow in #116 (top left)
MUFE  Eyeshadow in #9 (top right)
MUFE Eyeshadow in #92 (bottom left)
MUFE Eyeshadow in #160
1-OPI for Sephora Nail Polish in 'Miss Can't Be Wrong'

Aww..Shahada is having another giveaway~!I wonder how many times will she do giveaway a week??haha..she sure is generous!Here,take a look at her fabolous blog and join this giveaway!~Click here~!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cute kitten hairband and bangles from SALSA~

Awww..I actually just back from having short time with my families for two days~!hehe..actually I don't intend to buy both of this but I randomly saw this at AEON Jusco Seremban 2 which I think one of the mall that I used to go when I'm here..hehe...
Recently,that hairband become so popular among students..hehe..but I never seen any in my university start it yet so I'm gonna be the first!Yay~
and the n bangle..its sweet right~??!!
Both of this accessories got sales till April 3rd so grab it fast to those who live in Malaysia..all of them are pretty~!weeexD

P/S ; The beads is actually really looks like a kitten but my camera ruined it!hahaxD

Thnx mom and dad coz sponsoring this for me~!

My love Skin Food Extra Virgin Olive Essence,Skin Food Black Egg Pore Serum and The Face Shop Raspberry Slim&Lift Sleeping Mask reviews~!

From left Skin Food Extra Virgin Olive Essence,TheFaceShop Raspberry Slim&Lift Sleeping Mask and Black Egg Pore Serum.

I haven't try this yet since it just arrived two days ago and I forgot to brought this along with coz I'm out of town.Will edit this back when I try this tonight~!
[Updated]Try this for two night!The smell is awesome!When I first apply it on my face and I would say that it is so cold!haha..makes me refresh from sleepy..haha..anyway,it dried fast too!Although it dried on your face but in the morning when I woke up from my sleep and go to bath,the mask is still there!I mean,it dried and when I wash my face,I can fell some jelly thing on my face..hahaxD. Sorry for the bad explanation.

This Olive Essence for hair is superb~!No wonder it was one of the best seller at Skin Food!My hair become so smooth and it have nicest smell too~It doesn't fell sticky and dried fast too!~Gotta re-purchase this~!

The is black egg from Skin Food is cute right~!???haha..after I said that Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum is not suit me,so I'm buying for another pore serum~!Nice smell~!Will update this when I think it works on me~!
[Updated]Try this for few times already and the good thing about this is it dry so fast!haha..I don't even bother to tap it on my face..I can see my oil on my face is reduced!!weexD

Thats all from my second parcel of Skin Food~
Will do more after lots of it arrives~!Byebye~

Love Mia xoxo

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Its Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum,Tony Moly Backstage Eyeliner in Pink and Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Review!~

The is the Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum that I bought and just arrive today..See the plastic is not even opened yet..hehe..anyway,I'm thinking to sell this because the ingredient does not suits me.If you are interested,please let me know.I'm selling it with the cheapest price!It is unopened,unused and 100% original.
This products is the best seller in Skin Food.The smell is nice too..I got the smell from local stores..
Use : To tighten pores,reduce sebum and prevent acne.Its medical herb.No chemicals..
I wish I could use it because they are so many people who loves it~!awww.sad..sad..

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream.Actually this is not mine.I purchased the new Missha BB Cream which is Missha Signature Real BB Cream.hehe...this is my customer's BB Cream.I ordered for her too..Anyway,I heard this BB Cream is great too!No wonder people keep talking about it everytime..hehe..

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner..since when I do love eyeliner??Don't know...haha..but I've tried this as soon as it I've intend to wear pinky's clothes too that time and I would say that it moves so smooth on my eye!!Loev it!The brush is even better from Etude House Code:B Eyeliner co EH brush used to become hard if the liner is dried on brush..gosh..have to clean it with water everytime but its different from this one..the gel will be never dried up so your brush is easy to clean ans used back..hehe..

Samples!!!OMG!I just bought 3 items and they give me this so much samples!!!Gotta love it!!I already use two of it which Missha's brand really helps my make-ups stay longer!!Love all of it~!!~~

Friday, March 25, 2011

Skin79 Super BB Cream Hot Pink + Tony Moly.The Thing That I Wanted So Much!

Yeay,finally!!After finding this products like crazy,I found some local online sites that sell this with cheaper price!!Wohooo!This Skin79 Super BB Cream(Hot Pink) are really great~!It has some grey undertone..yea..can't deny that but surprisingly it blend well after using it!The cream is thicker that any other BB Cream I used like Etude House Magic BB Cream and Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream.
After using it few times,I like it but now,my skin pop out some pimples after I start using it..hmm..I don't know if its the time to the pimples to pop out but it does not pop out only one but three! right cheek is where the pimples pop out but I really don't want to blame my-ever-wanted BB Cream..awww...but anyway,you can read other opinion too..Maybe this not suit my skin condition...T_T..

This is Tony Moly Lip Tint..oh yeah..I buy this with the same seller..weeexD..coz I see this pictures..

Pretty isn't it!So that's why I wanted to give a try!haha..and is the same!!!lovexD
Here is some swatches from random pictures I got..

I really love it and I got the apple red..hehe..
My lips used to be dry and I always put on vaseline but if my lips is going to wear this together with this wouldn't seems I would use it with my bare lips and the color is great!!yeay!!!Love this!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My SkinFood hauls feat Brown Rice Oil Deep Cleansing Oil Tissue,Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Water Essence Mask Sheet,Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Essence Mask Sheet and Skin Food Shea Butter Foot Mask.

My Skin Food Haul!

Total all in my currency is RM90.50.Gosh,so expensive!!!

Anyway,I like the smell and it works so well too!Let see what I think about this products!

Skin Food Brown Rice Oil Deep Cleansing Oil Tissue.

I bought one for me and one for my friends,coz she want to try it too.She's not a make-up freak like me but recently,she gain some interest in this after watching me had so many and various make-ups!hahaxD

I've tried this tissue as soon as got home to remove my make-ups!Wow,it works well to remove my eye make-ups which is eye liner,eye shadow and mascara!and it leaves your skin shining  and moisturizing!Love the smell!

Re-purchasing : Definitely!

Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Essence Mask Sheet.
This is to controls enlarged pores and excessive sebum with peach extract and sake,Japanese traditional fermented liquor.

Gosh,the picture is really bad.I'm sorry about that.Since I have no camera,I have to use my phone camera and at this time,I was shaking heavily (maybe?).Didn't realize it..
I didn't try this yet...I should wear this last night but I asleep and forgot about it..hehe..too tired maybe later.
[UPDATE]I've tried this mask~!The nice smell covering all my room~!Really~!Even my friend said,wow that was a nice smell..haha..I wear this overnight coz I think it would be a waste if I didn't wear it till it dried..When I woke up in the morning,my feels fresh and moisture ~!And yeah,the whole day,my make-ups didn't melt and it stay all over the day~!wow..

This is Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Water Essence Mask Sheet.
Contains lettuce & cucumber extracts to keep you skin feeling freshly moisturized.
[UPDATE]Just last night I wear this mask...nice..sweet smell too~!I feel refreshing after wearing it~

Shea Butter Foot Mask.
Contains shea butter that delivers rich nourishment and deeply moisturizes dry,cracked feet,leaving skin soft and smooth.

I bought this because I want to have a beautiful feet.I ignore my feet care very much and  I hope this somehow works.

Anyway,this products that i buy only want to test some of Skin Food products.The original one will be after my mom came here.I would beg her to buy more for me.hahaxDok..that's all..see ya!
I have to get back to assignments!hihi..

Love Mia xoxo

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Avon eyeshadow~

Hello there..I am about to post my hauls but since I remembered about my Avon eyeshadow that I buy recently so i post it first..others,maybe later..hehe..
anyway,here is the shadows(I'm really bad at swatching,so I didn't do any.Sorry about that)

I didn't remember this shades name.Coral maybe?
Been wanting Naked Palette but this is all I can afford..teheee...
anyway,tried it once..the color is not bright.Have to put few layers on it layers...
or actually I really sucks at this?? comment bout that.,.hehe..till then..see ya~

My not super good dressing table...0.o

Just recently I joined a contest about dressing table..actually this is not my true dressing table..coz I'm now residing in rental home so my actual dressing table was at home and my true dressing table wasn't as bad as this..haha...
One more,not all the products here are where is mine?hehe
but anyway,thanks to my friend who help me to organize all products here..


OH MY!How many colors is there???!!Count..count..wuahhh..I must be dreaming to see all these wonderful colors on theses palette!Gosh...must be thousands of people is competing against this awesome palette!Chance of winning.......0.1%..O.o..but never mind,I'll keep trying~Click here~

All The Pretty Things : Awesome Giveaway Ever

Yes,as the title said,awesome giveaway ever!She surely does because of the MAC products that she ordered!superb..having MAC is like a dream to me...wish I could but for myself but I can't.Anyway,move one to the giveaway.

 mac full sized pigments in vanilla and moonlight night
2  mac lipsticks in mac red and kinda sexy
1 mac prep and prime skin brightening serum
5 mac eyeshadows in typographic, purplehaze, expensive pink, chrome yellow, and aquadisiac.

and just because  I thought it was adorable a swarovski hello kitty couture pop from in the watermelon flavor.

She said that she already ordered the goodies..awwww..want to have this so much!Enter here muchas!

All Made Up : Giveaway

Its been a long time since I entered any giveaway.*sigh* maybe because of bad luck coz I never win any but enter so many,.haha..but anyway,actually I enjoy this coz I can know more about other blogs,know new products/brand,watching tutorial and doing reviews too!
Anyway,here is the last chance to enter this giveaway,

She have some of rules to follow so make sure you read all and enter here~!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hey princess~!

I got so boring at this time though although I got three test tomorrow..urgghhhh..
but anyway recently,my favorite brand is start to change.awwwwww....maybe i read to much reviews!hahaah..what should I do??hehe..coz yeah..Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream wasn't really works on me because it is too light!my skin is yellowish type but that one is so white!makes my face looks pale..erm..but I have to finish it anyway..T_T ( its expensive here than in Korea,thats why I have to finish it..)
hurm..actaully I have lots of products to review coz recently i bought a lot of make-ups and skincare!!!hahahahh..and some really works on my skin!yipeeeee~!anyway,i'll go to town this weekend to view a popular Korean brand shop..heheh..I wouldn't buy any(maybe?)coz i wanted to look at the price first and ask my mom to buy that for me instead of using my own money..heheheheheeh..(evil laugh)..anyway,got to go..just drop by to see my new background..heheheh..bubbye~

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unexpected hauls : Etude House Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam,Code : B eyeliner,2NE1 Follow Me Magic Lipstick,Peach House Sponge and O2 White Mask.

Hey there folks~!It is night here at this time in my place..Just thinking of blogging something and yeah,I remember about the last few weeks Etude House hauls that I bought.~Her it is!

Sorry for the unclear pic since I took it using my phone and undeniable too much lights.The real packaging sure looks more good that this..

Park Shin Hye wearing this~!Wahhhh..So pretty!~

This is how the eye liner should be wear to look the same with Park Shin Hye~


The canister..

Inside the canister.hehe..I've used this once actually~

This is Code:B Strong Eyes Cream Liner.It is one of my list to shop at Etude House that day.Been wanting this for a long time.

1- Got sparkling after using the eyeliner.
2 -  perfect glitter black!
3 - include nice/smooth brush.
4 - nice packaging,cute~!
5 -  Hard to remove with cold water.

The poorness :
1 -  My eyelid tends to be oilier and my country is hot too so some parts of the color disappear after few hours.

But I think I will re-purchasing it after I got pro in eyeliner thingy(this is my first try-will improve more)

Oh,its CL from 2NE1!I took hers..hehe ^_^

The box got CL figure!

It's mine~!

This is Follow Me Magic Lipstick~
A line from new Etude House spokegroup, 2NE1(A Korean girl group under YG Entertainment).
For sure,I'm a fan of 2NE1 but never though that this was under CL picture on it..can recognize it for sure..!

Anyway,this is not in my list.haha...there are only two thing I wanna buy that time but ending up with some stuff that not even in the list..keke..

Goodness :
1 - Change color based on temperature(that salesgirl told me that).Sometimes it can be so hot pink and sometimes it would be just nice pink..~like 'em
2 - Moisture your lips even after few hours(coz my country is HOT!)
3 - Nice packaging and do not melt in hot weather.
4 -  Watermelon-like taste.

Not so good :
For this time,no.hehe..I like everything bout it!

Re-purchase : OF COURSE!

This is Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam : Super Berry Mix.One stuff that not in the list too!haha..
Currently using it..hehe..great..Its like scrub.

Goodness :
1 -  A very nice smell~!
2 - Cleanse my face.Smoothen little bit..

Not so good :
Hmm..can't think any..=)

This is Etude House O2 White Mask Sheet.Got promotion for this actually.Buy three got discount,so I give it a try.Good,like the smell for sure..whitens my skin!

Goodness : 
1 - Whiten and smoothen my skin after wearing it.
2 - Got nice smell.
3 - Refreshing!
4 -  Whitens my skin(I see my skin become lighter after wearing this)

Not so good : 
1 - Did not fit my face..a little bit large around forehead and jaws.

Re-purchasing : Not sure..but I will try TheFaceShop mask first coz I heard its good!

Peach House Sponge.Err...actually I didn't take this sponge but after the cashier said that I need to add a little money to got one more sticker than I just bought this BUT it is really good!!!!So soft!

Goodness : 
1 - Soft and easier to hold
2 - Can be used for any make-ups(I use this for my blusher,the one that I review before,Angel Kiss)
3 - Light and easier to bring along.

Not so good : Nothing!

Re-purchasing : OF COURSE!

That's all I think,hehe..gosh..bought too many..need to get over food for this..haha..
next hint..hint..I will do review from Etude House again or another brand after I got the stuff!Ja~!Thnx for reading~!I love comments~

Love Mia xoxo

Secrets Behind The Closet Door : 250 Followers Giveaway

1st Prize

Pink Make Up Bag
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter (mini)
Soap & Glory Hand Food (mini)
Soap & Glory Clean On Me (Mini)
MUA Lipgloss shade 5
MUA Liquid Eyeliner shade 5
MUA Nail Varnish shade 5
MUA Pearl Eyeshadow shade 11
BeautyUK Bronzing Palette
Sleek Primer Palette

2nd Prize

Kiss Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit
Broadway Nails Diva Glue On Nails in Pink

Such a nice pinky giveaway.Hehe..i'm interested in joining this because of the nice gift that she wanna gave..good luck to me and you too~!
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