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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unexpected hauls : Etude House Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam,Code : B eyeliner,2NE1 Follow Me Magic Lipstick,Peach House Sponge and O2 White Mask.

Hey there folks~!It is night here at this time in my place..Just thinking of blogging something and yeah,I remember about the last few weeks Etude House hauls that I bought.~Her it is!

Sorry for the unclear pic since I took it using my phone and undeniable too much lights.The real packaging sure looks more good that this..

Park Shin Hye wearing this~!Wahhhh..So pretty!~

This is how the eye liner should be wear to look the same with Park Shin Hye~


The canister..

Inside the canister.hehe..I've used this once actually~

This is Code:B Strong Eyes Cream Liner.It is one of my list to shop at Etude House that day.Been wanting this for a long time.

1- Got sparkling after using the eyeliner.
2 -  perfect glitter black!
3 - include nice/smooth brush.
4 - nice packaging,cute~!
5 -  Hard to remove with cold water.

The poorness :
1 -  My eyelid tends to be oilier and my country is hot too so some parts of the color disappear after few hours.

But I think I will re-purchasing it after I got pro in eyeliner thingy(this is my first try-will improve more)

Oh,its CL from 2NE1!I took hers..hehe ^_^

The box got CL figure!

It's mine~!

This is Follow Me Magic Lipstick~
A line from new Etude House spokegroup, 2NE1(A Korean girl group under YG Entertainment).
For sure,I'm a fan of 2NE1 but never though that this was under CL picture on it..can recognize it for sure..!

Anyway,this is not in my list.haha...there are only two thing I wanna buy that time but ending up with some stuff that not even in the list..keke..

Goodness :
1 - Change color based on temperature(that salesgirl told me that).Sometimes it can be so hot pink and sometimes it would be just nice pink..~like 'em
2 - Moisture your lips even after few hours(coz my country is HOT!)
3 - Nice packaging and do not melt in hot weather.
4 -  Watermelon-like taste.

Not so good :
For this time,no.hehe..I like everything bout it!

Re-purchase : OF COURSE!

This is Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam : Super Berry Mix.One stuff that not in the list too!haha..
Currently using it..hehe..great..Its like scrub.

Goodness :
1 -  A very nice smell~!
2 - Cleanse my face.Smoothen little bit..

Not so good :
Hmm..can't think any..=)

This is Etude House O2 White Mask Sheet.Got promotion for this actually.Buy three got discount,so I give it a try.Good,like the smell for sure..whitens my skin!

Goodness : 
1 - Whiten and smoothen my skin after wearing it.
2 - Got nice smell.
3 - Refreshing!
4 -  Whitens my skin(I see my skin become lighter after wearing this)

Not so good : 
1 - Did not fit my face..a little bit large around forehead and jaws.

Re-purchasing : Not sure..but I will try TheFaceShop mask first coz I heard its good!

Peach House Sponge.Err...actually I didn't take this sponge but after the cashier said that I need to add a little money to got one more sticker than I just bought this BUT it is really good!!!!So soft!

Goodness : 
1 - Soft and easier to hold
2 - Can be used for any make-ups(I use this for my blusher,the one that I review before,Angel Kiss)
3 - Light and easier to bring along.

Not so good : Nothing!

Re-purchasing : OF COURSE!

That's all I think,hehe..gosh..bought too many..need to get over food for this..haha..
next hint..hint..I will do review from Etude House again or another brand after I got the stuff!Ja~!Thnx for reading~!I love comments~

Love Mia xoxo


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