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Saturday, October 31, 2015

[TUTORIAL] How to Shop at Testerkorea

I received so many requests on "how to shop at testerkorea" so I made this tutorial with pictures to help you guys. Believe me, it's not hard at all :D

Please note that the website doesn't provide automatic currency change so you just have to use converter to convert the website currency to your preferred currency. However, the converter sometimes can't be trusted since currency do change frequently. 

The amount would not be that far if you ever used the online converter (it is only about +/- RM15) from the amount that you convert.

 The pictures here looks small but do click on each picture to view the larger size.


 First, go to


Click the top left "Hello Guest Log On" button to register an account or to log in to your existing account.



You will be directed to this page after clicking the "Hello Guest Log On" button.


Click the register button if you don't have an existing account.

 If you do have an existing account, feel free to log in to your account in the returning customer section by filling in login email and password and click log on.

In this tutorial, I assumed that you don't have an existing account so please go to the next step.


You will be shown this registration page after clicking the "Register" button on the previous step.

Fill in your details as per required and click " Registrate"

After clicking the "Registrate" button, you're done in registering and you can shop now!

There's no confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail so you don't have to worry about the account confirmation before you can start shopping. So let's shop now.


After registering, you will be directed back to the homepage.

The highlight red box that I did is the menu where you can choose any section you preferred.

Sample Shop - where you can see the samples that available to buy. 
Beauty - All beauty products are here. From perfume, face makeup, skincare, beauty tools, body care etc.
Fashion/ Accessory - Handbags, accessories, fashion items.
Food/Etc - Varieties of things here, food, neck strap, essential oil etc.
Event - Product on sale. This is a must check section as you can get some of the bestsellers on sale!
Wants - Products that are requested by the customer in the forum.
Brand - All the products brands listed numbered/alphabetically


So let's say I clicked on the "Beauty" menu, I will be directed to this page. 

The left red highlight box is the sub menu in the "Beauty" section.

Click any sub menu OR just browse through the pages.


Here I clicked on "Make-Up" sub menu but you're free to choose any that you want.

1) I clicked on the "Make-Up" menu on the left and the page shows all the make up products.
2) Let's say I wanted to buy this item, MEMEBOX Make up 5 items set, so I clicked on the picture.


After you're directed to this page;

1) Choose an option.
2) Choose a quantity.
3) Add to cart.

There will be a little green box of the bottom right you'll see saying that the product is successfully add to the cart. You may do so to other products until you finished choosing the product that you want and then you go to the next step.


After finished adding your items, click the "Sub-total ..... Shopping Cart"


After clicking, there will be a hover where you can choose "Go to cart" or "Checkout". I advised you to "Go to Cart" first because the "Checkout" button does not work on me so I don't recommend that.


1) Check your order.
2) After confirming the products, click the "Checkout" button.


Fill up your billing details. Usually my billing address and shipping address is the same. I advised you put the same as well not to get confused.


In the shipping address section, if you want your billing address to be the same with your shipping address, then click the green button.

But if you want to choose another shipping address, then fill up the details again and click "Continue"


Choose any of your preferred shipping method.

DHL or Registered Air Mail or K-Packet or EMS or Air Parcel.

My top two is usually Registered Air Mail or K-Packet because it was way cheaper than others. Carefully read the details at the bottom so you can choose suitable service according to your preference.

Shipping fee varies with the weight of your products. So don't be shocked if the amount isn't the same every time you add products or remove products.

Click one option and then click "Continue"


Choose any of your preferred payment channel. 

Paypal - You have to had a Paypal account. Go register if you don't have one. Once you have a Paypal account, you can never turn back (I mean from shopping, lol)

Qiwi, Sofort, IDEAL, Alipay, Tenpay, Unionpay - I never used this so if you have any of this account, feel free to choose.

VISA, MasterCard, JCB - If you have any of these account linked to your bank, then feel free to choose this.

I usually used Paypal because I myself don't have credit card. Paypal can both accept credit card and debit card so it's great for me.  Else, they had a buyer protection which you can file for refund, etc.


I selected Paypal here so there will be a Paypal menu shown at the bottom. Choose one of your preferred currency, US dollar or Thai Baht. 

I can say that I have used both. Just see which currency is the cheapest when converting to your currency on the day.

Then click "Continue"


Check your order and click "CONFIRM"


Since I choose Paypal so I was directed to Paypal page. 
Choose to log in to Paypal account OR Pay with credit card or debit card.

After that, click CONFIRM and you're done!

Then you will be directed to testerkorea page to see that you have successfully paid for your order.


You could cancel your order at this stage by clicking Cancel and returns to TESTERKOREA.

Now you're done shopping. 

If you would like to know on how to go to the forum or have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Thank you and have a good day! I'm in the middle of my final exam so do pray for me :D


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