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Sunday, October 11, 2015

[REVIEW] Bourjois Nude Sensation Blur Effect Foundation & Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara

Hey guys!
Well, it's been sometime isn't it? Anyway, I'll be reviewing this two Bourjois products that have been sent to me by Go check them out as I'm one of the contributor there :)

This is my first time trying Bourjois products that I've heard a lot about them, both postitive and negative, so what say me?

The first item is this Nude Sensation Blue Effect Foundation. My first impression, oh, this is so cute and the colour might suit me well. The colour did and it blends into my skin really well and the texture is really smooth. However, what bothers me is that the foundation blends so well that it did nothing? I know the "blur" word is not like it will do a total coverage however this is almost function like nothing like to cover even a tiny bit. A bit disappointed at that since I'm not sure what's the function of this foundation, lol

The foundation itself is close to oily and it would suit dry skin than my oily skin because my face would totally looks like I dip my face into the oil (okay, exaggerating, however it's close to that). There is a little bit of fragrance as well but it was not too overpowering.

I did try not to blend it so much and it somehow work a little in "blurring" (refer at the bottom for full face picture)

The second item is this Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara. They had another one that is for length too. I choose the volume one since I like my lashes to look more bushy(is this the right word tho?XD)

My first impression is that this mascara gonna do great and it did! I was surprised on how big the wand is because I don't think it will reach all the way to my near-end eyes. It might a bit hard to reach but it wasn't that bad, just need patience. 

The mascara itself doesn't cause any clumps no matter how much I coat my lashes! How amazing is that? I thought it will but it is not. Since the mascara would not clump, it takes me a little more time to make my lashes looks bushy. As I said, it needs patience for the my desired looking lashes.

The mascara claims that it is waterproof and yes it is because the liquid dries into a rubber-like thing so it resist water. However it is really easy to remove.

The mascara feels very light on my lashes however it weigh down my curls. My eyelashes is naturally straight and I usually curls them before applying mascara but using this mascara weigh them down and it turns straight again.

Luckily I didn't have any breakout at this day so my pimples didn't show much however you can spot redness on top of my eyebrow.  This picture is taken like 20 minutes after I finished doing my makeup and look how oily it is...haha. By the way, I'm wearing both of the product mention in this picture.

Overall, the mascara is my favourite but not so much for the foundation. Anyone tries the foundation and what say you?

Thank you for reading :)

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