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Sunday, September 17, 2017

[REVIEW] PACKage Float Mask Bundle & Consolation Mask

Hello guys! 
Sorry I haven't been posting for some time. I've been to Indonesia for my internship for two months so this post kinda delayed about that long. Anyway, I'll be reviewing this mask bundle sent to me by as review purposes. If you didn't know, is a Korean cosmetics online shop that sells particularly Korean cosmetics including Korean skincare and Korean makeup. Check them out because they have over 1000+ products on their site.

They kindly sent me a box of the Float Mask Bundle and three pieces of PACKage Consolation masks which is on of their latest releases (and pssst,..people are lovin' it too!). Previously I've tried the Float face mask and love it so I'm soo excited when they sent me a bunch of PACKage masks :D

So let's start with the consolation mask since I'm most excited by these!

There are three types of the consolation masks which is "Don't Worry - for trouble skin", "Sweet Dream - acne, wrinkles" and "I Love Myself - makeup booster". All of these mask contain 8 Free harmful ingredients. They are pretty much the same with mask fit, which is overall okay however I would like to point out the not wide enough mask. The mask sheet is verryyyy thin which makes it a little tricky to spread it and the essence is quite runny but abundant.

Out of three, I only tried two so far which is "Don't Worry mask" and "I Love Myself mask".

I tried this literally yesterday before wearing makeup and kept my makeup sticks on nicely. There's no scent to the mask however, I find it to be a little sticky once the essence dried. The mask's liquid is is abundant but since it is too liquid-y, it kinds of dripping off everywhere. However, the result is quite nice. I find that my skin does look a little brighter :)

I wore this mask when I had quite a terrible breakout around my cheeks where it hasn't been this irritated for some time and I do find that the mask does lessen the redness and calm the irritation. It does feel a little sticky after the essence dries off.

I leave my unappealing face here then. (Don't Worry mask)

Next is this Float Mask Bundle. In this box, there are 8 Everyday Bouncy - face mask, 8 Melt Me Softly - blackhead nose mask and 1 Monthly New Feet - a feet mask

As you can see, it contains lots of essence until it drips of
Anyway, there's a little mint scent with this blackhead mask and it feels cool on touch. Honestly I'm a bit skeptical about this blackhead mask since blackhead, you know, is kinda hard to disappear with only a mask, although I don't have that many but I can still see the blackhead after I'm done with the mask but nevertheless, it did brighten my skin which I like. I think this would be great after you extract those things from nose and this would makes your pores smaller.

As I said before, I have tried this mask even before this package and lovin' it. It does feel a little sticky like other PACKage masks and this does have a herbal scent to it. What makes me like it so much is that it would make my face appear brighter.

I haven't tried this yet but I'll update once I do.

Anyway, thanks for reading! I'll make sure to update for those two masks I haven't tried yet but so far, I can conclude that PACKage masks is worth to try especially if you like brighter skin (I have dull skin, that's why). It also free from those nasty ingredients in the market and totally safe for your skin.
Give it a try if you haven't!