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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Princess Etoinette Rose Brush and Brush Collection Set

Hi guys! I know Valentine's Day is coming really near and what's your plan on the day? hehe :D
You may want to dress up like a princess on the day for your loved one <3

As I promised, I'll be doing reviews on Princess Etoinette in this holiday so here is the first post!
I don't want to combine all the posts because I find it could be too long. I prefer shorter post because it less heavier to those who might have slower internet connection since I'm going to post lots of heavy photos.

So let's head on to the review!

It is really cute right? :D

The bristles are so soft!Sorry if you didn't saw the rose shape becoz I messed it up to show the bristles to you :)

The pouch are really beautiful!So hime gyaru-ish!kk~

A close up for you. The bristles are the same as the rose brush~

This is the lip gradation I'm talking about previously. It was used to apply lippies product and I said that this is really unique since people used brush type for lip brush but this used sponge type brush.

Etude House Princess Etoinette Rose Brush :  RM47.60
Etude House Princess Etoinette Brush Collection : RM72.80

The first time I used the brushes, I notice the bristles aren't that soft and I could say that it has a scratchy feelings. Aside from that, I noticed some fall outs of the bristles for the first used. I thought I start to dislike them.

But I shouldn't gave up that early so I brush the bristles with my hands to get rid of the possible fall out bristles and the photos you've seen is the after pictures. The fall outs isn't that much but maybe it was the productions fault that leaves the remaining unsticks bristles. 

Then I noticed that brushes are softer after I do remove the unsticks bristles..yeay! It was so smooth so I never had complaints anymore. 

Other than that, one thing that I dislikes about this brushes is the goaty smell since it was made from the goat's hair..Thankfully I had the Etude House brush cleaner which had a very amazing smells like perfume, it removed the goaty's smell of the brushes. Though you might remove the smell with other cleaners too.

To those who might curious about the pink color on top of the brushes, the color won't fade if you wash them so don't worry if you might hate the coloring that could harm your face. It was safe :D

The prices are okay to me since I got discounts for both products :) and I love the princessy designs of the brushes. I absolutely adore pink, laces and ribbons so I definitely couldn't resist something as girly as this..>_<

See how the lip gradation tip is used here :

 Overall I was very satisfied with the brush. Of course you can't compare this brushes to Sigma's since Sigma are more to quality of their brushes(I know they had Sigma Beauty too) whilst Etude House are more to make-up.

Still had more questions to ask? Leave a comment down below of just email me

Thank you for reading!
Much love xoxo


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