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Monday, February 4, 2013

[REVIEW] Peripera Peri's Tint Balm #02 Berry Pink

Hey guys! I somehow can't keep up with my blog much but I still try to post once a week. I probably post more on this Chinese New Year holiday since it was holiday and I got nothing much to do at home aside from xD

So today, I decided to make a short review on this tint balm that I got last year for my trip to KL for the Korean Festival as well as Jung Il Woo fanmeet. I visited the Clio / Peripera booth since they just newly launched in Malaysia. Unfortunately they don't have sales when I went there but you can get these cuties for a discount at Watson for the Spring Festival Sales now!

My first time I saw this packaging for this tint balm, I was like..ohh..2NE1!haha..The drawing styles is just exactly as the 2NE1 album and somehow I know who is the artist behind these work. She is Mari Kim..I guess she kind of popular when she made the 2NE1 album/ MV..but maybe it just me who knows

Anyway, the animation is super cute right!And the artist, Mari Kim looks exactly as this animation!lol..but you bet...she is cute!

(Photos were taken from Mari Kim & Nara Kim facebook)

I love her new styles! Rocking those colored hair and pattern stocking~She looks lovely~

Anyway, let's head on to the review..
The tint balm comes in few colors to choose from. Personally I would love to buy the lippie design but I find the balm without that lippie have the mint feel which I love.

Mine is #02

Sorry, I used this for few times before taking pictures.. >_<

How it looks on my lip..Sorry for messy pic..I'm really bad at taking pictures,, I know TT

The balm is very moisturizing which I really love about it~It has a slight pink tint which I think it kinds of visible in real. That photo might not show the real color because of lighting and such.

I mention that this tint balm have the mint feel right? Yes it is! I thought it was refreshing to have something with minty feel so I choose this to buy although I really want the lippie design. If I'm not mistaken, the lippie one is the tint while the sheer color around it is kind of gloss.

This tint is very very sheer in color so it looks natural for those who might not want to wear lipstick in lazy days..The price is a bit expensive for a lip balm but I don't remember how much I bought this. This is now available in Watson for purchase! Oh I forgot to mention that this tint balm have a  slight berry smell just like the name :D

Thanks for reading!


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