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Sunday, September 15, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil #BR404 #PP501 #RD304

Hello there guys!
I really missed this blog so much! Sorry that I have been inactive since the past weeks ;(

Anyway, you must have known of what review this is. I didn't post about the haul I did yet so maybe later..there are some posts in the drafts I need to complete first..I don't know if I could ever make it..haha

Etude House released this 'And Rose' Make-up collection for the Fall season which I think is highly anticipated because of the promo ads and great make-up line too! I ordered them right away once it is available online..and I actually just received this last week.

Anyway, here is my review of the 3 out of 4 colors that this collection have. Another one is in light yellow color which I'm not really a fan of..

I originally only targeted the red and brown colors at first but since the dust purple color looks like a bit rare so I decided to add the color too! Previously I saw the swatches of colors that Etude House Korea posted on their facebook which I think it doesn't really came out as expected but I'm willing to take the risk. It turned out that the colors was totally different from their swatches as it did came out as I wanted!

Just like the previous Color Pop Drawing Show Creamy Pencil, this pencil liner is very soft and creamy and it is very easy to use :)

The colors are really pigmented as you can see at the above swatches. I do the back hand swatches as well as the eye swatches to show that they work the same and the color came out the same too.

For the waterproofness, I totally forgot to take that picture because I did this review in such a hurry..haha
but the liner is really waterproof to water as it won't disappear from your eye except if you rub them real hard..haha

The packaging is super gorgeous!! Etude House totally rocks this collection with their packaging! And oh, the pencil doesn't have any smell to it..hehe

Oh well, they do had some negatives too..;(

Although the packaging is really pretty but if the liner ever touch the outer packaging or if any dirt get in touch with the pencil, it totally obvious and it won't disappear too as you seen on the close-up photos above.

Another thing is because they're not twist up auto eyeliner, you have to sharpen them using a sharpener..since the liner is really soft, it will be another huge mess when I sharpen them..of course it does not happen yet but just take the example of the other drawing show does happen to me..

And to add some spice, Etude House does not provide the tiny sharpener which they do for some of their products. It will be a disadvantage for me to line up my eye as thin as I could because it is not gonna happen when the tip goes flat..

Though the pencil liner had some ups and down but I still like it..and it's all thanks to the packaging and to the colors as well :D

I rate them ;

So have you tried them?


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