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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House &Rose Flowering Eyes

Hola guys~~
Finally the part.3 of the Rose Collection by Etude House. Doing a three days straight of blog posts is really tiring..but because of you readers, I'm willing to tire myself out..haha

This palette is the final one that I more..
time to save money for other

You may actually see that the palette looks really big in picture but in real, it is really small about 
5.2cm x 15cm. I'm actually pretty surprised when I saw a small box arrived in my mailbox..coz it looks really small..haha

 Just how cute the lace is?

I love the sponge applicator because it took good amount of product and work well for applying shadows :)

I actually wanted to show the shimmery eyeshadows between flash on and flash off picture. It would be more obvious if you click the photo for larger view. :D

Every of the eyeshadows has its name :D
Personally I like Blossom, Petal, Gloomy, Poison and Falling the most! Other colors are a great companion to there colors I mentioned.

The above picture is one time swatch and the below one is few swatches to show the color. The eyeshadows are really pigmented except for the subtle colors like Fade and Petal.

Below are the close-up palette and swatches! :D

From left : Blossom, Petal, Gloomy and Poison.
From left : Innocent, Delight, Pure, Romance
From left : Falling, Fade

Gosh, I can never get tired of complimenting this entire collection. The packaging are just too cute and pretty!I really don't wanna touch or ruin this collection ever..haha(but it's not good to leave it until it expires)

I wanted to show my imitation of Sulli's makeup from the "Rose" promo ads but since I don't make it so I just review this as usual. Hopefully I be able to do them later and update this post :D

I had a tons of positives reviews for this palette. The colors are really beautiful which suits their theme "Rose"
The swatches in photos came out exactly like that and it compliments each other in terms of creating a romantic look or you can even go for natural or mystery :)

The texture of the shadows are really soft. I don't even press too hard to get the pigmented shadows. Since I don't really wear eyeshadow on daily basis, I think I'm more to natural look person which don't need much pigmentation for my eyeshadow colors.

To compare the price, about RM78 excluding shipping with a total 10 colors in a palette, it is a worthy purchase.Though it is still not that cheap in my perspective considering I'm now a student, I think I don't regret on spending a lot for this.

I saw many people hate to use the applicator the most but for me, I used every applicator given in every palette I bought because most of them works great on me. Maybe a lot of users wanted a precise application so they prefer to use different types of brush and since I'm not too diligent in terms of precision, that won't matters as long as it looks good..haha
The applicator is really soft and grab a nice color of shadows to apply :)

The packaging is really slim and small so I think it's nice for travel. I'm not really sure if the eyeshadows can be detachable as I think it can't be detachable from the palette.

The palette also had a negative, for example, the color "Pure" is very shimmery which cause a lot of fallouts. I sometimes use this color to underline the waterline or at the corner of the eye to give effect of larger eyes but since it is easily fallout, I had to wipe the fallouts. The other shimmery colors doesn't cause this problem.

Overall, I don't have much complaints to this palette because it is beautiful and great for a different look!
So I rate this as ;

Thank you for reading :D


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