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Sunday, September 29, 2013

[REVIEW] Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint in #Seoul

Hello guys!
Today, I'm going to review another lip products which I got together with the Etude House Rose collection. I just love collecting and trying new lip products so I can't resist to include this too!

The colors that available :D

I choose "Seoul" because it looks like it has a hint of pink which is not too bright compared to "London"..but it turns out that "Seoul" is actually a light red in color..;( 

The first time I saw this tint was from a Korean beauty blogger and I knew straight away that I need to get this. The color swatches are very pretty so I think this would look good on me :D

So I tried to search for this from a few online shops but it is nowhere to be found. Some websites listed them as sold out so I had to put this in my wishlist. Then I tried requesting this from testerkorea to add this in the list and they do! 

 I only bought one color because I only wanted to test it first and it turn out that I really like this tint.
The color is very pretty although it does not turn out as I expected. Blame the swatches poster >3<
The color for "Seoul" is a nice light peachy-red. It is not too bright and it shows up nicely on lips. (Even my friend, for the first time she said that my lip color looks nice!lol)

Second, the texture. Since the name of this tint is coating which usually referred to glossy type of tint, I thought it would be similar to a gloss in texture but it does not. It is non-sticky and very light on lips.

Third, I love the way that it gives moisture to my lips and makes it looks plumpier. The tint lasts about 3-4 hours on me.

The slanted furry applicator makes the application of the tint precise and easy. The furry applicator is really soft and took a good amount of product to apply.

The tint has a noticeable smell which is not too strong. It smells like a cake!I don't know which cake should I say but this do smell delicious!lol (and I actually do try licking them and it tastes sweet..kkk)

First, of course, the color does not turn out like in the poster.The poster shows more pigmented color and "Seoul" supposed to be a fushcia-pink in color but the real color is more to light peachy-red which I consider too far away from promo poster.

Second, the tint would not leave any traces of color after drink/eat. Tint usually leaves a hint of color if I do drink/eat but this does not. I did not consider this as a bad thing coz sometimes, I prefer them not to leave any because it would be easier to re-apply without looking messy..haha

I should say that the negatives actually is not that bad. The positives of this products already covered them up and that's why I like this tint. The most thing I liked for this tint is of course the smell!haha..
I can't get enough of nice-smelling products because it gives me a happy mood..:D

I rate this ;

Thank you for reading ~
If you have any questions, let me know :)


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