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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Kbeauty Package from Blue Scandal - Dr.Jart, It's Skin, Shara Shara

Hi guys! 2 weeks ago, a package from arrived and all the products are personally chosen by me! Blue Scandal is a Western online shop which sells various of beauty brands and fragrance both Western and Asian beauty products! They have tons of brands you can choose from and they shipped internationally!!

Just recently they decided to add Korean Beauty Brands into their store and the number is still increasing. Some brands that you might be familiar with are Clio Professional, It's Skin, Peripera, Tony Moly and more!

Check out their website at to view more of the popular brands!

Their representative asked me to choose a few products that I might interested to try from their website and I saw foot mask by Shara Shara and right away said that I need to try this! Korean foot mask are no joke, most of it works great and I can't wait to try it! 

Price : $10.00               Link : HERE

I chose this mask as the complimentary of the peeling foot mask because I'll need moisture after all that peeling right? This would be a great combination to the Shara Shara Foot Peeling Mask!

Price : $3.96               Link : HERE

I honestly just picked this randomly. Dr.Jart has been popular by it's versatile and great coverage BB cream and this looks tempting especially it's everything an acne-prone skin people are looking for. I'm currently on a different skin regime so maybe I'll try this later after I'm done with my current skincare.

Price : $31.50               Link : HERE

This macaron lip balm by It's Skin is unavoidable. Just look at the packaging! How cute is that?! This lip balm has been in kbeauty field for sometime but I haven't got any chance to try it out. I choose grape flavour and yes, it does smell like a grape! <3

Price : $9.68               Link : HERE

This kind of cute lip patch has been popularized by brands like Etude House and I really want to try it at least once. Previously, I did try to purchase them however, it is one time use and I thought it would be a waste so I took this chance to try it! You'll be expecting me with this on instagram later..haha

Price : $4.00               Link : HERE

This is a new lipstick collection from It's Skin. There are also BB cream, concealer and more in this series and I thought High Glossy Lipstick sounds so appealing to me. I choose the Coral color in No.6 and they're super glossy and pigmented! You can imagine on how soft the lipstick is as it glides so smoothly on my lip.

Price : $17.60               Link : HERE

I'll be doing separate reviews of them later so make sure to check it out!

For now, visit;


Thursday, November 26, 2015

[REVIEW] Aritaum Honey Melting Tint

This review is sponsored by insta : @personal_shopper_4u in the color "Coral Candy" . I had the "Strawberry Chips" color with me for a long time so I thought, why not combine both review.

@personal_shopper_4u is a Malaysian online shop that sells a wide range of korean skincare and make up which is directly imported from Korea. They do have both ready stocks and pre-order items.
Do visit their insta shop or blog at to see lists of products that you can order.

This tint is released last year I guess and it was quite a raved back then. Aritaum lippes are never disappointing in terms of colors since the had a huge range of colors every time they released a lip product and they smell sooo good! I had the Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint which I reviewed it last two years HERE and it smells like a cake!haha

It's a minimalist packaging and the cap represent the colors of the lip product.

Had to re-take this picture for so many times coz it won't stay still..haha XD

Swatches on my hand with flash on. It does represent the true color of the product.

Candy Coral is an orange-red in color when applied on my lips and it was more orange than coral whereas Strawberry Chips is a pink color, as you can see.

I could say that my first impression of this tint is that, this is not a tint. It is more like a lipstick balm (is that a term?). The texture isn't as "melting" as I'd imagined because I thought it will be glossy and moisturizing, kinda.

Another reason why I did say that is because when applying the lipstick on lip, it cause tugging especially on dry lips. I tried applying lip balm before applying this lipstick and it does make a huge different in terms of texture however the color would not be as pigmented as if you're applying on dry lip because the balm texture may interfere a bit with building the color. It's best if you just apply a little bit of lip balm, not too much before applying this lipstick.

One thing that I realize is when you have dry lip, as I'm building the color, it gradually became more moisturised and there is no more tugging. This happen maybe because the lipstick itself is actually quite moisturising but it was thicker than any normal lip balm. There's a candy like smell of the product but it'll disappear in seconds after it was applied onto the lips.

The coverage is quite good as it cover the true color of my lip. From the swatches, it looks like it will turn transparent but it builds up well on my lips. The color will easily disappear when eat or drink and it'll leave a trace of color when it is not properly cleaned.

In summary, it is moisturizing, highly pigmented and suits for any kind of skin color since the color is not too bright. I love this tint and if you would like to get it, make sure to check out @personal_shopper_4u on instagram. They have both ready stock and pre-order items :D

Thank you for reading :)

Monday, November 16, 2015

[REVIEW] Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence [Rich]

Hey guys! I miss blogging so much and now I'm on my semester break so I'll be reviewing tons of products! I also held a GIVEAWAY that I posted on my instagram special for my US readers! I haven't got the chance to announce it on my blog but please do wait for the post. The giveaway is so simple and I'll be posting it soon!

So I'll be reviewing this essence which have been my top favourite in this month which have save me a lot! I'm currently in a new skincare regime which I'll be revealing it later and it dried out my skin so much that it peels off for a few days in the first week.

This essence claims ; "this rich moisture essence, formulated with sparkling thermal water, delivers abundant minerals and moisture deep into your skin while providing a perfect solution for sleekness, brightness and elasticity simultaneously"

 It came in 70g in size with 5 free system; paraben, animal ingredients, mineral oil, colorants, imidazolydinyl urea free.

It came in this pump/spray(?) type.

Thermal water content (65.5%)!!

Honestly, I was surprised! I didn't know that the essence would be in a pump/spray type which forms foamy essence. Initially I just bought it because I was interested in the "sparkling" trend thing and this [rich] version have been on the W2Beauty homepage under the recommended products so I thought, why not try this.

At first, as I expected, the essence is so rich and moisturising and I thought it might not suit me for everyday wear since I had an oily skin. However, after I started on my new regime, it is my huge savior now. My skin isn't so dry as it was now compared to the first week I started the regime but this product doesn't feel heavy on the skin now and it doesn't make my skin oily at all.

The moisture just absorbs to my skin and moisturised it very well. In the first week of me trying my new skincare regime, I notice that the products made my skin peel off around my mouth area and I apply this essence and it does protect my skin from getting any drier. I was having a date with my friends on that week and it would be troublesome if the skin flakes shows on me so this has been a huge help to me. It does retain moisture for a long time and it hides my flaky skin very well. 

This essence also claims on brightens the skin but I didn't notice any changes in that because though the foam looks white but it absorbs in clear color so I'm not so sure on the brightening part. For the scent, I guess Innisfree does have quite similar scent in their products but it was not overwhelming. The scent is nice and it will fade off later on.

Overall, I really recommend this essence for everyone to try especially those who have dry skin. For oily skin, you might want to try the original version of this since this essence is the richer type.

You can get this product from

Thank you for reading :)