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Thursday, November 26, 2015

[REVIEW] Aritaum Honey Melting Tint

This review is sponsored by insta : @personal_shopper_4u in the color "Coral Candy" . I had the "Strawberry Chips" color with me for a long time so I thought, why not combine both review.

@personal_shopper_4u is a Malaysian online shop that sells a wide range of korean skincare and make up which is directly imported from Korea. They do have both ready stocks and pre-order items.
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This tint is released last year I guess and it was quite a raved back then. Aritaum lippes are never disappointing in terms of colors since the had a huge range of colors every time they released a lip product and they smell sooo good! I had the Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint which I reviewed it last two years HERE and it smells like a cake!haha

It's a minimalist packaging and the cap represent the colors of the lip product.

Had to re-take this picture for so many times coz it won't stay still..haha XD

Swatches on my hand with flash on. It does represent the true color of the product.

Candy Coral is an orange-red in color when applied on my lips and it was more orange than coral whereas Strawberry Chips is a pink color, as you can see.

I could say that my first impression of this tint is that, this is not a tint. It is more like a lipstick balm (is that a term?). The texture isn't as "melting" as I'd imagined because I thought it will be glossy and moisturizing, kinda.

Another reason why I did say that is because when applying the lipstick on lip, it cause tugging especially on dry lips. I tried applying lip balm before applying this lipstick and it does make a huge different in terms of texture however the color would not be as pigmented as if you're applying on dry lip because the balm texture may interfere a bit with building the color. It's best if you just apply a little bit of lip balm, not too much before applying this lipstick.

One thing that I realize is when you have dry lip, as I'm building the color, it gradually became more moisturised and there is no more tugging. This happen maybe because the lipstick itself is actually quite moisturising but it was thicker than any normal lip balm. There's a candy like smell of the product but it'll disappear in seconds after it was applied onto the lips.

The coverage is quite good as it cover the true color of my lip. From the swatches, it looks like it will turn transparent but it builds up well on my lips. The color will easily disappear when eat or drink and it'll leave a trace of color when it is not properly cleaned.

In summary, it is moisturizing, highly pigmented and suits for any kind of skin color since the color is not too bright. I love this tint and if you would like to get it, make sure to check out @personal_shopper_4u on instagram. They have both ready stock and pre-order items :D

Thank you for reading :)


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