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Monday, November 16, 2015

[REVIEW] Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence [Rich]

Hey guys! I miss blogging so much and now I'm on my semester break so I'll be reviewing tons of products! I also held a GIVEAWAY that I posted on my instagram special for my US readers! I haven't got the chance to announce it on my blog but please do wait for the post. The giveaway is so simple and I'll be posting it soon!

So I'll be reviewing this essence which have been my top favourite in this month which have save me a lot! I'm currently in a new skincare regime which I'll be revealing it later and it dried out my skin so much that it peels off for a few days in the first week.

This essence claims ; "this rich moisture essence, formulated with sparkling thermal water, delivers abundant minerals and moisture deep into your skin while providing a perfect solution for sleekness, brightness and elasticity simultaneously"

 It came in 70g in size with 5 free system; paraben, animal ingredients, mineral oil, colorants, imidazolydinyl urea free.

It came in this pump/spray(?) type.

Thermal water content (65.5%)!!

Honestly, I was surprised! I didn't know that the essence would be in a pump/spray type which forms foamy essence. Initially I just bought it because I was interested in the "sparkling" trend thing and this [rich] version have been on the W2Beauty homepage under the recommended products so I thought, why not try this.

At first, as I expected, the essence is so rich and moisturising and I thought it might not suit me for everyday wear since I had an oily skin. However, after I started on my new regime, it is my huge savior now. My skin isn't so dry as it was now compared to the first week I started the regime but this product doesn't feel heavy on the skin now and it doesn't make my skin oily at all.

The moisture just absorbs to my skin and moisturised it very well. In the first week of me trying my new skincare regime, I notice that the products made my skin peel off around my mouth area and I apply this essence and it does protect my skin from getting any drier. I was having a date with my friends on that week and it would be troublesome if the skin flakes shows on me so this has been a huge help to me. It does retain moisture for a long time and it hides my flaky skin very well. 

This essence also claims on brightens the skin but I didn't notice any changes in that because though the foam looks white but it absorbs in clear color so I'm not so sure on the brightening part. For the scent, I guess Innisfree does have quite similar scent in their products but it was not overwhelming. The scent is nice and it will fade off later on.

Overall, I really recommend this essence for everyone to try especially those who have dry skin. For oily skin, you might want to try the original version of this since this essence is the richer type.

You can get this product from

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