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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

[REVIEW] VIVANTSKINCARE, for acne skin and rosacea safe

I always trusted dermatologist since they knew better about the skin more than me myself. So last 2-3 months, a representative from VivantSkincare would like me to review their skincare line and I leave up all the products choosing to them after I said that my skin is oily, dull, rough and a little red on cheeks. Although it might be hard to actually imagine that in reality without some photos of me without makeup, they decided to sent me this skincare products that is rosacea safe.

A little bit about VivantSkincare,
"Founded in 1990 in California by the late Dr. James E. Fulton, Jr., M.D., Ph.D., co-developer of Retin-A®, and his wife Sara Fulton, Vivant Skin Care is a clinical skin care line rooted in Fulton’s patented vitamin A therapies. The line was inspired by Dr. Fulton’s personal struggle with acne and life-long study of and research in skin care. The resulting 35 + formulations comprise our skin care products designed to treat skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation and aged skin.
Vivant Skin Care’s products successfully treat resistant skin conditions found in ethnic skin types such as hyperpigmentation (melasma) and acne, giving them a natural acceptability rate in the Latin American and Caribbean marketplaces. An estimated 45-50 million women worldwide live with melasma, a condition that presents itself as unattractive brown patches or uneven skin color. The Vivant Skin Care line provides a non-surgical alternative to achieving even and clear skin."

The products consist of VS Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Wash, VS 3% Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Toner and VS Rejuv Rx Peptide Concentrate. The VS Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser were sent as a complimentary since they read a post of mine where I said that I'm obsessed with Green Tea so they sent me one! :D They asked me to try all of these products for at least 30 days and dropping all the other products which I did as per asked.

The two cleansers. The cleansers can be used all over the body :D

The toner words are rubbed of the bottle since I used it a lot.

The cleanser came in this convenient packaging.

The green tea had green color tint and the mandelic acid wash had an orange tint to it.


It is formulated to dissolve oil, dirt and make up while preserving the skin's natiral acid mantle. Great for all skin types including rosacea.

The first step in the skincare steps. I mostly alternate this cleanser with the mandelic acid wash for the first step.

Water as the first ingredient followed by Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, a cleansing agent. This cleanser contain Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Fragrance and colorant (Blue 1, Yellow 5). Honestly, I'm not a fan of the colorants since the color stains my pore brush.

This cleanser does clean my skin very well and after cleansing, there is a "film" feel on the skin which is should be remove by the Mandelic Acid toner in the next step.

I like that it cleanse very well however, I have to watch out for the amount that I used every time since this would cause my skin to peel off especially in the mouth area. It also leaves the skin quite dry after cleansing.

MANDELIC ACID 3-in-1 WASH - $31.00, here.

This unique face and body wash helps suppress acne bacteria and restrains the formation of Melanin that causes blotchy pigmentation. Helps prevent ingrown hairs.

I used this alternately with the Green Tea Antioxidant Wash for the first step in skincare. Can also be used as shampoo on scalp to control dandruff and acne.

Contain Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Fragrance and Colorants (Red 36). Same opinion with the Green Tea cleanser.

Surprisingly this cleanser doesn't cause me peeling off around the mouth like the Green Tea cleanser does. It does leave a "film" on the surface of the skin after washing. By the way, the "film" cause tightening feels on the skin.

I like the fact that it cleanse well although the color stain my pore brush. Does leave the skin feels a little dry after washing.

3% MANDELIC ACID 3-in-1 TONER - $44.00, here.

It refines the surface of the skin and penetrate deep into pores to remove dirt, oil, makeup, and pore-clogging dead skin cells. It suppresses acne bacteria, lifts of hyper pigmentation and stimulates new collagen production.

Second step in the skincare.

Key ingredients are Witch Hazel and Mandelic Acid.

It does sting my skin when I applied it to the skin. Probably because of the Witch Hazel ingredient since that ingredient do sting my skin but it doesn't do harm like increase the redness. Once, I may have applied this near to my eyes and it stings my eye so I asked for an advice from the director, Susan about that and she said it probably because of the evaporation of the product. Regarding the sting feel on the skin, she said it maybe prior to the skincare that I've used before I started this regime. It also shows that the product is working in exfoliating the skin so that Rejuv Rx can penetrate the skin.

My skin is quite supple after using this toner. It does feel like it removes the "film" created by the cleansers.


This silky peptide serum helps enhance firmness and elasticity as well as prevent future signs of aging. Smoothes lines around mouth, eyes and forehead. Also ideal for alleviating inflammation and redness associated with rosacea and irritated skin.

This is the last step in the skincare. I did not used this on the first week of skincare regime since they advice me not to use this earlier until the skin adapted to the skincare.

I'm quite okay with fragrance as long as it doesn't irritate my skin nor have strong smell.

This is the most comfortable step out of the three since it doesn't irritate my skin. The watery liquid also absorbs really fast to the skin and leave it supple.

I'm not sure about the wrinkles improvements since I don't have wrinkles myself except for the under eye. However, I could say that it does lessen my redness on my cheeks.

Although the products might be a little harsh on me, as a lot of acne products do this, it actually works for my skin. I see that the redness on my cheeks are lessen and pimples and acne breakouts doesn't occur that much either.

I do have breakouts in the month of using it so it doesn't mean that the products can stop it from happening. However, I do believe that hygiene and food intake are a very important role in making the whole steps works. 

Below is the before and after picture of my skin after 1 month and half of using all these products. I highly recommend you to do consultation first before trying these products. 

Note: This picture is not altered in any way, not even the lighting. The two pictures lighting is different because I took them at different place and different time.

Thank you for reading.

If you would like to see more, visit VIVANT SKINCARE website;

Monday, December 28, 2015

[REVIEW] HERA Age Reverse Cushion SPF38/PA+++

Hi sweeties!

Today I'll be reviewing this HERA Age Reverse Cushion with SPF38/PA+++ that I got from W2Beauty :D If any of you are following my facebook page, you must be confuse about this since I initially put this up for sale because of the SEPIVINOL matter. However, after done my research here and there, I decided not to sell it and use it for myself. I'll explain further in the review below. By the way, the price of this is quite costly so I thought nobody would want to buy this anyway XD

and oh, special thanks to my parents for the flowers! I usually use those fake flowers as a side deco for my pictures but thanks for having parents that works in agriculture section, I got a few of beautiful flowers pots from their office :D <3

Skin type : Suitable for all skin types.
Content : 15g
Usage : Day/Night, last for 12 months after opening.
Colors : 4 colors (C21 Pink Vanilla Cover, C23 Beige Cover, N21 Pink Vanilla Natural and N23 Beige Natural)
Price : £ 45.62 , buy HERE

The packaging is so sleek, I LOVE IT!

I don't understand the Korean words in this picture however, it was a sticker that protected the lid? I don't know what's the real function of the sticker on the lid however I guess it was for extra hygiene. The dirt on the lid is of course from the puff which I already used.

Note : Different lighting so it looks a bit more purple here.

Unlike the other cushion, this cushion is protected by a foil instead or normal sticker on top. 

It's packed with content :D

I can say that this color looks closer to the real color on the cushion.

Comparison between Laniege Pore Control BB Cushion and HERA Age Reverse Cushion in color. They both almost look similar however HERA Age Reverse Cushion C23 is a little bit lighter in color than Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion No.23.

You can change the refill like any other cushion with the same way.

It is actually a dark purple in color.

With refill :)

Two languages pamphlet, English and Korean. 

Full list of ingredients, credit to

Main ingredients:

Glycoprotein water: As sap from new sprout of birch, it is a natural moisturizing ingredient rich in collagen that's safe to use on the skin with outstanding anti-oxidative and anti-aging effects.

SEPIVINOL™: excellent anti-oxidative polyphenol from extracts of high-quality wine produced in a time-honored vineyard in Cotes Du Rhone, Bourgogne, France.

Before anybody questioned me about the wine extract, either it is halal or not, here are some explanation to the red wine extract, cited from (SOURCE) ; "The current process, commonly called red wine extract formula, takes the ingredients through fermentation and then removes the alcohol."

There is also another cited description (SOURCE) "The negative effects of red wine are primarily due to the alcohol content, which would not occur with the red wine extract (alcohol content of 0.08% in the extract versus 12 to 14% in red wine)."

According to fatwa (SOURCE), "...any quantity of alcohol that does not exceed the amount of 0.5% is not intoxicating" and "...considered halal because even if it is made from wine it has undergone fundamental process of transformation through certain chemical changes that is called “Istihalah” in Islamic law. So, the ruling of wine does not apply to it anymore and we are still allowed to use it"

From the above description, I believe that the ingredient is safe to use and I have asked a few people over this matter and they're all agree that I can use it. However, it is based on your faith, once you believe that it is not halal, then you cannot use this because it will be haram for you. 

I really love using products that are created for aged people such as wrinkles and such although I myself still in my twenties. It's because I think early care is better than later and that's why I chose this HERA Age Reverse Cushion which targeted people around 30 and above.

I've used this for about 2 weeks now and I totally love it. Just like I've heard, this cushion gives more coverage than any other cushion especially the ones that I've tried (Etude, Innisfree Long Wear, Laneige Pore and W.Lab BB Cushion). It does cover redness quite well if you looked in this picture below.

(Yeay for those new pimples = =")
This is only one layer of cushion and I usually put more layers on top for more coverage.

The texture of the cream is not too thick nor too runny and I guess it's almost similar to the Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion. The finish is more dewy than any cushion that I've tried.  One thing that I noticed is that after the cushion oxidizes, it gives a healthy glow to my skin and I really love it. My mom and grandma keeps asking of what did I wear to make my skin looks like that and I said it's this HERA cushion and they didn't believe me XD. Seriously I'm not lying, because other than primer(which I rarely put on), I only applied cushion on my skin and done. 

The color is slightly lighter than my skin because the Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion in No.23 is my perfect match. However, it depends, when my skin gets a little lighter, then the Laneige ver might be a little dark for me so the HERA ver might suit me the best since these two are almost similar in color.

Skin types that suits this the best would be Dry to Normal skin, however, for someone who had an oily skin like me, you might have to blot once or twice in a whole day and when blotted, surprisingly the cushion didn't actually disappears especially on the nose. Living in a hot weather country might be one of the factor why I have to blot the excess oil. Considering that I only have to blot twice in a whole day means that the oil control is pretty great, or it might be only me. It is because I've tried this for about two weeks and my max blotting times are only two times.

Although my skin is quite oily, I still have dry patches around the nose and this is always troubling me because no matter how moisturizing my skincare is, any kind of makeup on top will accentuate them after a long hours and it applies for this cushion as well. However I'm glad that it didn't come to that until a few hours later especially with this on since it's dewy.

I would say that this C23 color didn't look as natural because it is more to coverage. If you're looking for a more natural finish, then check out the other color, N21 or N23 because it might look more natural than C21 or C23.

Regarding the puff, I would say that it feels different than other cushion because it's not like air puff(?) since it feels a little bit more dense than that. It picks up the product very well and it doesn't look like it absorbs the most of the product I dab on and I think it's quite nice since it doesn't waste the product.

Overall, I love this cushion although I'm yet to see the "age reverse" function. I'm glad that it gives great coverage to the skin. I really recommend this cushion to anyone who likes coverage and dewy finish.

and before someone request a full face picture, here you go. Most of my blemishes are well-covered.

I rate this:

If you have any questions to ask, simply leave a comment below or mail me.

Thank you for reading :)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

[REVIEW] Missha Waterproof Drawing Eye Pencil #Roasting Coffee

Hi guys!

Today I'll be reviewing this eye pencil from Missha, which is also one of their latest collection. When I was browsing W2Beauty to shop, I saw this pencil as new arrival and after looking through, I said that I would give this a try since the poster ad looks amazing. There are a few colors in this collection and honestly I wanted them all!haha  

This pencil is my current favourite and I used this every single time when I'm out because it is just awesome for a makeup noob like me XD..I saw a few of instagram photos about the Korean smoky trend eyes which kind of look glowy on the lid and subtle in colors(mostly brown, yellowy-orange, subtle burgundy) so I really wanted to recreate that look for myself since it looks so pretty!

Name : Waterproof Drawing Eye Pencil
Brand : Missha
No. of colors : 10
Duration of use : 12 months after opening
Production : Made in Korea
Price : £ 6.91 each
Where to buy : W2Beauty

Note : This pencil liner didn't contain any glitter, the glitter that appear in this picture was because I touch a glittery eyeshadow and the fall outs are everywhere.

Left picture : The darker one is by the pencil and the lighter one is smudge by the brush provided.

Right picture : Rubbed the pencil under warm tap water.

Here I used the pencil as eyeliner and smudge it throughout my eyelid using the brush at the other end. My makeup technique is awful, I bet you guys can do better than this. ;)

I chose "Roasting" Coffee" since it was the perfect color that I was looking for as an eyeliner. I do have a few that had similarities with this color before but they either came with glitter or it wasn't an auto liner, which means it was those kind of woody pencil.

Auto eyeliner is the greatest invention out there for eye pencil coz there's no sharpening of the "wood" with mess and cause the liner breaks for 100000 times. Yep, been there, done that.
Although this auto liner do have their own sharpener or called "tip sharpener" which specializes on sharpening the tip for precise application, I didn't bother to use it for this Missha eye pencil. It is because I mainly use the liner to be smudge later so I didn't think sharpening would be any useful for that. However, if it is used for eyelining, then the sharpener would be useful (though I didn't do that, just straight away applied it on my eyes XD)

The texture of pencil is really smooth and it glides easily on the eyes. However it's not the type that melt easily when hot nor breaks easily. I was quite happy about that since my makeup easily melts. T_T

I was actually didn't believe the "waterproof" thing when I first try them. Since my eyelid had multiple folds, I always had trouble with creasing for most of eye makeup out there and primer didn't make a difference either. So I thought this would crease easily since the texture is smooth and glides on the eyelid easily. I also had an oily eyelid and that wouldn't look great for smudging or it'll be a mess. But, the thing that surprised me the most is this pencil is really waterproof! Even with my oily eyelid, it stays on nicely on a long day and creasing is almost none. I only encounter one time creasing, which I'm not sure why but most of the time, it didn't crease at all.

Another thing that I notice is this eye pencil works best on greasy(?) eyelid. Umm..not greasy I mean but something moisturizing on the eyelid because it will make the color looks smooth and glowy. That was also the thing that I was going for. In the above picture, it might not show but in real, it does.

The brush that came with the pencil is very useful. I can be both eyeliner brush and also smudging brush which I think it does a really good job! The bristles are really smooth and kinda wet(?) and it picks up the product easily.

The only downward of this eyeliner is that it won't work on creamy shadows. If you applied on the creamy shadows before using this pencil, it won't work at all. 

Lastly, my advice is that you have to work fast if you want to smudge it because after it kind of dry, it won't budge anymore. I really recommend this to everyone especially to makeup beginner who would like to achieve kinda "smoky" eyes without causing mess :D

I rate this:

Thank you for reading :)

Friday, December 18, 2015

[REVIEW] IASO Total Eye Care Concentrate EX


About two months ago, a representative from IASO sent me this eye cream to try and of course it was my own choice to try this among their bestsellers because I've been looking for a good eye cream since eye care is very important and I also have a bad habit which is staying up late night and spend most of my time in front of the laptop. That causes my eye to look tired most of the time and the dark circle are pretty bad too.

Before I proceed with the review, let me introduce you to IASO. IASO is a brand that originate from South Korea. They provide sophisticated and proactive skincare needs based on research and expertise or leading dermatologist and they're only using premium ingredients in their products. What's greater is that they're also a cruelty-free company! (Source)

IASO Total Eye Care Concentrate is an advanced eye treatment with the highly concentrated Peptide complex, EYELISS, and Niacinamide (Vit B3) relieves puffiness, dark spots and fine lines due to stress, strain and fatigue. It also helps boost firmness and provides moisture to the delicate area. (Source)

Skin Condition: For all skin types
Benefits: Total care for eye
Size: 30ml

Price : 69.00USD                           Link : HERE

Use my code , MIZU15 for 15% discount for your order!

Full list of ingredients :

Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Betaine, Squalane, Cetearyl alcohol, Neopentyl glycol, Diheptanoate, Ascorbyl glucoside, Butylene glycol, Peg-100 hydrogenated castor oil, Portulaca oleracea extract, Polyglyceryl-10 myristate, Silica, Glyceryl stearate, Peg-100 stearate, Dimethicone, Hydrogenated lecithin, Piper methysticum leaf/root/stem extract, Behenyl alcohol, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, Althaea rosea flower extract, Citrus grandis (grapefruit) peel extract, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium hydroxide, Tocopheryl acetate, Methylparaben, Fragrance, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Xanthan gum, Benzophenone-3, Dimethicone crosspolymer, Propylene glycol, Propylparaben, Sodium citrate, Trisodium EDTA, Steareth-20, Sodium hyaluronate, BHT antioxidant, Butylparaben, Laureth-23, Laureth-4, Arginine, Sodium metabisulfite, Citric acid, PVM/MA copolymer, Sodium polyacrylate, Dipeptide-2, Acetyl glucosamine, Ceramide 3, Cholesterol, Raffinose, Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7

This eye cream came with a box in the same color as the tube itself however it went missing before I manage to take the picture but IASO already had the complete information about the eye cream on their website so it's a relief :) (Plus, it's all in English if you visit their global site here)

I have try this eye cream for about 2months+ now and I usually apply this eye cream 2 times a day or more, depends on if I feel my eye is kinda dry, then I'll re-apply. I also didn't just apply it on my under eyes but also on top of my eye lid.

The texture of the eye cream is very soft and it wasn't thick and not that thin either. I would say that it's in the middle. The cream is easy to spread on because of that texture and absorbs quite fast. I'm glad that it wasn't thick because I easily get milia if the eye cream is too thick. (I have a few on my right eyes because of my previous cream)

This is the before and after picture (after 2 months+). The lighting might be different although it was taken in the same location and what I notice is that my eyes looks more hydrated and the fine lines are lessening! The dark circles also seems to be lesser than it was. 

What I also like about this eye cream is when I apply them before I went to sleep, it would keep my eyes hydrated until the next morning I woke up! It also hydrates well under my makeup and doesn't smear it off although I apply them cream before putting on any makeup.

The cream also had a little nice fragrance with it which is usually dissipates after a minute of applying.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this cream because they fulfill all their promises. My advice is, if you want a greater result, then don't skip on applying this everyday. I religiously apply this eye cream everyday and I got the result I wanted. Make sure to keep the eye area clean (except your skincare) before applying this.

You can get this eye cream on IASO website;

Also used my code, MIZU15 for 15% discount!!

Thank you for reading :)