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Sunday, December 20, 2015

[REVIEW] Missha Waterproof Drawing Eye Pencil #Roasting Coffee

Hi guys!

Today I'll be reviewing this eye pencil from Missha, which is also one of their latest collection. When I was browsing W2Beauty to shop, I saw this pencil as new arrival and after looking through, I said that I would give this a try since the poster ad looks amazing. There are a few colors in this collection and honestly I wanted them all!haha  

This pencil is my current favourite and I used this every single time when I'm out because it is just awesome for a makeup noob like me XD..I saw a few of instagram photos about the Korean smoky trend eyes which kind of look glowy on the lid and subtle in colors(mostly brown, yellowy-orange, subtle burgundy) so I really wanted to recreate that look for myself since it looks so pretty!

Name : Waterproof Drawing Eye Pencil
Brand : Missha
No. of colors : 10
Duration of use : 12 months after opening
Production : Made in Korea
Price : £ 6.91 each
Where to buy : W2Beauty

Note : This pencil liner didn't contain any glitter, the glitter that appear in this picture was because I touch a glittery eyeshadow and the fall outs are everywhere.

Left picture : The darker one is by the pencil and the lighter one is smudge by the brush provided.

Right picture : Rubbed the pencil under warm tap water.

Here I used the pencil as eyeliner and smudge it throughout my eyelid using the brush at the other end. My makeup technique is awful, I bet you guys can do better than this. ;)

I chose "Roasting" Coffee" since it was the perfect color that I was looking for as an eyeliner. I do have a few that had similarities with this color before but they either came with glitter or it wasn't an auto liner, which means it was those kind of woody pencil.

Auto eyeliner is the greatest invention out there for eye pencil coz there's no sharpening of the "wood" with mess and cause the liner breaks for 100000 times. Yep, been there, done that.
Although this auto liner do have their own sharpener or called "tip sharpener" which specializes on sharpening the tip for precise application, I didn't bother to use it for this Missha eye pencil. It is because I mainly use the liner to be smudge later so I didn't think sharpening would be any useful for that. However, if it is used for eyelining, then the sharpener would be useful (though I didn't do that, just straight away applied it on my eyes XD)

The texture of pencil is really smooth and it glides easily on the eyes. However it's not the type that melt easily when hot nor breaks easily. I was quite happy about that since my makeup easily melts. T_T

I was actually didn't believe the "waterproof" thing when I first try them. Since my eyelid had multiple folds, I always had trouble with creasing for most of eye makeup out there and primer didn't make a difference either. So I thought this would crease easily since the texture is smooth and glides on the eyelid easily. I also had an oily eyelid and that wouldn't look great for smudging or it'll be a mess. But, the thing that surprised me the most is this pencil is really waterproof! Even with my oily eyelid, it stays on nicely on a long day and creasing is almost none. I only encounter one time creasing, which I'm not sure why but most of the time, it didn't crease at all.

Another thing that I notice is this eye pencil works best on greasy(?) eyelid. Umm..not greasy I mean but something moisturizing on the eyelid because it will make the color looks smooth and glowy. That was also the thing that I was going for. In the above picture, it might not show but in real, it does.

The brush that came with the pencil is very useful. I can be both eyeliner brush and also smudging brush which I think it does a really good job! The bristles are really smooth and kinda wet(?) and it picks up the product easily.

The only downward of this eyeliner is that it won't work on creamy shadows. If you applied on the creamy shadows before using this pencil, it won't work at all. 

Lastly, my advice is that you have to work fast if you want to smudge it because after it kind of dry, it won't budge anymore. I really recommend this to everyone especially to makeup beginner who would like to achieve kinda "smoky" eyes without causing mess :D

I rate this:

Thank you for reading :)


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