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Thursday, December 10, 2015

[REVIEW & GIVEAWAY] The 3B Box - September Edition -

Hi sweeties!

It's finally this post! Remember that I promised you the giveaway post? I'm so sorry that this has been delayed for so long ;( Anyway, The 3B Box are kind enough to sponsor 5 winners to win a box from them. Scroll until the end of the post if you would like to join :) I'll open this for a short time since I need winners ASAP! :D 

Before that, what is 3B? 3B refers to Beauty Beyond Borders which means that the brand helps you to discover the most popular Asian beauty products through the curated pouch of deluxe samples each month. Unlike the other subscription box that I've heard, this box brings you beauty products from overseas, mainly from Korea, Japan and Taiwan which are top Asian countries that have amazing beauty products. It is only $12 per month!
More info about them, visit HERE.

They have a few boxes that has been revealed for the past few months, go check what are the brands that they have bring to everyone by visiting their site;

The products for September box are RiRe Luxe Eye Lash Essence, Leaders Mediu Aqua Therapy Hand Cream, Secret Key Honey Bee's Ac Control Spot Remover and YuBe Moisturizing Skin Cream.

The packaging for this essence is really simple but it's quite sturdy. The wand is quite large but it was nice since it saves times than smaller wand. I haven't properly tried this yet but one thing that I knew is that the essence will make the lashes harden after it dries so it feels heavy on the eye.

This hand cream smells wonderful! I really thought that it will smell like medicine or something but it doesn't! And what's great is that the cream is really moisturizing and doesn't feel sticky at all :)

I haven't tried this yet but it says that it suits sensitive skin. The product is a bit gel-like in texture and it has a little cooling effect. :)

This cream is yellow in color which I'm not sure why. Btw, it's a Japanese brand named YuBe. This cream is said to suit the skin from head to toe which means that it can be used anywhere, not specifically on face. The cream itself is quite moisturizing and I guess it's great for dry patches. One thing that bothers me the most is that I'm not particular about the smell. I just can't.I think it smells like medicine, quite strong too but if you used on feet, I don't think it will bothers anyone as much..haha

So, for the giveaway; it's simple;

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If you did either one or both, leave your Instagram username & Facebook name in the comment below as well as your e-mail to get a chance to win!

OPEN ONLY TO U.S residents!

Good luck! (Enter ASAP coz I'm gonna do this real short!)

Thank you :)


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