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Friday, December 11, 2015

[REVIEW] W.Lab W-Honey Beam Cushion #21 & #23

Hi guys!

I'll be reviewing this cushion from W.Lab which is sent to me to try by Q-Depot <3
They sent me two shades, #21 and #23. Usually, Korean makeup shade that would suit me best is #23 so in this review #21 might be lighter than my skin. W.Lab is quite a popular brand in the Korean beauty community and I always wanted to try their products especially this cushion and their White Holics!

Before I continue to the review, let me introduce you guys again to
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You can get this product in the link below;

Price: $29.55                  Link : HERE

How cute is that packaging?

H.B - Honey Beige #23 & H.L - Honey Light #21

Everything is written in Korean, so... 

Unlike the other cushion that I've tried, this is the first one that separate the puff into a different plastic package. The case itself is packed into a shiny w.lab plastic package.

The cushion need to be dab on so that the cream will stick. I didn't do it for the whole cushion since I thought that would be a waste since I'm very particular about new products that I got XD

#21 looks a bit light and warmer undertone while the #23 looks a bit darker with cool undertone. However, I find that this is quite usual for Korean cushion. It appears different on cushion and different on skin.

Can't tell much if it is warm or cool undertone right?

These pictures are not altered in any way but as you can see, there are barely any noticeable difference between the two pictures, it's just #21 is a little bit lighter than #23 and they both had quite the same coverage ability.

These are the major ingredients of the cushion. There is a written ingredients inside the box for this cushion but it was written in Korean and I'm unable to interpret them. However, as far that I know, the first ingredient is honey which is about 39.4% content!

The second ingredient if I'm not wrong is Titanium Dioxide. If the Korean words are taken directly from English word then I probably can read it.

  • More than 38% of Jeju Honey, Manuka Honey.
  • Provide moisture and glow and preventing flakiness.
  • High coverage and brighten the skin.
  • Triple function, UV protection SPF 50+/PA+++, whitening and anti-wrinkle.
  • Available in two shades, #21 Honey Light and #23 Honey Beige.
  • Made in Korea.

Firstly, the packaging is so cute! There is a cute intimidating bee as the mascot and yellow gold lining around the case. It looks quite expensive on the first look however it's all plastic. I'd say that it has a Laneige cushion vibe but a total different in material. While Laniege cushion open up smoothly, this packaging is quite tight to open up on the first time. It does goes smoother later but still isn't as smooth as Laneige cushion.

Second, color. Shade #21 is light and has a warm undertone to it and shade #23 is a little bit darker and has a cool undertone to it. Since I'm more to the yellow side, shade #21 looks better on me since #23 looks greyish on the face. However, the difference between the two is not that far. I barely can compare both of them since I look ghostly either way. It was too white for me so this would better suit people who had pale skin better.

Third is the fragrance. It might smell quite strong in the case and it's not my cup of tea but it doesn't smell as much when putting it on the face. I prefer more flowery scent but it's all gone once applied so I don't have any complain for that.

Fourth, the coverage. The cushion claim that it gives high coverage and I personally thinks that it gives high coverage to the skin. In the picture above, I only apply this of only one layer. It's in the zoom mood and the redness is barely seen on normal eyes.

Fifth, the texture. I could say that it is not thick and not too runny either. I can say that it is quite dry compare to the other cushion that I've tried so I guess it suits oily skin type the best. Though I said that, it's important for a proper prep of skin before wearing this or else it would cake up pretty easily.

Sixth, lasting hours. I have an oily skin, open pores and makeup usually doesn't stay long on me before it's going cakey especially beside my nose and above my cupid's bow. With this cushion on, I can say it lasts about a few hours on me.

Overall, it's pretty great when it comes to the coverage but since both was too white for me so it doesn't look good on me.

Thank you for reading.

I rate this,


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