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Saturday, May 4, 2013

[REVIEW] IMJU Opera Mylash Lengthening Mascara

Hi guys!
This time I'll be reviewing another mascara that I own. I bought this in 2 months back after reading review and raves. I actually not really sure if this mascara is one the Fiberwig collection coz some reviews are saying that it is but some did not mention this at all.

Anyway, I got mine from ebay since Japanese products, especially Fiberwig is hard to find in online shop and the only shop that sells this mascara in Malaysia is SaSa. As I mention SaSa, you probably know how much they'll charge you for this.. XD

I actually decided to buy the Fiberwig instead but I read some of the reviews said that it clumps easily plus I have a bit of sensitive eyes so I'm afraid the fiber from the mascara will fall into my eyes and cause tears and redness..haha

  Would you become younger from this? :D

 Love the brush~ :D

Very black and non-drying formula.

Urm..sorry for the tired looking eyes, this pictures were taken back then when I finished my final exam. My skin is really dry especially under eyes and my eyeballs easily become red..

As you can see, my eyelashes doesn't have much volume to it because the mascara is specialized in lengthening. The brush itself is very important is separate my lashes and it produce no clump. No matter how many coat you did, the mascara won't clump on your lashes.

Beside that, I love the non-drying formula which makes my lashes moist. Because of it is a non-drying formula, the mascara do not have flakes or fall outs. Some of other drying type mascara makes my lashes feels rough and flaky.

This mascara is a waterproof type but it easily came off with warm water. It doesn't smudge although I've an oily eyelid.

I love the part where this mascara holds up my curl or specifically do curls for me. As you see in the above picture, I didn't used any lash curler at all.It simply curled up by using this mascara.

The only downside of this mascara that it doesn't gives volume to my lashes. The sparse between the lashes looks visible and I dislike that. But if I would go for a natural look, this mascara is the best for that.

Anyway, thank you for reading :)
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LauraLeia said...

The mascara looks good! :) I seldom use mascara though, coz I always get panda eyes whenever I use mascara or apply eyeliner anywhere NEAR my waterline. :(

Agly Talaván said...

Maybe you can get more volume by adding a second layer after the first one dries but I really must say that I like the doll-eye outcome as it is.
A kiss from Spain

Bethany said...

I think it's the type of mascara I'd layer with something that helped more with volume. But it does seem to separate your lashes nicely. ^^

Mizu said...

I tried that and it still won't work...too bad..
anyway, i still like the mascara :)

Mizu said...

i agree with you! That's a good choice of layering with another volume mascara :D

Yue Rain said...

look nice on you. I seldom wear mascara as the mascara will smudge on my glasses. > <

Mizu said...

i think this will not smudge on your glasses because it it waterproof. What brand of mascara have you tried before? I'm very picky in terms of choosing mascara and of course, i'll just use the best mascara..and maybe a bit of expensive..hehe

Marxi said...

the packaging is too simple. I'm used to seeing products with really cute packaging. haha! this mascara seems nice though because it doesn't clump and holds the curl. :D

Blackswan said...

It's certainly not easy to find a good mascara. My lashes are rather long & most can't hold the curls for long :< It's good to be back blog-hopping after a month's absence! Hope u're well!

Mizu said...

i know right! But I'm okay as long as it is good..hahaXD

Mizu said...

urm..I think I never been mia until one months..maybe you got wrong person?
anyway, certainly. But I do have some mascara that I loves. It just I like to keep changing and trying another mascara available :D

Blackswan said...

Oh no, I meant myself! I was off blogging the entire Apr actually. So I'm doing my blog hop now.

Mizu said...

Oh I see!Happy Blogging again :D

Mizu said...

I see, that's too bad..watery eyes are hard to deal with..even sometimes i got probs with that too..

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